Mutant Foods We Love


Move over fusion food, there’s a new food trend in town.

According to Ava Lawler, managing director at PR agency Weber Shandwick Australia, mutant food is set to be one of the biggest food trends in Australia this year.

But what is a mutant food? It’s the delicious marriage between two different foods to create an amalgamation of one food. Think of the cronut (pictured above) a baked goodie that is shaped and baked or fried like a donut, but has the buttery layers of a croissant or the sushi burger, a burger that is made with sushi rice buns as opposed to the traditional bread variety.

So, why are mutant foods gaining metaphorical legs? According to Sydney food blogger Thang Ngo, Australia consumers are becoming more confident and adventurous when it comes to experimenting with food . “They will not only combine ingredients from different cultures in their cooking, but also combine different dishes.”

And according to Weber Shandwick’s Food Forward 2014 findings, mutant food combinations are set to get crazier:

“Experts predict we will see a move from the cronut to more adventurous combinations like Italian burritos, sushi tacos and ramen burgers, designed to challenge our palettes even further.”

Will mutant foods stick around for as long as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have? Or will they go down the same route as truffle oil? Given that US-based fast food chain Taco Bell is set to add a waffle taco…

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