When we're feeling tense, everything seems potentially wrong. When we're edgy, the world appears to be full of edgy people. When we're unhappy, happy folk can seem, to us, to be false and foolish. Yet the more seriously we take those negative perceptions, the more we entrench ourselves in a gloomy state of mind. The question you need to ask now is, 'What's really causing me to feel uncomfortable?' It's something surprisingly simple. It's understandable too. But it's not insurmountable. Be clear and constructive today.


When people clearly crave reassurance aren't we almost overwhelmed with an urge to supply it? Isn't it a natural, human tendency to reach out to those in need? What then, if all comfort is artificially engineered by compulsive care-givers? Perhaps succour is for suckers? And perhaps not! Perhaps it really doesn't matter where compassion comes from as long as it comes from somewhere. And, as you'll see today, the very hope of helping someone, helps them. And it helps the helper too!


Are you helpless and hopeless? Is the world a scary place full of forces that are bound to get the better of you and factors for which you can never compensate? Is the whole of Planet Earth just a giant a place of punishment where souls are sent to suffer for their sins? Or should we be grateful for our chance to ride on this brilliant blue ball of rock, spinning magically as it sails through the sky? Not all of life's most confronting questions have disappointing answers. And not all of your secret misgivings, today, are well founded!


What can you remember? And what have you forgotten? This second question is not quite so easy to answer. If you really have forgotten something, you won't be able to remember what it is that you have forgotten! Your memory may, in any event, be compromised somewhat by the possibility that there's something you're trying hard to forget. Perhaps, in striving to push aside a recollection that's not entirely comforting, you're at risk of suppressing a piece of information that it would be wise to retain access to today.


What has happened has happened. There can be no going back, no changing the past, no magical eradication of yesterday. Even if you had a time machine, capable of causing the hours and minutes to race rapidly anti-clockwise, why would you use it? Would it not be far wiser to put that device to its other implied purpose? Why not rush ahead, instead, to some point in the future from which you could feel safe to look back from a calmer, clearer vantage point? You have the power to arrive at a happier tomorrow, today!


Think back to some event in your past where things looked as if they could be going wrong; but which actually turned out to be OK. Your fear was false; yet remember how unnecessarily worried you were. Wouldn't you have liked to have heard from someone who could see how fine the future was actually going to be? Today, you are the very person who could send such a message back in time! If you listen carefully today, you may yet hear the future you sending back similar reassurance to the current you!


Simplicity? Or Complication? Both, surely, have their merits. Don't some natural principles rely on a series of intricate mechanisms that are hard to understand and explain? Aren't some successful business models reliant on mysterious and complex processes? Isn't the universe driven by some highly intelligent entity following a plan that defies the grasp of the tiny human mind? Let's leave all that to the philosophers. Today, you've a simple need that can be easily met. Success need not involve rocket science.


Are people who say they know exactly what they want also people who don't know what their other alternatives might be? Is there something wrong with sticking with the tried and the tested? Doesn't experience teach us all that experimentation won't automatically lead to satisfaction? We've all tried retrospectively to justify an error by claiming to be glad of what it taught us but we know that an unqualified success requires no qualification! Be wary, today, of supporting an argument that might be best left to collapse.


There's no such thing as a problem that can't be solved - at least for a while. Possibly, the solution will lead to a new problem. But then, there will be a new solution, won't there? Unless, perhaps, the problem isn't really a problem at all. If a need is only imaginary, it can't really be met in a practical way. The real need is to recognise that it is only an imaginary need. That need becomes especially pressing if lots of people are all imagining the same thing! But today, the only real problem may be the belief that a problem exists.


Are the neighbours noisy or are your ears extra sensitive? Is the Sun too bright or do you need sunglasses? Is someone nearby behaving badly? Or are you finding fault in their every move? I'm not suggesting that we can establish ultimate answers to such questions today but the very act of asking them may prove helpful. If something does not seem to be as it should be, perhaps the very definition of 'should be' is not as it should be! You should, today, be able to free yourself from some over-sensitivity.


Might you be leading a secret life? Might it be so secret, indeed, that it is a secret even from yourself? Might an emphatic rejection of this suggestion be indicative of a lingering suspicion that it could be true? I'm not trying to unnerve you. I'm just pointing out how deeply we all cherish our sense of normality, our definition of reality, our understanding of our own identity. Question that and you strike at the core of a person's balance. Now, with all that said, what do you now seek? Does it really matter as much as you think?


What if the worst happens? What if it all falls apart? What if your enemies conspire with your adversaries who, in turn, strike up an unholy alliance with your own most self-defeating traits and tendencies? If that's the case, you're laughing. Because all you have to do is get a grip on your own fear and pessimism and their entire plan will implode! You aren't up against anyone or anything that can get the better of you. And if you bring out the best in yourself now, everyone will work to support this!