Crane crashes wedding entrance

IT was a wedding stunt gone horribly wrong. What would be grander entrance for the bride than by a floating, blue-crystal star? One that didn’t involve a crane collapse, perhaps.

The Times of India reports one man was killed and four others injured after the hydraulic crane toppled on its side yesterday.

The highlight of the Ahmedabad wedding was for the arrival of the bride and her sister in the decorative crystal platform suspended at the end of a crane.

The crystal orb was dangling more several metres above the ground when tragedy struck.

“As per the plan, the bride was to reach the venue from outside the plot through the crane as she would be showered with flowers,” a relative told the Times of India.

“Everything went as per the plan till the platform almost reached at the designated spot.

“Suddenly, the crane turned one side and both the occupants fell on the ground.”

Police blame muddy and uneven ground for the accident.

The injured are still receiving treatment in nearby hospitals.

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