Well-run businesses don't just keep a tally of income and expenditure, they compare their actual figures against 'projected' sums that they had anticipated receiving or spending. That lets them learn something useful about the prevailing markets or, at least, their own ability to make predictions! At the start of a new month, here is your chance to look at the state of your own business - the business of being you. Where does your reality differ from the hopeful expectation? You may yet bring the two closer together.


People often fail to tell each other the things that might be most helpful. We don't just edit the stories that we share, so that they somehow show us in a good light, nor is it simply that we delicately avoid passing on information that we fear may upset someone else, we can be unfortunately reticent about passing on praise, admiration and appreciation. Thus, many of us are often unsure about what the folk around us really think and feel. This week, you may make some pleasing yet surprising discoveries.


When is it better to feel cold than warm? When we have fled safely from a burning building and are now watching the firefighters at work. When is it better to be wet, rather than dry? When we have escaped a sinking ship and are now sitting in a slightly less leaky lifeboat. Discomfort alone gives no indication of misfortune. Not that I'm predicting an unpleasant week for you. But where you already find yourself in a situation that has much room for improvement, it may be that the improvement is already happening.


The Full Moon tells us that this is a week, in which the cosmic spotlight shines on your finances. Or, at least, it causes the empty box in which you would keep your treasure, if only you had any, to twinkle merrily in the moonlight. If you haven't got anything, you can't lose anything. And if you have got something, you really don't need to worry about losing that, either. Even if you are currently feeling a little vulnerable and insecure, coming events will somehow conspire to increase your sense of strength and stability.


The week begins with a Full Moon in your sign. That Full Moon, in turn, forms a conjunction to Jupiter. It is not exact but it is close enough for jazz. It is certainly close enough to bestow upon you a greater sense of confidence than you have lately experienced. You have an intuitive feeling that something good can happen soon and that you can play a crucial part in bringing this about. You are absolutely right about this. Don't be distracted by a passing sense of anxiety that may be triggered by an irrelevant drama.


Someone you are close to is going through a drama. You can see that they are suffering from stress but are you putting them under pressure? Do whatever you can to make them feel more relaxed but don't feel obliged to extend your sense of empathy to the point where you pick up the entire burden they are struggling under the weight of and place it on your own shoulders, instead. They have something to learn from their situation and you have something to learn too, about where it is wise to draw a line.


The world is full of questions to which nobody knows the answer. Where were we all before we came here? Where will we go once we leave? Who are we? What is the meaning of existence? If we can't be sure of such fundamental matters, what hope do we have of resolving more mundane queries like, 'what's the best way to do this - or that?' You are dealing this week, with an issue that could be addressed in one of several ways. Ultimately, it's just a matter of opinion. Yours is as good as anyone else's!


Scorpios are famously incisive. You were born blessed with an ability to see beyond the superficial. It is almost as if you have an inner radar screen that leads you directly and unerringly towards people's hidden motives. This may be one reason why you are cautious about the company you keep. Some people like to live in denial. Those who see and say the truth are anathema to them. So, more for their protection than your own, you avoid them. But this week's events may require you to be delicately indelicate.


The conjunction of the Full Moon to Jupiter implies an unusual level of emotional sensitivity this week. An antagonistic angle from Mars to Jupiter, meanwhile, speaks of an exceptional sense of urgency. You are having a powerful response to something that seems wrong and you are deeply determined to set it right. What's wrong with any of that? Set about doing what needs to be done and you will yet enjoy a surprising amount of success. For the best outcome put your heart and soul into your chosen mission.


The traditional textbooks tell us that Capricorns are not mystically minded. You are supposed to be pragmatic, realistic, and down-to-earth. Yet ever since Saturn changed signs late last year, you have developed an otherworldly air that might be more befitting for a Piscean. You keep having visions, even revelations that are awakening great creativity. Don't apologise for what is inspiring you this week; just grant yourself permission to heed and act on an impulse you might once have been more inclined to question.


As the Moon now shines Full in your opposite sign, Mercury retraces its steps through your own sector of the sky and we find you reflecting upon the choices you have made in your life so far and the emotional consequences that these seem to have had. Many people maintain that Aquarians are comparatively insensitive. You stand as a living example of how wrong they all can be. Tenderness may give rise to vulnerability but it can also be a source of surprising strength. Your heart now knows what is right. Trust it.


Is it a trick of the light? Have you done something to your hair? Do you normally dress like that? It seems that you are catching the attention of people who don't normally notice you - and no, you are not mistaken, that definitely is a look of appreciation. Both Mars and Venus are in your sign now. A Full Moon is also contributing to what seems surprisingly like a romantic atmosphere. As you are such a modest individual, you can try to ignore this and play it down if you wish. But it may well work in your favour this week.