Yesterday, I suggested that if the cosmos isn't granting our wishes, this may be because we are secretly wishing for something else. But if so, would it not be an easy problem to fix? We simply need to learn how to ask the cosmos to reveal to us the wishes that we keep secret even from ourselves. Then we could work around them. Unless, perhaps, our secret wishes turned out to contain the kind of agenda that the rest of us wish we weren't wishing for! Even so, if you want progress today, be honest with yourself.


'When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we are open to all that life has to offer.' So said John Lennon. And he has had an airport named after him these days, so he must have known a thing or two. He's right, of course. But I still maintain that a lot depends on who or what we are in love with. What happens, for example, if we are in love with fear? Fear and love are both potentially confusing words but as feelings, they are clear enough. A negative emotion can be replaced with a positive one now.


If you want to know what most people think, just conduct an opinion poll. Find a representative sample. Then take care not to phrase the question in a fashion that misleads, misdirects or invites a deceptive answer. And if you want to know what one person in particular thinks? Well, you should probably still conduct a poll of their peers, loved ones, colleagues and companions. We are all swayed by the attitudes of those around us to some extent. Remember, today, it is possible to influence an opinion.


There is always someone, somewhere, with something to say for themselves. The day we go out into the world and meet not a single soul without a strong opinion, will be the day after the aliens land and erase all our minds simultaneously with some gigantic laser beam. Actually, if those aliens are coming, you can think quite easily of somewhere you would like them to land to find a particular person on whom they could test their equipment! You are being bothered, today, about something that isn't worth bothering about.


'Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak.' So said Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist in his book The Art Of War. Well, I say 'book', but back in the 6th Century they didn't have books as we know them today. Or wars, for that matter. Today, you may need to read but you don't need to fight. Wherever there's conflict, there can be resolution and, though it may suit you to play down your strength and exaggerate your weaknesses, that should be more for sport than war. You will win anyway.


Before we start your forecast today, we must run a little test. Place your thumb on this page please, on top of the following full stop. That's right, the one you have just seen. Now, keep an eye on it. If it turns green, it means we have successfully scanned the data and established your identity. And if it remains black? Well then, how can I be sure that this is you? Are you thinking how ridiculous this is? Ah, well then, it must be you. And you are right to see how ludicrous another proposed procedure is today, too.


If it doesn't quack or walk like a duck but it looks a bit like a duck if you view it from a particular angle, it is possibly comet 67P. Latest images from the European Rosetta probe, show this particular chunk of space rock is remarkably similar in shape to this kind of aquatic creature. You are not working at the ESA HQ in Paris? Then it probably isn't a comet, either! So what exactly are you looking at now? Try to go beyond preconceived ideas and expectations. Particularly if they have a negative connotation. And keep looking.


'This is not an ideal world.' We all know this because we are all told this with monotonous regularity. It must be true because we all tell each other this. Perhaps that's all that stops it from being an ideal world! Maybe it would be an ideal world if only we didn't all support each other in the belief that it isn't! Can you really create an ideal world today, just by summoning a little faith? Let's leave the slippery answer to that tricky question to the philosophers and the idealists. But a little more faith will do no harm today.


Have you ever found yourself with an urgent need to untangle a bunch of electrical cables that have been discarded in a drawer and have now mysteriously wrapped themselves around each other? Or perhaps you have undergone a similar process with a hosepipe or a ball of wool. If so, you will know that it is never wise to undertake such an enterprise when you are hungry or in a hurry, or in the middle of an argument. Such activities require patience. You can definitely sort out a messy situation today, but only if you go slowly.


It may be hot but that is not dragon fire that you can smell. You may be looking down from an uncomfortably high vantage point whilst hearing the flapping of wings but that does not mean you are being carried away by a mythical beast. Even if your legs are wet with what seems suspiciously like reptile saliva, that is still not enough evidence to conclude that an ancient fairytale enemy has come to life and swept you away. It isn't a dinosaur, either. First, today, make a realistic diagnosis. Then, you will find the cure.


If a friend is capable of turning into an enemy, you must have made a poor choice of friend in the first place. And isn't friendship a two-way process? What must you have done to cause (or at least contributed to) such a transformation? Might it not be better to acknowledge your own part in the creation of a problem and to take steps towards reparation and reconciliation? People who can't easily forgive often turn out too, to be people who can't be easily forgiven. You can turn a situation right around today, if you try.


If there is something that you have not got, we must ask whether this is something that you actually need. If you need it, yet you have not got it, surely there must be some way to get it - or to get something else that will serve the purpose just as well. Perhaps, all you really need is the ability to review your idea about what you actually need! Perhaps you are so caught up in resentment born of frustration, that all thought of an alternative solution has been driven from your mind. What you need today, is a new idea.