Australian man found dead in Bali

Australian man found dead in Bali

AN Australian man holidaying in Bali has collapsed and died on the weekend.

Rohan Max Fitzgerald, 26, from Elliston in South Australia, was holidaying in Bali with a friend when he was found dead on Sunday.

Authorities say an autopsy is needed to find out the exact cause of death.

The death comes one month after Brisbane mother and daughter Noelene and Yvana Bischoff collapsed and died in mysterious circumstances in Bali. Their cause of death is still unknown.

Mr Fitzgerald had checked into the Bounty Hotel in central Kuta on January 29 and was planning to stay until February 10.

But on Sunday afternoon he was found collapsed in the toilet area of the hotel’s restaurant about 4pm.

Mr Fitzgerald was rushed to the Bali International Medical Centre in Kuta where he was treated for about 30 to 40 minutes before passing away.

There was early speculation he suffered heart failure with the Bounty Hotel’s general manager Sven Remo saying Mr Fitzgerald’s friend said he had suffered from a heart condition.

“His friend told me that (he) had a heart problem. So the death could be caused by a heart attack,” Mr Remo said.

CCTV records showed that the man had lunch at the hotel’s restaurant about 12 noon and he was found collapsed about 4pm.

Police said there was no indication of violence.

“We didn’t find any indication of violence. But we can’t be sure of the cause of death. We need an autopsy to find the cause of the death,” Wahyu Setyo, the head of crime at Kuta police station told News Corp Australia.