Some folk are fond of their grievances. They use them to justify bad behaviour. 'I'm fed up about this so I'm going to allow myself to do that, even though I ought not to.' When we let our resentments have this much power over us, we surrender a higher level of self-control. Now, why do you meet a wall of resistance each time you try to take a constructive tack or express a positive view about a situation? If someone secretly wants a process to go badly, it probably will, until they stop wanting that!


You are on your guard. You feel defensive. You can see several credible reasons to worry. It is not as if you are imagining things or inventing problems. But the current antagonistic link from Venus to Saturn does not constitute cosmic proof of imminent disaster. It merely implies increased susceptibility to pessimism. So the thing you should actually be most wary of now, is your own propensity to propagate gloom. There is a well tried and tested traditional cure for this. Focus on whatever cheers you up most.


If you know what needs to be done, why don't you just do it? Ah, well then, if you know why it can't be done, why don't you just look for a way in which it can be done? If you truly can't see what that is, then you don't know what needs to be done, do you? I fear I am being a little too obtuse here, so let me try to put it all another way. You do know what needs to be done. You just don't yet know how to overcome the obstacle that stands in the way of you doing this. So, what needs to be done today is to find that way!


Why are you wearing that? Of all the things you could have chosen to dress yourself in, what possessed you to pick this outfit? I'm really not asking you this in an attempt to make you doubt yourself. You look fine! I'm just pointing out that, whenever anyone raises an eyebrow or requires an explanation, this naturally leads someone else to stop and wonder whether they have done the right thing. You don't have to justify yourself today, and you certainly don't have to change anything. Don't let doubt create doubt today.


Around 2,600 years ago, a Chinese general called Sun Tzu, came up with a smart phrase. He said, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.' This remains good advice, especially if you happen to be leading an army or are engaged in a conflict. But are you at war? And even if you feel half inclined to say, 'Well, yes, kind of.' Do you want to remain at war? There is nothing wrong, today, with putting a greater distance between yourself and someone who is seemingly determined to undermine and oppose you.


I am standing to attention as I write these words today. My hand is raised horizontally in front of my forehead, as I salute your importance and authority. I am not here to argue with anything that you think, I am here to show support and subservience. And I very much hope that in making this gesture I am setting an example that all with any sense or sensitivity can immediately emulate. Without arrogance but with quiet confidence, you should now expect this much respect. Act as if you deserve it, and you will get it.


'When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.' So said the American poet, James Whitcomb Riley, a Libran. We are, after all, naturally inclined to judge, label and categorise on the basis of what we can see and hear. But given the imminent sharp alignment of Venus and Saturn, it is my duty as your astrologer to remind you of the Liskov Substitution Principle, which I shall explain tomorrow. Meanwhile, today, look again at that duck.


Wherever there are winners, there are surely, bound to be losers. Or so, at least, conventional wisdom dictates. But much depends on how we choose to define 'winning' and 'losing'. There are some who would say that anyone who focuses too hard on being a winner at all costs, is automatically a bit of a loser. If you become determined to lose your fear of losing, doesn't that naturally make you a winner? There is now a way to get what you want without creating too much conflict. That's the best way.


In the biblical tale of David and Goliath, the puny guy takes on the mighty one and, by taking careful aim, and through clever choice of weaponry, he comes out the winner. This should be an inspiration to us all. As long as we are brave and smart, we can always succeed. But did there even have to be a battle in the first place? Couldn't David have just done a deal with Goliath? Don't overlook the possibility of employing reason and negotiation today, before you start resorting to more defensive or aggressive strategies.


If we don't know that we have got a problem, how can we ever solve it? Yet the moment we recognise the problem, we become discouraged. The solution seems to be so far away, that we may as well give up all hope of finding it. So now it seems the essence of our problem is the fact that we have got a problem. But surely we had much more of a problem when we didn't think there was a problem! The astrological bad news now, is that you can see what you couldn't see before. That's the good news, too.


Even celebrities have to go to the bathroom. And the dentist. Indeed, especially the dentist! Fame does not render any of us immune to the more inconvenient aspects of human existence. Although, you could argue that it pays for posher porcelain. And perhaps there is more stuffing in the seat of an expensive dentist's chair. But if the idea of meeting celebrity makes us feel nervous, we can lessen the intensity of the fear by reminding ourselves of our shared vulnerability. There is no need for anyone to intimidate you today.


You may have many talents and natural gifts but your most impressive skill of all is your ability to be yourself. Nobody else can do this. They can't even come close. They can be themselves, of course, but they can't be you. Now you might think 'and who would want to?' But that is a bit unnecessarily self-effacing. Modesty may well be one of your special qualities but, even if it is, that is only because you have got so much innate greatness to play down. As Venus now enters your sign, it is time to big yourself up.