They say 'if you aim for the top of the tree, you may just about hit a low branch. But if you shoot for the moon, you will at least get higher than that.' Ambition works rather like amplification. You need the potential to create a lot - just to ensure that, if you only generate a little, it will be to a suitable standard. You don't yet know how much effort it will take to accomplish a vital goal. You only know that your goal is so important that it must be achieved in the right and proper way. So aim high now, but continue to be exact and specific.


'The way you wear your hat, the way you sip your tea, the memory of all that, they can't take that away from me...' So goes the old Gershwin song that pays tribute to the power of an enduring memory. Ah, but what would happen if the singer actually wanted to lose the memory? Is it only lingering because it is being clung to? You are free today, to enjoy and celebrate any thoughts that it may please you to revel in. But you are perfectly able and entitled to free yourself from ideas and images that you no longer wish to be troubled by.


Think about those action movies that we are all so fond of watching. How they entertain us. We love it when those heroes and heroines get into trouble, pursued by villains, beset by woes, becoming ever less secure. We know that, sooner or later, things are going to have to come good. It can only be a matter of time before a happy ending proves itself to be possible. So, aren't you worth at least as much as any of those fictional characters? There is a heavenly Hollywood outcome in store for you too, now.


If hope springs eternal what does faith do? Do not these two apparently opposite emotions pour forth from similarly boundless fountains? If we are drawing from the wrong well, surely all we have to do, is identify the right one and lower our bucket into that instead? The solution to a problem that is troubling you now really is pretty much that simple to find and apply. You know how to help someone else worry less about their situation. Now allow another person to offer you a similar kind of support.


Some folk know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. Their priorities are peculiar. It is as if they believe that only monetary measurements are relevant. But there are so many things in this world on which we simply cannot put a price. Don't we owe it to ourselves to see beyond the artificial gain of numbers and to recognise that genuine merit can only be established by applying a much wider set of criteria? What makes anyone or anything worth 'more' or 'less'? What is in your heart now, is the highest prize of all.


The likelihood of being robbed, even in a rough part of town, is relatively low. The streets don't teem with muggers and pickpockets. Even opportunistic thieves are few and far between. Most folk are honest and fair, kind and sweet. If you met them, even in the most vulnerable of circumstances, their minds would be far more likely set on giving than taking. Whatever is now making you nervous, pay it less heed. That very fear, in itself, is the main thing that you need to be protected against.


Aren't you entitled to more? Don't you deserve better? You are. You do. How can we quantify the extent of the imbalance? Can we apply a mathematical formula to a psychological state? It is strange how the things that we choose to tell ourselves make such a difference to our perception of the quality of life. You deserve more than to be worried about whether you are getting what you deserve! You are worth more than to fear that you are not getting what you are worth. Freedom from such doubt may bring immense reward today.


Sometimes, we have to decide whether it is more important to lose a battle yet win a war. Who wants to attain some pyrrhic victory that places them at a disadvantage? To get too caught up in the heat of a moment is to lose all sense of perspective. Yet isn't that the greatest loss of all? We humans fight a constant battle to attain and maintain a sense of proportion. Indeed, some might say that it is not so much a battle as a war! If today's battle is causing you to forget the bigger picture, it is surely better to concede.


Some people run or work out at the gym. They push themselves mercilessly. They battle to beat their own personal best. Others seem to put themselves through the psychological equivalent of such agony. It is as if they track down trouble. They make themselves vulnerable. How tough do you really want to feel today? If the process is voluntary, it may well have a point and a purpose. But if you are being led towards a destination that you don't even especially want to reach, you have every right and reason to reject it.


Once, weather forecasts were simple. We would be told whether it was likely to be windy, rainy or sunny and what temperature to expect. Now, the experts feel an obliged to make a distinction between how hot (or cold) a day actually is and how it feels. Perhaps I should try a similar trick here. Today may seem, at times, as if it is due to be a difficult day. But it will turn out, if you give it a fair chance, to be a surprisingly easy and pleasing one. Just be wary of terms and standards with potentially misleading meanings.


Many people feel that the best way to avoid making a mistake is to identify and anticipate every possible mistake that could be made. It sounds like a smart plan but it may, in itself, be a mistake! Think of the confidence that a high-wire walker must allow themselves to feel at the crucial moment when they are up in the air. If they dwell too long on what could go wrong, they may increase the likelihood of the wrong thing happening! There will come a point today when you just have to trust yourself, your luck and your experience.


Some flavours are concentrated. A little goes a long way. And if you have more than a little, it very quickly begins to seem like too much. Some situations are similarly intense. We can all cope with the odd moment of drama and excitement. But we would hate to feel that our lives were picking up all the pace of some action and adventure film. With this in mind, let us look at what is unnerving you now. Isn't it just a passing problem? Keep it isolated. Don't mix it up with all else in your world that is otherwise fine.