Why men take more selfies than women

Why men take more selfies than women

THE selfie used to be associated with giggling school girls and self-indulgent celebs. But not anymore.

It has been revealed that men take twice the number of selfies as women.

Over 2,000 people were quizzed by OnePoll in the UK for Samsung and it found that 17 per cent of men admitted to taking a self-snap on their phone as opposed to just 10 per cent of women.

Don’t know what a selfie is? Find out, along with other tech terms you pretend to understand, here.

So, is the selfie turning men into a vain and boastful bunch? According to the MailOnline, one behavioural psychologist believes: “selfies are modern day vanity. Men have come to the vanity game later than women. They’re taking selfies because there’s a technological aspect to them, so they see it as a more acceptable way of revealing their vanity.”

But, this manity could easily be identified as showing off or bragging – something that’s much more ‘manly’ than a pouty bathroom pic.

5.4 million people in the UK post bragging photos within 10 minutes of arriving at their ‘braggable’ destination whether it’s a swanky hotel suite, holiday poolside or night out.

The survey was part of research into the rising trends of how people use their mobile phones for things other than making calls – and using it for photos was top of the list.

Other results revealed that a third of people admit to missing out on seeing a great live moment or experience because they are more concerned with getting the perfect image on their phone.

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