Crimea river: US network’s epic geography fail

Spot the error.
Spot the error.

MSNBC should really Czech its facts.

The American TV network has invited ridicule by stuffing up a map that was supposed to help explain the escalating crisis in Ukraine.

Look just to the west of Ukraine on the map above and you’ll see a country labelled “Czechoslovakia”.

Of course, Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed since 1993, when it split into two nations. MSNBC’s map should have included Slovakia and the Czech Republic instead.

Americans aren’t exactly revered for their knowledge of foreign lands. After the Boston Marathon bombings in April of last year, when it emerged that the culprits had links to Chechnya, the Czech Republic’s US Ambassador was forced to release a statement stressing that his country and Chechnya were not the same place.

Some people were legitimately surprised by this revelation.

At least MSNBC didn’t put Hong Kong in South America. Nobody would be THAT silly …