We live our lives according to the philosophies we have adopted, the lessons we have learned, the beliefs we have embraced and the conclusions we have come to. Or, at least, we try to. Sometimes, we find ourselves getting into a bit of a pickle and then we may realise, 'Oh, this has gone wrong because I have forgotten to uphold that standard or act upon this conviction.' But then, sometimes, life teaches us new lessons that oblige us to review our previous principles. Such a review may be necessary for you now.


'Money doesn't grow on trees.' That's what they say and who are we to argue with them? But apples grow on trees and if we harvest them and press them into cider, we can sell that for money, can't we? And isn't money often printed on paper? Doesn't that come from trees? There may be no instant, easy, wave-of-a-magic-wand solution to all your cares and woes right now, but some of them at least can be rectified by applying just a little effort and ingenuity to a process that is already working to your potential advantage.


Whenever we suspect that we may have made a mistake, we should be careful not to admonish ourselves too vigorously. What if we are mistaken to assume that we are mistaken? We would be even more mistaken to compensate for a nonexistent error. Plus, if our situation makes it all too easy for others to imagine that we must have made a misjudgement, we would then hand them so much ammunition that they could hardly resist treating us as a target. Today, you are wrong to imagine that you are wrong!


'What goes up, must come down, spinnin' wheel got to go round...' So sang David Clayton Thomas in the 70s jazz-rock hit by Blood Sweat And Tears. Whilst it may seem churlish to dismiss the concept of blood and sweat and tears, so soon after we have raised it - and particularly, given how hard you have lately been working - it is neither the reason I have quoted this song nor the important point for us to focus on today. Life is a ride on a spinning wheel and something once thought lost, is about to come back round again.


Are we all marionettes, responding to the pull of invisible strings exerted by puppet masters who dwell in another realm, taking charge of every move we make? Surely not! Why, we can choose to go one way or another any time we wish, can't we? Or perhaps, we only think that when the idea is put into our minds by the same hidden, distant powers. The solution to this philosophical conundrum remains as elusive today as ever it was. But still, you should not see yourself as beholden to anyone or anything.


What is more important? To do the right thing? Or to say the right thing? A politician will naturally reply, 'to do the right thing.' But then, that's politicians for you. They always know the right things to say! A person who genuinely believes that the doing is more important than the saying will give exactly the same answer. The only difference is, they will mean it! How are you supposed to distinguish now, between a promise that sounds good and a commitment that definitely won't be broken? Consider the track record.


Supreme strategists understand that, under some circumstances, it can be unwise to make a show of strength. When engaging with an adversary, a display of weakness may be more likely to lull the opponent into a false sense of security - or even to elicit a gesture of sympathy that effectively leads to victory, without the need for battle. You need to think, today, about what you most want to accomplish. The easiest, safest, route to a satisfactory outcome, may differ significantly from your immediate expectation.


Every vehicle has a blind spot. Good drivers soon become aware of this and take steps to compensate for what their mirrors may be failing to show them. But often, we don't even realise where our blind spot is until we encounter the awkward consequences of an ill-informed decision. You may think, today, that you know what it is that you don't know. But if you don't know something, how can you be sure about exactly what it is that you don't know? A degree of humility and circumspection may be a great asset now.


Imagine that your walls need painting. You send for a decorator who is happy to help. Yet when you come to inspect, they have also painted the ceiling, changed the windows, laid a new carpet and replaced the furniture. Even if a wonderful job has been done at a reasonable price, you might well feel outraged. This has gone way beyond the brief and has robbed you of your right to make a series of personal choices. Be aware today, of the difference between what is being asked for and what you imagine is needed.


I got a text the other day that read 'Hi, I have changed my phone number. This is the new one.' But it wasn't signed. I had to send back a reply, 'Thanks, but who are you?' We may live in the information age but there is some information that isn't always quite as accessible as we might imagine. Very often, we think that others know what we know and we forget how useful a little simple, additional information can be. Right now, you fear a fairly big problem to be looming. Find out more and you may worry a whole lot less.


Is it appropriate to kiss on a first date? Let us leave that question unanswered for this is a zodiac forecast, not a guide to social etiquette. Instead, here is another question. If there hasn't been so much as a kiss by the third date, does the relationship have a future? Once again, I'm not commenting. Nor am I implying that the current big issues in your life have anything to do with dating. But they are definitely connected to matters of judgment and timing. You need to be delicate but not overly afraid today.


Simon and Garfunkel once sang about a 'bridge over troubled water'. It would certainly be better to be on a bridge than on a boat but what we really don't want, is to be in the water itself. There may be troubled water nearby now, but you are not obliged to swim in or even wade through it. You are in a place of comparative safety and can confidently expect to remain there, as long as you don't keep reaching down into the water to see how troubled it is or why it is so troubled, thus risking slipping and falling into it.