Your Week Ahead: Many books offer to test your personality or measure your IQ. None, though, offer the opportunity to assess your sanity. Why might this be? Because such publications would not sell? Or because there is no reliable way to make such a judgement subjectively? Someone else has to decide. And that raises a big question. How sane is the shrink? One person's sanity is another's madness - and vice versa. So who can say what's crazy this week? Don't let your fear - or someone else's negativity cause you to doubt yourself?


Your Week Ahead: Is the universe sending you signs and signals? Are you being encouraged to read between the lines if you want to make full sense of a situation? Should you be suspicious of the obvious and responsive only to the hidden, the cryptic and the arcane? Not if you value your peace of mind! We all have natural common sense and we have it for a very good reason. It is what we need to survive! Fear erodes it, worry undermines it, doubt confuses it. But deep within, this week, you know how to nurture, trust it and keep life simple.


Your Week Ahead: The question is not, 'What will happen?' It is, 'What will not happen?' You are far more interested in avoiding something than encountering it. You are hoping that a showdown will not take place or that a key development will not occur. This is not because you are afraid. This week, you want to protect a particular person from the consequences of their own silliness. You cannot prevent certain things from happening, but you can decide that you don't need to worry and you can encourage others not to worry either.


Your Week Ahead: They say that before you call someone a fool, you should walk a mile in their shoes. But what if their shoes are too big or too small? Then you will surely feel like a fool for trying to walk so far in them. Even so, you won't be a fool. Nobody is as wise as the person who makes a genuine effort to understand their colleagues, companions and contemporaries. It is, of course, much easier and seemingly more satisfying to find fault with someone than to find a reason to forgive them. But that's not the right path for you to tread this week.


Your Week Ahead: To fight your way through the jungle of confusion you need the scythe of discrimination. You are receiving mixed messages. You are seeing contradictory signals. You are being told one thing by one person, and another by someone else. Information overload is beginning to cause your brain to short-circuit. You just can't be sure what to prioritise and what to ignore for the time being. Take time out. Sit quietly for a while. An hour or two of peaceful contemplation will yet bring forth all the clarity you need this week.


Your Week Ahead: Sports commentators have to sound excited. It's their job. They can't just yawn and say, 'Oh, it's the blue team playing against the red team, just like they did last year and the year before. One of them is sure to win and why should anyone care which it turns out to be?' They have to make it sound fresh, thrilling and important. There's nothing wrong with talking up an ordinary event in an effort to make it seem more magical. This week, though, a minor difficulty is being painted as a major problem. Keep some perspective.


Your Week Ahead: In a relatively recent scientific study, decisions made on a 'gut instinct' were compared to choices made after much fact-finding and careful discussion. Can you guess which type of choice proved more successful? Here's a clue. Trust your instinct. Now you could argue that that instinct is a very strange thing to be attempting to measure, and heaven knows how you can do it with any degree of objectivity or accuracy. But that would just be wasting valuable time and energy. Really, go with what you feel this week.


Your Week Ahead: When things have sentimental value to us, we need to be careful. We may do too much to attain them or pay too much to preserve them or compromise, more than we should - because of them. You are feeling inclined to forgive a certain someone for something. Or perhaps it is not so much a person as an unsatisfactory situation that you feel prepared to overlook or make excuses for. Yet at what cost to your own health and wellbeing is all this? This week, it's time to have a bit more sentimental respect... for yourself!


Your Week Ahead: Sometimes, you find it hard to know what you really feel because you are so keenly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Their emotions become your emotions. You end up worrying about the things that are making them anxious and you care so much about doing the right thing for those you love, that you hardly notice what's happening inside your own heart. There comes a point, though, where you have to stop, look within yourself and assess what really matters to you. That point comes this week.


Your Week Ahead: Really, you just have to keep on going. There's no magic secret, no special key, no complicated formula. Do exactly what you have been doing for some while - and what you believe to be the best possible thing that you can be doing. Keep on doing it, even if it doesn't seem to be getting you very far. Think of yourself as someone who is digging a tunnel or chipping away at a giant piece of rock. Of course, you are meeting resistance. But if you are sincere and persistent, you will yet make your breakthrough this week.


Your Week Ahead: Are you in trouble? Not really. But you're dealing with an issue that could prove troublesome. You've always believed that prevention is better than cure... so you figure if you're careful now, you can head off a problem at the pass. But if you're too careful, you may create the very difficulty you are trying to avoid. Relax. Keep one wary eye out, by all means, but don't live and breathe an anxiety or a cause for concern. If you haven't got a determined ability to rise above a source of worry this week, you truly are in trouble!


Your Week Ahead: Youth, they say, is wasted on the young. Why do they say that? And who are the 'they' who say it? The young folk don't say it, that's for sure. So I guess it must be the old folk. How can we trust them? Their perspective is biased and their memory may well be faulty. So from this we could conclude that age is wasted on the old. But maturity is wasted on nobody. Wisdom never goes amiss. The ability to be philosophical is invariably precious. Prioritise understanding over passion this week - and you will naturally stay young at heart.