There may be some limits, this weekend, to your powers of persuasion. Even the ongoing close conjunction of Venus and Mars may be insufficient to help you make everything go your way. Your natural charm is not entirely irresistible but it is surprisingly strong. Turn it on. Crank it up to the max! And if that doesn't work? Strive even harder to be even nicer. This has to represent your best way forward in every area of life, regardless of what is worrying you or whom you may find yourself in dispute with.


Heroic, all-action, adventure movies rarely focus on the decision-making protocols of committees. Those swashbuckling stars often have mere moments in which to make vital choices. We, the viewing audience, applaud and admire their courage and spontaneity. But then, the cameras rarely show them carrying out risk assessments and completing complicated consultations. Do you have the right, this weekend, to act on impulse? Yes, if you feel brave enough to grant yourself full permission.


Pop groups are only as successful as their last hit. Once they release a series of songs that don't sell so well, their audiences dwindle. Yet those catchy numbers that topped the charts remain just as good as they ever were. Having earned a well-deserved reputation for possessing a particular ability, you are now concerned lest you fail to rise so well to your current challenge. Events, this weekend, should reassure you that you have yet to reach your full potential and that even greater glory days lie ahead.


3.14159. That is the value of pi to five decimal places. (Values to other decimal places are available). So, there is all you need to know about the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Apply that, this weekend, to every situation that seems to be taking you back to somewhere you have been before. But wait! Perhaps it is not a number that you need. Perhaps it is a philosophy, an attitude, a level of emotional understanding. Either way, you may now be closer than you think to a formula for happiness.


The mistletoe plant has a very special connection to the juniper tree. Whilst most horticulturalists would describe it as parasitic, if either of these species were sentient enough to maintain a Facebook page, they would probably opt to tick the box under relationships marked: 'It's complicated'. And if the rest of the nearby wildlife were to be asked for their opinion, they would have to say that this close mutual involvement brings much benefit to the rest of the forest. A wider view of a tricky situation needs to be taken this weekend.


When actors throw themselves into their parts, there must come a point where they can no longer remember that they are only acting. What if such a 'method actor' is given a role in which they have to adopt the personality of an actor who has become a method actor? Is that a pretence within a pretence? Or a reality within another reality? Sorry to trouble you with such complicated questions but I can promise that this weekend, you will yet bring clarity over a point on which there has lately been confusion.


The wealthiest people are not always the cleverest. Think, for example, of those academic institutions full of erudite professors who are being paid a pittance whilst all manner of oafs and ignoramuses make a killing in business. But then, you could argue that the smartest folk of all are the ones who deliberately hide their light under a bushel. They may even allow others to revel in false confidence because they can see no gain in showing them why they are wrong. Discretion, for you this weekend, is the better part of valour.


We are all more likely to speak if we feel that someone is listening to us. And why would we open up our hearts to anyone, unless we felt that they genuinely cared about our feelings? Folk who are willing to take a real interest in those around them generally go much further and achieve far more than those who seem unapproachable. You need not spend the entire weekend playing the role of a kind counsellor, but helping someone else to see an old situation in a new light would help you too. And that is how to do it.


Let us say some more about the symbolism of your sign. You are an archer. Your aim is true. And you are a centaur. You belong to another world! No wonder then, that sometimes, here in this world, the arrows that you fire end up in some unexpected places. Don't feel defeated by recent frustrating experiences. Allow yourself to be inspired by a new, potentially magical possibility that seems to be arising. You must have faith in yourself - and in your instinct - if you are to draw back your bow in precisely the right way at the right moment.


'Once upon a time I was falling in love but now I'm only falling apart, and there's nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart.' So sang Bonnie Tyler and I'm sure she felt much better for sharing her unhappiness with the rest of us. We must have enjoyed the experience too, for we bought this record in the millions. But they do say that misery loves company. It may be lonely this weekend, but you won't be. Despite all that you may fear or resent, an emotional eclipse is over and the life of real hope is fast returning.


Years ago, I rented a house. In the kitchen was a button next to a sign that said 'End Time'. The button was on the front of an oven, so I may have been reading too much meaning into the sign but nonetheless, I never dared press it. Perhaps the very fact that we are all still here today, is down to that display of self-restraint. Or then again, perhaps not. But perhaps you are worrying more than you need to this weekend, about implications and consequences that you are really not as responsible for as you fear.


Is it possible for anyone, ever, to see so much as a glimpse of the future? Let us hope so, else why are you reading this page - and what am I doing writing it? I concede that it is rare to have perfect prescience but then clear hindsight can be equally elusive. We think we know exactly where we have been and what we have been through. But if our perspective is prejudiced, our objectivity is compromised and without that, how can we hope to see straight ahead? This weekend, you can right an old wrong.