People born under Aries are often depicted as independent, self-motivated and assertive. You are rarely painted as the kind of person who finds themselves oppressed by obligations, restricted by responsibilities, policed by promises which now must be kept at all costs. You lead a life that seemingly brings more freedom than others get. But you've still got commitments, some of which you nobly uphold at great sacrifice. Today brings a review and, if you find it appropriate, a vision of how you can choose change.


Aren't we placed, on this earth, to know the deep delight that can only be brought by joy, laughter, merriment, levity, frivolity, festivity and celebration? Or can these treasures only be unearthed by the sharp spade of self-sacrifice? Must it first be dug deep into the densely packed soil of struggle? If we don't know what darkness does, how will we recognise the light when it comes along? Actually, though, you've had enough of the tough stuff for a long time to come haven't you? Well, here comes the good!


Remember Maurice Sendak 's charming children's tale of a boy called Pierre? He was the embodiment of ambivalence. 'I don't care, said Pierre.' Even when all kinds of exotic incitements were blandished... 'I'll let you fold the folding chair'... he still resolutely refused to emanate an iota of enthusiasm. The moral of his tale, I'm sure you can guess. But can you guess the moral of your own story today? There's a situation you have always insisted you couldn't care less about. It turns out you do care. And it's good that you do!


If this New Moon could speak, what would she say? Or maybe, if she couldn't actually enunciate words, could she sing? What moving melodies might waft into our world, carried on a cosmic breeze from the darkest part of the sky? Would she weave gentle lullabies of reassurance? Or might she, if she knew it was you, play out louder, brasher pieces? Songs of enticement! Invocations of awakening! There's effectively a heavenly orchestra now playing you a fanfare. Let this accompany a suitably courageous gesture!


During the recent Dark of the Moon, the cosmos has been whispering to you; trying to pass you a message without making too much of a fuss. It has been attempting to draw your attention whilst maintaining a discreet air of invisibility to all passers by. It wishes indeed, to remain hidden even from some who are quite close to you yet still, somehow, disbelieving of your own most special gifts. Nobody else but you needs to hear this. But you know that thing that you've been wondering if you are ready for? Well, it is ready for you!


We are all, it seems, looking for clues. We may not be detectives in deerstalker hats, peering through oversized magnifying glasses... or researchers in white coats and thick spectacles, poring over sheets of data - but we're hunting and searching nonetheless. We seek confirmation of our theories and vindication for our previous controversial guesses. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't. But who needs concrete, irrefutable evidence? You've got a good hunch today. Play it. Play it carefully... but play it.


Who wants to dream wistfully of a fast-vanishing past? It may have been well worth remembering but isn't it more attractive to climb aboard a magic carpet made of intricately woven, silvery strands of hope. Why not just sit back and enjoy sailing through the sky towards a sparkling fairy castle made of golden tomorrows. Because you're not sure now, whether to trust a future that could just be a little too good to be true... or retreat to a seemingly safe yesterday's world. But wasn't that just a little too true to be good?


'It takes two to tango.' That's what they say. But what about all those musicians in the orchestra? And how about the teacher who instructed our supple dancers in the finer art of keeping time while seeming sultry? And excuse me for getting picky but, who laid the dance floor? Who installed the lights? Who sewed the costumes? Who is sitting in the judge's chair, holding up a large number 9? You're now starting to see a lot of contributory factors to a problem. They may yet all contribute to the solution.


'If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.' So said Napoleon Bonaparte. Was the great French General himself a Sagittarian? 'Mais non!' To you, that is obvious, simply from this quote. Had he completed his sentence two words earlier, we might have mistaken him for a fellow centaur. But 'deliver nothing?' 'Zut alors!' Such a cynical philosophy is beyond your comprehension. You truly intend to deliver all that you now promise. And 'il n'est pas exclu'; you yet will!


Many big stores, these days, discount high value products to gain an edge in a competitive market. Then, at the moment of purchase, the customer is offered a policy. 'If you buy this,' says the salesperson, 'all will be well in the event of a volcano, a sinkhole, a shark attack or a case of spontaneous combustion.' The pitch goes on. 'We will even replace it if you damage it yourself by mistaking it for a chicken and trying to force it to lay eggs.' Who can resist such a promise? Be wary, today, of letting someone manipulate a fear.


Two horses run neck-and-neck to a photo finish where one is seen to have beaten the other by a nose. Is that really the way of the world? We can have only one winner? Actually, such a belief system is for losers! Real winners, surely, would have come up, long ago, with a more refined, sensitive and intelligent way of evaluating success or failure. Isn't the competitive culture terribly neanderthal? Don't go the way of the dinosaurs today. Uphold a value system based on something smarter than silly numbers.


The traditional routine goes like this. Together, you and I acknowledge that you want something. We agree that attaining it may be difficult. But we also decide it is not impossible. I offer you some sage advice and information about how helpful the planets are likely to be. Inspired by what your astrologer has said, you give it your best shot. Because we're both pretty good... a pretty good outcome ensues. What's wrong with that today? Just one thing. You're so close now, to the outcome you want, you hardly need my help!