Is this alternate Gravity ending even better?

Is this alternate Gravity ending even better?

WARNING, if you haven’t already seen Gravity, this commercial is sure to spoil the ending for you.

But for those who have, the alternate ending takes the film’s dramatic final scene and turns it into a comedy. Sandra Bullock, an epic struggle back to earth, and McDonalds.

In gearing up for the 2014 Academy Awards later this month, Rod Blackhurst and Trevor Eiler, who are involved in the Oscar campaign for the movie, created this commercial for Academy voters. But mostly it’s just about Maccas.

Needless to say, Gravity hardly needs a campaign. The Alfonso Cuarón-directed space drama is up for a whopping 10 nominations this year.

The ending had us thinking though, we wonder what Sandra would order from the takeaway food giant. Would she super-size that?

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