We tell ourselves that we know who we are and what we want. Or, at least, most of us tell ourselves that. Naturally enough, we believe what we say to ourselves. Why wouldn't we? Unless, perhaps, we secretly weren't so sure of who we were or what we wanted but we weren't willing to admit as much, even to ourselves! This weekend brings refreshing reassurance regarding your own sense of identity and, thus, increased confidence about what is the most appropriate move to make next. Making that move will then be easy.


People can become addicted to all kinds of things. Arguably, even an addiction to something healthy can be unhealthy if it causes the addict to become unhappy if they aren't getting whatever they have become hooked on. But the unhealthiest addiction of all must be a dependency upon some experience that is neither pleasant nor productive. There are some folk, for example, who are seemingly addicted to a particular kind of emotional pain. In your world this weekend, is there someone who has a need that is best left unmet?


Are you a good person? Now, there is a question to which very few people are ever going to reply 'no'! And if they do say 'no', does that prove that they are a bad person? It's not so simple, is it? This weekend, you need to be wary about the kind of questions you are asking and the ones that are being asked of you. The answers may be misleading and they certainly raise more questions. There may be a tendency now, to overthink your relationship with a sensitive situation. Try to trust your deepest feeling.


If there is one thing worse than a request to engage in a topic of conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is to receive such a request at a time when you feel particularly reluctant to broach that subject. It might not be possible this weekend, to indefinitely postpone an important exchange of views or facts. But you can at least exercise some control over the timing of this meeting. Deal with it while you are feeling at your best and you will find it all has a much better outcome than you were previously expecting.


'Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.' So said Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist that we have been quoting in our forecasts every day this week. The line above is all that you need to remember this weekend. If you haven't got an enemy, don't make one by starting a battle. If you are not sure whether you have an enemy or not, demonstrate friendship. And even if you are sure that you have an adversary, the real way to win is not to engage!


If you can't prove your identity, you will have to get some proof. The appropriate authorities will be happy to issue you with fresh documents... once they see your proof of identity. These days, in the constant quest for greater security, thumbprints are the latest fashion. So, as long as you haven't lent your thumb to somebody else, you should be all right. Anyway, the real question this weekend, is not, 'is it really you?' It is, 'are you really being true to yourself?' The answer to that is not on your thumb but in your heart.


If it looks like a duck and floats like a duck but it gives out a suspiciously high squeak, it could be a rubber duck. You need have no fear that your bath toy is about to lay eggs. And, as we have been discussing on this page all week, it is amazing how many things can resemble a duck from a distance, particularly if we aren't wearing our glasses and the light is poor. Somewhere in your world, a judgement has been made. This weekend, you will find that a situation looks very different if you view it from another angle.


If this isn't an ideal world, what is? And where is it? Why can't we all leave here and go there instead? You don't know of any other ideal world? Well then, you haven't got anything to compare this one to! Perhaps it is not as not-ideal as you are inclined to imagine. Possibly, if you were to treat it with a little more optimism and to recognise what might yet turn out to be ideal after all, you might see a surprising amount of evidence this weekend, to support the idea that this world is a lot better than many of us think.


Let us imagine, for the sake of argument, that you are attempting to solve a Sudoku puzzle or a crossword but the people next door have got their television playing very loudly and your loved one wants to tell you off about something. And the phone is ringing. And you need to be somewhere in a few minutes, so you had best keep an eye on the time. You are probably not ideally positioned for success with your intellectual endeavour. You need to apply proper thought to a tough choice this weekend. Give yourself space.


It might be an earth tremor - or perhaps the spin-dryer on the nearby washing machine has developed a fault. It is probably worth just checking the latter before you go reporting the former to the authorities who measure seismic activity. How big is this weekend's potential problem? How justified are your concerns? This weekend's right angle between Venus and Saturn, suggests that much of an apparently troublesome nature, may yet turn out to have a more reassuring explanation than you expect.


They say, 'If you want something doing, ask a busy person.' Folk who are already meeting a series of urgent deadlines, will hardly even notice if you add another task to their list. But what they may also do is overcomplicate a situation or, due to their sheer sense of haste and urgency, fail to see the potential for a glorious short cut. Try asking a lazy person about the best way to proceed this weekend. And if you don't know anyone who is lazy, heed your own suspicion that perhaps a job doesn't even really need doing.


Problems provide purpose. We all know what we are supposed to be doing if we have a difficulty to resolve or an obstacle to get round. As long as we feel reasonably capable of rising to that challenge, we can take some pleasure in playing the role of a troubleshooter. And then, if someone says, 'there is no need for this' or, 'it doesn't matter,' we don't breathe a huge sigh of relief, we feel slightly thwarted and disappointed. You are entitled this weekend, to consider yourself free of an obligation. Don't resent it; be glad of it.