If there is something you can't change, why waste time trying to change it? We can all see that logic. But then, we try to get clever. We think, 'Well, perhaps I can't change it but perhaps I can change the thing that stops me from changing it.' We fool ourselves with convoluted plans and fanciful notions. Every so often, we begin to suspect that these are working. That makes us all the more determined to continue in our quest to attain the impossible. Reach, this weekend, for what is actually possible. You won't regret that.


In 1902, an author called James Allen published an essay called, As a Man Thinketh. It took its title from Chapter 23, verse 7, of the Book of Proverbs, which reads: 'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.' Many experts on New Age philosophy cite this piece as the origin of all modern discussion about the so-called 'law of attraction'. If they are correct, there is nothing very new about the New Age. The Bible itself endorses the idea that we can create our own reality. Without doubt, you have that ability this weekend.


Some believe that in our lifetime (and perhaps, too, in previous lifetimes) we accumulate karma. We pay the price for our misdeeds and reap the benefit of our more generous gestures. But if our bank accounts reflect the state of our personal tally with the cosmos, it is only in an indirect fashion. There certainly seem to be many rich people who don't appear to have acted in nice ways, and plenty of kind but poor folk. Behaving wonderfully may not make you wealthy this week, but it will yet bring tangible rewards.


Is there something that you don't want to talk about with someone? Might they be experiencing similar reticence with regard to a conversation with you? If only you were both avoiding the same subject, all might be easy. But what if you are each aware of different sensitive spots within the other's psyche? One inadvertent comment, could unleash an avalanche of intensity this weekend. Other than by becoming a Trappist monk and upholding a vow of silence, the way forward involves gently developing deeper trust.


Humans love to interact with nature. We appreciate plants and animals. We stare at the sea in awe. We watch the wind with wonder. Yet we are strangely shy of many aspects of ourselves that are basic and biological, and which remind us of our position as natural creatures. Perhaps this is one reason why we sometimes end up in such unnaturally unhappy states. Events this weekend increase your chance of gaining a greater sense of belonging to (and being a part of) a wider world. Don't be ashamed of all your instincts.


Tomorrow has not been cancelled due to lack of interest. Nor have we humans had it forfeited from us by some disapproving cosmic entity. Tomorrow is on its way and, contrary to the popular misconception, it will come. Will you be ready for it? Will you embrace it with enthusiasm and accept it as the generous gift from a benign universe that it undoubtedly, actually, is? Think good thoughts about the possibilities that await you this weekend and beyond. You will yet find that your positive expectations are justified.


'Beggars can't be choosers.' So goes the old assertion made so freely by so many people that it surely must be true. Yet are we not all beggars in some way, to some extent? Do you remember getting any choice in the matter of how you came here? And when? Have not many of your life's biggest decisions been at least as much the result of pressure of circumstance as anything else? The planets insist that in so far as anyone can be a chooser this weekend, you can. And you may yet discover that you are a lucky beggar!


All week, I have been quoting songs that seem to celebrate doom and gloom. You know why I've been doing this, of course. So I can argue against them. Then yesterday, I found a fascinating fact. B.B. King, now nearly a nonagenarian, wrote, Every Day I Have the Blues. Perhaps this has increased his lifespan. But then, you don't need to be disconsolate this weekend - even for health purposes! You have already got enough bones of contention to keep you going. Now here come some sweeter treats.


Moderation is such a fine thing that some folk feel they just can't get too much of it! But then, they also say that tolerance is so important, that anyone who fails to practise it should be shot! Though many criticise those who swim in the mainstream, and elitists speak disparagingly of conformists, actually it isn't easy to stick in the middle of the road. Strong winds can soon blow many a compromise off course. Stay, this weekend, with what's fair and reasonable, and what's fair and reasonable will stay with you.


If, this weekend, I start to give you one kind of prediction and get distracted, you may... Oh, hang on, that reminds me of something I've been meaning to say. Did you know that some people believe in unicorns? They feel quite sure that such creatures actually exist and... Oh, I'm sorry, we went off on a bit of a tangent there. Now, where were we? No, sorry again, I've lost it completely. Anyway, the cosmic message is clear enough, is it not? If you want to finish what you have started, don't start what you can't finish!


'If you can't stand the heat,' they say, 'you should get out of the kitchen.' That's such hard and heartless advice. What if you are supposed to be the cook? What if you are hungry and on a special diet involving meals that only you can prepare for yourself? What if you are in that kitchen only because somebody else needs you to be in there and they won't get fed unless you put in your effort? You are where you are, this weekend, because it is where you need to be. But you can still open a window and turn on a fan.


Every day, at thousands of shores across hundreds of lands, the tide rolls in and then, some while later, it rolls back out again. Think of how much effort it could save if it just stayed in the same place. And if it is merely doing this in the hope that it will help to teach us a lesson about how all things must come and go, well, you would think that by now we'd have got the message. The big question for you this weekend, is not, 'why is something happening?' But, 'can you turn your knowledge of a natural sequence to your advantage?'