Great strategists don't always have teams of researchers feeding them information. They might wish that they were so well informed and they could take many steps to gain enlightenment wherever situations seem cloudy and confusing. But, often, the wisest decisions that any of us ever make are also the bravest. We may have to pick between one 'step in the dark' and another 'leap of blind faith' - and only a small, still, intuitive voice can say which will be best. If that is all you have to go on this weekend, go on it anyhow.


This week, we have been discussing the nature... of nature! Is it fundamentally philanthropic, basically beneficent? If we wander through the world expecting to have our needs met, are we in with a chance of fulfilling such optimistic expectations? Many a convincing argument can be made to support the idea of a less generous cosmos. So, maybe it is just the cosmic climate that explains your current propensity to encounter help where you need it most. Either way, that is where you will find it this weekend.


Will you get it right this weekend? Or will that, to some extent, depend on who you are trying to please? You don't, after all, want to get it right in the eyes of someone who has a notorious tendency to get it wrong! And what if you, yourself, can't always be so sure whether you are getting it right or getting it wrong? Which criteria should you apply? Whose needs should be prioritised? Where there has lately been doubt and confusion, there will soon be certainty and clarity. New ideas are about to replace old ideas.


This week, I have been quoting from Shakespeare's, As You Like It, and the speech that begins, 'All the world's a stage'. Herein, he describes the 'seven ages of man' and, although he employs male imagery, we know that he is speaking about the journey that people of both sexes inevitably take as the great train of life pulls them along the tracks of time. Though he takes a pessimistic view of that process, I am happy to tell you that this weekend, age allows you to embrace a new and most exciting possibility.


The purpose of life? Why surely, it is to seek the purpose of life! And if that purpose were any easier to find? Well, wouldn't that make a bit of a mockery of the purpose? It isn't the things we know that cause us the most confusion. Nor, necessarily, is it the things that we don't know. The real trouble-makers are the things that we suspect we know but can't feel entirely sure about whether or not we actually do know them! You have had a bit of a battling journey through the week. But you are about to have a delightful weekend.


The tooth fairies are in uproar. All those pillows. All those molars. All those pennies. Yet apparently, nobody believes in them any more. What is the point? Why do they bother? Up at the North Pole, Santa is not sleeping so soundly, either. He is still recovering from running himself ragged with the reindeer three months ago, yet some kids suspect that... well, I won't say it here. But what I will say, is that you should be careful this weekend, before consigning an optimistic vision to the trashcan of realism. There is more magic abroad than you know.


Many Indian auto-rickshaws have a little altar in the centre of the dashboard. There, adorned with flowers, will be a little picture or statue of the driver's favourite deity. Buddha, Guru Nanak, Krishna, Ganesh, even Jesus, will take pride of place. Does this have any connection, we wonder, with the fact that so few vehicles of this nature have wing mirrors? If you can't see whether or not you are safe before you make a move, what else can you do but pray? Forget, this weekend, what you trust, hope and believe, just find the facts.


People said that the Sun never set on the British Empire. It had an outpost in every time zone. Even so, it didn't last forever. The Roman Empire lasted longer, even though it didn't have a geographical span so wide. Experts think that it came to an end due to poisoning from all the lead in the aqueducts. But then, who needs an empire anyway? Surely, this weekend, you don't want to drive yourself crazy defending the indefensible or stretching your resources too thinly. Be glad of where you are and what you've got.


Aren't you pushing your luck? Well, we must hope that you are. For that, at least, would imply that you felt you had some luck to push! And what else would you do with your luck otherwise? Wouldn't that be like having a cow but not milking it, or a car but not driving it? There is nothing wrong this weekend, with pushing your luck. There may, though, be a reason not to push it too far! How far is too far? Well, give it a small push, see where you get to and then think before trying it again. It may be best to go slowly.


If someone hasn't done what they should have done, does that automatically mean that they must have done what they shouldn't have done? An act of omission is one thing. A deliberate contravention of some crucial restriction is another. Yet who are we to judge the past? If we were a part of it, we had no perspective on it. And if we weren't there? Well, how on earth can we know what took place? As you seek answers to tricky questions this weekend, you may have to accept a fudge of some kind.


We all like to think of ourselves as smart but we all know, too, that as human beings we are error-prone. So, should we doubt ourselves because this is obviously a wise thing to do? Or should we trust ourselves because we would be foolish not to rely on all that life has taught us? Clever folk are not always as smart as they seem. Nor are even the most stupid people wrong about everything they think or do. This weekend, you may have something to learn from someone who you think you have nothing to learn from.


Who were you before you became the person you are today? You were, of course, still yourself. But there are some aspects of your personality that you have only slowly learned to hone and develop. And there may be other traits that you have long-since taught yourself to transcend. There is more to you than many people know. And more to your own future than you yourself can see. The present is an unreliable indicator of the future. Even the past can't be fully trusted. Believe in your potential this weekend.