The world, it seems, is full of things that aren't so good. Regrettable situations, problematic scenarios, causes of consternation and sources of stress. Where do they all come from? Who puts them there? Can't we just get rid of them? How hard can that be? Oh, wait! That's the trouble, isn't it? Most of the aforementioned arises as a direct result of one person attempting to eradicate what another is keen to nurture. We don't all agree. But nor, today, need there be quite as much disagreement as you have lately encountered.


According to the 'law of attraction', we can fill our world with what we most want, simply by believing that it wants us as much as we want it. No wonder so many folk are so fond of this philosophy. There is just one drawback. What if we misguidedly think that what we really want is a jolly good argument? What if we then go on to persuade ourselves that an argument is out there just waiting for us to engage with it? Well, then we've got what we want but why would we want that? What are you inadvertently attracting today?


In some lands, they use the phrase 'brownie points' to indicate a personal balance of good deeds done and favours bestowed. Even where there is no such children's organisation as 'The Brownies', the concept still exists. Inwardly, we all check ourselves. We ask 'Am I in credit or deficit? Do I need to do more for someone else?' Or 'is it time they did more for me? Such mechanisms of personal accountancy don't have a direct cash value. Even so, right now, they represent the only kind of wealth that you need to focus on.


We all have issues that we prefer not to think about and subjects we would rather not discuss. We rarely think kindly of those who attempt to draw our attention to such matters, even if they believe that they are doing this for our own good. Indeed, such conversational intervention can provoke such a sharp reaction that most of us soon learn the value of maintaining a discreet silence. The safe way forward today probably involves a delicate tiptoe round the edge of tricky territory. If more needs to be said, wear boots!


Imagine if each blade of grass were obliged to apply for planning permission before it pushed above the soil. What if it had to wait before it grew for the outcome of a committee meeting, the production of a safety report and a vote between all the other plants? You could argue that humans, with all their protocol and politicking, are not very natural. Yet the mechanisms we employ in an attempt to find at least some level of fairness and consensus between us, are noble in their own right. Try to trust an irritating process today.


To whom does the future belong? It may one day belong to our grandchildren but for as long as you are still here, the future is yours. You have power over it. Your choices can affect and influence it. What right do you have to look forward to any date or event and assume that, by the time you get there, it will contain nothing to please or delight you? Well, perhaps you do have that right. But you also have a full and complete entitlement to think well of what lies ahead. And if you do, you will make it good.


'If you snooze, you lose.' That's what people say to one another in an attempt to justify impetuous behaviour. But then, most hasty folk are often like that. A little too quick to stop and think about the wider consequences of their choices. We have heard this saying so often, that we have come to assume it must be true. Perhaps that is why we are turning into a nation of insomniacs! If you snooze, you don't lose. You gain rest, reflection and priceless perspective. Proceed at an easy pace today, and you can't lose!


'Nobody loves me, nobody seems to care. Speaking of bad luck and trouble, Well you know I had my share...' So sings B.B. King in his anthem 'Every Day I Have the Blues'. And if he means this, the odd bit of bad can't be so bad for us. He is, after all, fast approaching his 89th birthday. Perhaps as we can all conjure a memory of him looking happy, we should assume that some subtle blend of optimism and pessimism has aided his longevity. In preparing your own mix of these qualities today, add a little more of the former!


'A little of what you fancy does you good.' That's what they say - and they surely must say it for a reason. It is only a short statement, yet it sometimes seems as if we hear the bit at the end more easily than the bit at the beginning. We like the idea that something might be doing us good. We like, too, the idea of getting something that we fancy. It's that small, almost throwaway detail regarding quantity that we often overlook. When does just enough become too much? Don't put yourself in danger of finding out today.


Two precisely parallel lines will continue to travel in the same direction for as long as they are both being drawn. But if there is even the slightest variation of trajectory, it will eventually intensify until it becomes an unbridgeable distance. Time can take the smallest amount of separation and increase it until it becomes a gulf. So too, more swiftly and less gracefully, can resentment, anger or fear. While it remains possible to prevent a gap from widening, do what you can today to create stronger ties.


They say that we should all learn the art of being our own best friend. How very sweet and wise. But friendships can be tricky relationships at times. Often, it seems the worst of enemies were once the best of friends. What if you fall out with yourself? What if you don't even realise that this is happening, so you just gradually drift away from a state of being self-supportive into a mood of fierce self-criticism. Of the various who may or may not now be conspiring to cause you trouble today, don't add yourself to the list.


Some folk are fussy about who they want to talk to. It is almost as if they are actively looking for reasons to disapprove of others or to strike them from their list of people in whom they feel obliged to take an interest. That's understandable in a way. There are, after all, seven billion people on this planet. If we stopped to have a cup of tea with every one of them, we would have no time left - and far too much tea in our system! But the folk nearby you now are there for a good reason. Trust that (and them) this weekend.