Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Our world is ruled by the clock. We need to be at work at this time, home by that time. We have appointments to keep and expectations to meet. We are supposed to be punctual, yet we are also governed by deadlines and time targets of our own invention. Yet we cannot subject our own emotional lives to time and efficiency studies. A part of you is now in a hurry, but circumstances seem to be holding you back. Might it be better if you do not attain your goal? What if it isn't as urgent as you think it is?


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If you are doing the right thing, you have nothing to fear. Even if you are only doing the right thing in one area of your life and you feel that elsewhere you may be making the wrong choice, the one right thing may eventually make everything else right. Over time, it will cause the whole of your life to resonate at the best possible frequency. A change in your emotional life is about to take you one big step further along the road to personal realignment. A key friendship or involvement is not ending... just evolving.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When things are up in the air, we find it hard to imagine that they will ever settle down once more. And when things are stable, the notion of chaos seems equally unthinkable. We cannot help but relate to the world as it is - not as it will be or may become. Yet you would be wrong to assume that you are due to remain in a precarious situation, just because so much has been uneasy in your emotional life lately. Don't plan for trouble. Prepare for a sense of comfort. Expect acceptance, resolution... and this is what you will have.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Murphy's Law states that, 'If anything can go wrong, it will.' We can only wonder what upset him so badly that he adopted this pessimistic philosophy. To him, though, it was undoubtedly true. For, in believing this, he was invoking another universal law - the law of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you are going to have a problem, you are effectively inviting one into your life. Despite recent worrying signs and signals, Murphy's Law is not governing your emotional life now. If anything can work out well, it will!


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When strange things happen, we do not always react, immediately, as we later feel we 'ought to have done'. In the heat of the moment, with the shock of the new to contend with, we can say or do things that seem, in retrospect, too lame or acquiescent. Does that mean then, that we are not entitled, with the benefit of hindsight, to say, 'Hey! That was not OK'? I ask only because you now seem reluctant to revisit a situation in your emotional life that once seemed set in stone. It can change if you want it to change.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When we think deep thoughts, we sometimes feel silly. Our world is not especially well equipped to support philosophical contemplation. We don't see special signs in high street stores offering The Meaning Of Life at 20 per cent discount. Fast-paced cops and robbers TV shows, don't suddenly break for moments of quiet meditation. Magazines are full of froth and fashion. But where is the depth or the attempt to understand? Events in your emotional life now, are obliging you to face a vital reality. Be glad of that.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: The problem is not the chain around your ankle. Nor is it the chain around your wrist, pulling you in another direction. You can cope with being stretched and feeling torn. The difficulty is the rope around your waist, attached to the leg of a bull, which is now trying to drag you somewhere else. You are up against more, in your emotional life, than you can comfortably take. Or so you feel. You will be delighted to discover this week, that things are nowhere near as bad as you may have lately begun to imagine.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Are you attached to a piece of elastic? The further you go - or try to go - the harder it becomes for you to get anywhere. It seems as if something (or someone) wants to pull you back and keep you under close control. In some ways, you find this comforting. It is always nice to be wanted, noticed and needed. Yet it is not so nice to feel stifled and suppressed. Either the elastic has to stretch further in order to allow you more room to move - or it has to break. Which is it to be? You will soon find out. Don't worry.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If in doubt, keep things simple. Do whatever seems most obvious, easy and natural. That's not the kind of advice I always give. There are times when it is very important for us to read between the lines. No matter what's going on below the surface now, though, you are quite safe to ignore it for a little while. Whatever is truly complicated will remain confusing, no matter how hard you try to analyse or understand it. By addressing an immediate superficial issue in your emotional life, you will at least clear up one crucial point.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You have friends who currently seem to be acting more like your enemies, and you also have reason to rethink your relationship with people who previously seemed hostile. Somewhere in your world now, is a significant source of support. You can't automatically assume that you know where this is coming from, but you can most definitely rest assured that it exists. Look beyond the obvious and pay more attention to actions than to explanations and protestations in your emotional life over the next few days.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: What do we know about tomorrow? We know that it never comes. Or, at least, that is what we think we know. No wonder we find it so hard to see what it contains. Why plan for something that isn't going to happen? Yet, in its own way, tomorrow most definitely does come. And indeed, that is what is so important about a current set of challenges and changes in your emotional life. They are bringing the onset of a tomorrow you have long waited for and the chance to consign a problematic presence to the history books.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: There are some things we can never know, some questions we can never answer and some situations we can never understand. It doesn't matter whether we're scientists or philosophers, mystics or psychics, the insights we yearn for will elude us all, equally. So, should we all just give up now because we will never attain enlightenment? You cannot help but feel a little sad now, about something that you seem to have lost. Just be glad that you ever had it at all. And don't be so sure that you know what the future holds.