The best auto-correct prank ever?

We can only imagine this is what @MrBikferd looked like reading his texts.
We can only imagine this is what @MrBikferd looked like reading his texts.

SINCE the beginning of auto-correct times, there have been auto-correct pranks. They may have started with a simple word swap, but now the art of auto-correct pranking has evolved into replacing words with entire passages.

One Twitter user decided to play an epic prank on his mother by telling her phone to replace the words ‘dirty laundry’ with an extract from Ulysses by James Joyce.

So when poor @MrBilkferd’s mother tried to ask if he had any dirty laundry she responded with the passage. When she was then asked what was wrong, she fell into the same trap and the extract was sent again.

Other people have since caught on.

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