Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: We don't, of course, have to restrict ourselves to astrology. We can read runes, shuffle cards or read tealeaves. We can even try statistical analysis. Whatever we attempt, though, we will be little the wiser. An aspect of the future, regarding your emotional life, will remain hidden - despite your most determined efforts to reveal it. Be glad. If you could see it, you wouldn't understand what it truly meant and you might try to prevent it from happening. But when the light finally dawns, you will be really glad you were kept in the dark.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Every coin has a head and a tail. Every situation has an upside and a downside. Every human being has a personality that can shine like a star or cast a deep dark shadow. We can't always just conveniently rearrange our lives so that we always get to see the positive while keeping the negative fully repressed. Indeed, if we don't acknowledge the dual nature of our existence, we run the risk of becoming tricked or trapped. Recognise what is possibly wrong in your emotional life, but then focus on what is right.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: 'The worst has already happened, the best is yet to come.' That's a statement we can truly make about the history of the human race. It's also true about your emotional life. No matter how bad things get, they won't ever be as bad as they were once before - and no matter how good things have been in the past, you are going to see moments that far outshine these rays of hope and inspiration. Keep that in mind this week. As you look ahead, be willing to embrace all the positive magic that tomorrow has in store.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: 'If only certain things had never happened.' 'If only I had made a different set of choices.' 'If only I had known back then what I know now.' 'If only this or that or the other'. If only we could all stop starting sentences with the words, 'if only', we might be able to make some progress! It's important, in your emotional life, to look to the future, not the past. Though you still feel awkward about an old issue that remains unresolved, you will soon be thankful for the very thing that makes you feel most like kicking yourself.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Some people love to worry. If they haven't got something to feel bad about, they start to feel really bad! Problems keep them interested. Disadvantages give them something to overcome. Make life too easy for them and you will present them with a difficulty more daunting than they can cope with. In your emotional life now, you can see the solution to a puzzle that someone else is perplexed by. Just make sure, before you try too hard to help them out, that they actually want your assistance.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Some people say that love makes the world go round. Others say that money does this. Let us hope they are wrong. If it is down to money, it will all stop if there's a downturn. And if it all comes down to love? What will we do if some people decide that they don't love each other any more? Perhaps what really turns the world is stupidity and selfishness. At least there is plenty of that and we need not fear it running out. Your world, though, really does run on love - and things are about to turn for you in a good way.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Shall we talk about the weather? Never mind what's happening in your heart. Never mind what drama is in your life... let's just talk trivia instead. That's easier. Isn't it? But we have to look at our challenges, answer our questions and face our facts. A situation in your emotional life seems serious. You may have to be brave - but if you are fair, if you have faith and if you don't just ignore what needs to be discussed and talk about the weather instead, everything will have a happy (and easy) outcome... eventually.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Every relationship involves, to some extent, a power struggle. In the best of these, the struggle is never won. It continues month after month, year after year. Too often we wrongly assume that to get on well with someone we must have plenty in common and much agreement. In reality we can grow tired of any form of interpersonal communication if there is insufficient challenge within it. There's nothing necessarily wrong with any tension or conflict you are experiencing now. Don't fear it.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Casting directors hunt hard for actors and actresses who 'look the part' that they want to be played. We have ideas in our heads about who we want to see in a particular role. Heroes are supposed to be handsome. Heroines beautiful. Villains need to look like thugs. If they don't, we can't quite believe in them. The trouble is, in real life, the signs and signals are never so obvious. There's a temptation in your emotional life now to take a superficial view of a situation that actually has great depth. It deserves more thought.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You are experiencing a strong emotional pull. Someone (or something?) is tugging on your heartstrings making it hard for you to reach objective decisions. You know what makes most logical sense - yet you do not feel inclined to prioritise this. Instead, you are being led by your feelings towards what seems like a doubtful destination. Ask yourself what advice you would give to someone else in your position. Then, pay heed to your own innate, instinctive wisdom. It will guide you in the right direction.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Who can you trust? In what can you have some real faith? How awful it is to feel let down. How disappointing to suspect that we have been fooled or tricked in some way. It only has to happen once and we grow terribly guarded. We'd rather think the worst of everyone than be caught out and made to feel foolish. But then, we can end up looking just as silly when we start doubting something authentic. In your emotional life now, if you give the benefit of the doubt, who will benefit? You will! Trust yourself.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: They say, 'The devil is in the detail.' It probably isn't. The devil is very rarely found where people expect to find him. He much prefers to reside in the last place you would ever think of looking for him. Preferably disguised as an angel! That way he can make the most mischief. Details are bedevilling you now. But they are not the real reason for a conflict in your emotional life. That's linked to a difference of opinion that can't be fixed with a small tweak. To be properly cleared, this must be properly aired.