You can carry it on your left shoulder or your right. You can take it off your back and put it in a bag and then take it in turns to decide which hand is going to hold the handle. Or you can scrumble it all up into a tight bundle and transport it on the top of your head for a while. But you can't put the burden down - not, at least, while it has such relevance and importance. Not when others are relying on you to take that weight and play your part in a vital process. But for your sacrifice now, there will be real reward before much longer.


If you don't know quite what to do about a situation, perhaps it hardly matters what you do - or don't do. Could a set of irrelevant choices be eating up your energy when you have much more important matters to think about? Other people don't always help at such times. They can become so keen to voice their own opinions or to inform you of their own personal preferences, that they create even more of a noisy distraction from the true priority of the moment. You are the only one who knows what is truly pressing.


I feel nervous about giving you your forecast. What is an astrologer supposed to say to a person whose ruler is in conjunction to Saturn? I had best be careful about what tone I take. I don't want to undermine the air of authority that you are now exuding so easily. And the commanding presence that you are so naturally manifesting. Only a fool would argue with someone in a position of such strength. Well, perhaps not only a fool. Someone very wise might try it too. Be willing to hear what someone is trying to tell you today.


Long before she became known as the Dowager of Downton, Dame Maggie Smith rose to fame as the eponymous heroine of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. This film challenges a conventional idea about when people reach their prime. The debate still rages today, with recent Daily Mail articles arguing against traditional beliefs and suggesting that a person's prime years may well come much later. If a phrase being used in your life now is open to interpretation, aren't you entitled to interpret it in the way that might most suit you?


Assuming that all religions are of equal importance (and surely we must because in the modern world, we are all obliged to be ecumenical), what happens to people's prayers? Is there some kind of ethereal switchboard where those heartfelt missives are intercepted and redirected to the appropriate deities? There is probably no point in giving too much thought to the mechanisms that lie behind miracles. But that, in itself, doesn't prove their non-existence. Nor does it preclude you from successfully requesting one today.


Lines need to be drawn. Distinctions must be made. Decisions have to be reached. Commitments require entering into. There. That sounds like fun, doesn't it? You are going through a phase at the end of which you will know where you stand. There will be clarity and certainty. So, isn't that all the more reason, while there is still a little time left, to dig a little deeper and to check more carefully? There are one or two what-ifs that surely deserve to be intelligently, inventively, explored before they are summarily dismissed.


Many radio stations play out a constant stream of 'oldies'. It is a successful formula. The audience knows that no matter when they tune in, they will hear something they are already familiar with. Nobody will be uncomfortably challenged by that strange feeling that you get when you hear a tune for the first time and can't quite guess what the next note is going to sound like. But if all stations followed this formula, there would never be any new music! And then where would we all be? Make room in your life for progress today.


Plans are fine things. We all make them and try to follow them. But sometimes, events supersede them. We realise that everything made sense when we were weighing up our options and assessing possibilities. But now we face the reality, different criteria predominate. You were born under what astrologers call a 'fixed' sign. That's supposed to mean that you are very good at sticking to arrangements. But the sign of the Scorpion is also very visceral and instinctive. Don't find fault with a natural reaction today.


I'm sure you would look very good dressed head to foot in white, casually swinging a long willow bat. But where there was once a wicket to defend now there is an entire goalmouth to guard. The game is changing. The niceties that might once have been important to observe are now not only irrelevant but counterproductive. No more standing still, ready to swing. It is time to rush around and prepare to catch. And a change of outfit might not go amiss, either. The good news? You are still set to excel at this different sport.


Do we see what's actually in front of us? Or do we see what we want to see? Ask a professional stage illusionist! Or a psychologist. Or, perhaps, a writer of detective stories. They would all agree that the human race is highly susceptible and suggestible. There are, indeed, those who would say that most of us are so eager to believe in what we wish we were seeing, that reality eludes us entirely. Somehow now, a veil is being raised and a new understanding is dawning on you. Be open to this. It is to your great advantage.


Conversation is an exchange. I say something to you; you speak back to me. But if I think I already know what you are going to say, I may not listen carefully. For the same reason, you might pay my words only cursory attention. It can be too easy for us both to become so absorbed in what we intend to say next, that we miss the full meaning of what is being said to us. That is frequently the case in polite exchanges. You may gain a lot today, in thinking harder about something that seemingly requires little thought.


Education doesn't end when school-leaving age is reached. It is a lifelong process and, for many, it begins in earnest only when we escape the clutches of the people and institutions who consider it their responsibility to fill our minds with unwanted facts and ideas. Advancement to enlightenment requires little other than a basic willingness to learn. An appetite for discovery will bring a discovery! Where there is resistance to (or prejudice against) a proposition now, there must be seduction, rather than instruction.