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Bargain hunting for the best office phone, mobile and internet packages will often lead you to considering bundles where you sign up for more than one service in order to get a discount across everything.

In the old days, telephone companies only delivered one service – dial tone. Time has marched on and phone companies now deliver a wide variety of communications services. In many cases, they offer better deals to customers who sign up for more than one service.

In my one-person small business I have a mobile phone, mobile internet service (for my tablet and notebook when I travel), a fixed internet service in the office and landline phone service. Potentially, I could get all those services from separate providers.

One of the problems with that is that I’d receive separate bills for all the services. So, when I do my accounts each month, I’d have four invoices and payments to process. If I could combine some of those into a bundled service I could reduce my administrative overhead. It also means that if there’s a problem with a service, I have one service provider to deal with.

If you’re considering bundling services it’s important to look closely at each component of the bundle. For example, make sure that the fixed internet service includes enough traffic for your business. Similarly, look at what’s covered in the mixed and mobile contracts.

Choose the bundle that best suits your needs. For example, if you mainly use your mobile phone and rarely use the fixed line, don’t worry too much if fixed line calls cost more than you expect. You’ll rarely use them as your mobile is likely to be the main number you’re called on. However, if you do most of your work from the office, then you might place more weight on fixed-line call rates than mobile.

Once you’ve identified a bundle that suits your needs, look at what discounts or extras you receive. Also, does bundling mean you’re in a fixed-term contract for two years? This might not be a significant issue for you but it’s worth considering, especially if you’re planning to move offices.

The right bundle can save you money, make administration a little easier and help develop a better relationship with the service provider.

Do you have all of your communications services through one provider? If you do, have you investigated bundling them to get a better deal?

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By Anthony Caruana

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