Don't engage in a pointless debate. Don't indeed, engage in any debate you can possibly avoid, regardless of how much or how little point you can see in making your side of the argument. There's potential now, to waste a lot of valuable time and energy getting caught up in a drama that's best left alone. You have something of a far more constructive nature to do. This week, be discriminating, restrained and above all, wise. Only if something looks simple, sweet and clear is it worthy of your attention.


Might you be extending, towards a certain someone, more sympathy than you are willing to show yourself? There's nothing wrong with compassion but are you really obliged to be endlessly tolerant and forgiving? Sometimes, in order to truly help others, we have to speak harshly to them. Sometimes too, in order to shake ourselves awake, we have to be self-critical. It is often just as important to show strength as well as softness. If you are determined to be kind to someone else this week, be kind to yourself too!


We have to take care not to give away our power. Yet it is easily done. We look at someone and feel in awe. Before we know it, we dare not make a move without wondering if we have their approval. But what if, in trying to keep things sweet, we end up souring things for ourselves? Whether we're bowing before the might of an employer or bending to accommodate the wishes of a loved one, we have to ask if we might do better just to stand tall and proud. This week, the only person you really have to answer to... is you!


Imagine that in one of your pockets is a key. If you pull it out and look at it, you probably won't see much of great beauty. What makes it special is the item it symbolises: the special door that only this key will unlock. Much the same could be said about the piece of information that you have filed away in the back of your mind. You may have even forgotten all about it... or remembered it but failed to see how it is relevant to a current situation. This week, it will resurface and it may yet transform a big part of your world.


Opinions are not facts and facts are not opinions. We all know that. But do we all know which of our opinions are based on actual facts - and which are informed by assumptions, prejudices, hopes, beliefs and fears? If you must jump to a conclusion this week, make it a leap of faith rather than a dismal dive into some dark abyss of anxiety! You're going to discover soon, that you don't know as much as you think you know about an important matter. The discovery you're about to make will be most helpful.


Work, this week, on the assumption that the future is your friend, not your enemy. It may be asking you to make a few changes in the way you see yourself and your situation but only for the best possible reason. The 'future you' is sending back a message in time to the current you. It wants you to know that you need not worry about a sensitive matter! Your outlook is better than you imagine... and you've already got, in your armoury of experience, all the tools you need to bring about the improvements you want.


It is always better to be motivated by inspiration than fear. If you look hard at your current situation, though, you can see there's only one option before you, regardless of whether you consider this to represent your deepest worry or your highest hope. It may be wisest to stop wondering and worrying and simply get on with what can't really be avoided. Don't just cross your fingers and pray for the best. Relax your tight grip on a situation you are trying to control and trust that a benign cosmic force will carry you safely through.


You rather wish that an aspect of your life now made more sense. You may as well wish for a cow that can compose poetry or a tree that grows silver. Cows deliver milk, not messages. Trees produce branches not brooches. There are some things that it is simply not reasonable to expect - and a world that makes sense is one of those things! The best you can hope for this week is a situation that just about makes sense if you don't think too hard about it! That's as good as it will get. And that's good enough.


Faith is not really supposed to be subjected to analysis. Rather like love, it is something you either feel or you don't. You can't explain it, justify it or rationalise it. When you've got a good feeling that you want to support, there's no need to engage your intellect. If, in some area of your life now, there's a lack of faith that you need to conquer, this week will show you a way forward that your heart and head can both accept. You may also soon discover that what you've seen as a problem isn't really a problem at all.


It is almost as if you crave freedom from an oppressor. Not a person, a situation or an organisation... although you may well see the cause of current discomfort as originating from one or all of these. But actually, your tormentor is your own reaction to provocation. You need to free yourself from a level of sensitivity that is beginning to become unbearable. That won't instantly make everything right but it will at least allow you to be fully objective and then take constructive action. This week brings you liberation and inspiration.


Why is it that you want the one thing the universe doesn't yet seem ready to give you? Do you truly need it or do you yearn for it because you can sense that one day you're going to get it and you can't see why there must be a delay? This week, the universe is asking you to let go of an aspiration you've been clinging to too tightly... or loosen your grip on a situation you feel keen to control. Oddly, the faster you drop an item from your agenda, the more you become able to pick it up and run with it to success.


Some people use hypnotherapy to overcome psychological barriers. Others make affirmations, visit counsellors - or set themselves challenges. Inhibitions are definitely far better conquered than succumbed to. This week, you need to overcome your suspicion that the universe never puts your best interests at the top of its agenda. That's the kind of unnecessarily painful pessimism that can prevent almost any kind of progress. This week, you can and will rise above it and see a higher, happier perspective.