‘Shut up’: Fueding MKR pair scrape through

Uel and Shannelle
Uel and Shannelle

NEW South Wales newlyweds Uel and Shannelle bowed out of the MKR competition in Tuesday night’s sudden death showdown, despite a high score of 43 out of 60.

Victorian experimental foodies Josh and Danielle scraped through with a narrow victory over their rivals landing an impressive 45, the highest sudden death score we’ve seen so far.

But viewers seemed surprised with last night’s result, given the wheels appeared to be falling off for Josh and Danielle early in the cook-off.

The pair admitted they were “feeling the pressure” while preparing their entree and quickly started to take it out on each other.

At one point, Josh even turned to his girlfriend and told her to “shut up”, which didn’t go unnoticed by their rivals.

“Josh is a typical male, if he doesn’t want to do something he hands it on to Danielle,” Kelly commented.

In a sad twist of fate, Uel and Shanelle – the competition’s sweetest couple – went overboard on the sugar in their dishes, drawing criticism from the judges for their entree of cereal prawns and main of beef short ribs.

“I feel like we skipped to dessert and weirdly it’s got prawns in it,” guest judge Liz Egan said.

There were plenty of tears from the rest of the teams as the adorable pair hung up their aprons for the very last time.

“Our experience on MKR has been a crazy whirlwind,” Shannelle said. “Lots and lots of fun, no regrets.”

Added Uel: “Hand in hand we came into this competition and hand in hand we leave.”

Tonight on My Kitchen Rules each team faces the task of running their own pop-up restaurant.

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