What use is a fine-nibbed pen when you need to make your mark over a wide area? Well, it rather depends on the detail that it has drawn and the implication that this then has. There are, for example, artists so influential that if nothing but their signature is applied to the bottom of an otherwise blank canvas, it all becomes instantly worth millions. Or, if you are a wallpaper designer, you can take one small delicate drawing and replicate it many times. If a key principle is established today, all else that you need will follow.


Fearful thoughts are, perhaps, a little like ghosts. To some sensitive souls, they are all too visible. Others, it seems, are never troubled by them. We all need a way to limit the extent of our own receptivity. We want at least to feel free and able to choose how much attention we pay to an idea or message. You have lately become aware of an apparent inability to shut out a signal. Perhaps you can't ignore something forever but you can certainly find a safe way to pay less heed to it now. Just be strong today.


If something needs to happen, it will happen. If it doesn't need to? Well, it may still happen. All well and good but doesn't this depend on whose view we happen to be taking? What if one person deeply desires an outcome that someone else is equally keen to prevent? Don't underestimate your own power and importance. Your preferences and priorities make a significant difference. If you really fear that someone else is likely to get the better of you, detach yourself from a situation. Otherwise, stick with it and have faith.


If we eat healthier food will we become healthier people? Nutritionists, will reply, 'Why, of course, we will.' Well then, if what they believe is correct, what about healthier thoughts? If we train ourselves to have more of these, won't we also reap a deeply beneficial bonus? And what's the logical extension to all of this? Consume enough apples, contemplate enough kind and noble sentiments and immortality awaits? Perhaps we can't go that far. But heading further in the right direction will still do you much good today.


'What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?' Why does the Bible only inquire about a man? Is it assuming that no woman could even contemplate such a transaction? Are we to imagine that, regardless of whether we are male or female, this is the price we would have to pay for the attainment of such an advantage? Some people are afraid of love. They fear it will corrupt them. Yet are not many lives equally spoiled by poverty? Today brings the potential to get what you need for what you can afford.


Popes, presidents and princes all once travelled in armoured cars. These days, it seems, most VIPs are less openly, obviously, protected. This may simply be because their bodyguards have found more subtle ways to ensure their security. But it would be nice to think that they have learned the same lesson that we all must learn if we are to feel safe in an uncertain world. To be free from the fear of an enemy, we should seek to make fewer enemies and to turn even those that we have into our friends. You can do that today.


The art of making money involves acquiring something at one cost and then passing it on for a higher, price. Either the profit margin must be big or the expenses incurred must be minimal. But if money is all that anyone makes out of doing business, where is the satisfaction, the meaning, the fulfilment? Who wants a mere empty gain? Don't we all agree that to know that a job has been well done provides a priceless pleasure? Some kind of trade-off is now happening in your life. Let the outcome lead you to the moral high ground.


'Time and tide' they say 'wait for none of us.' We can't stop the years from passing and if we don't seize our opportunities, we may never get them back again. Isn't that all rather fatalistic? Time's passage may be relentless but it isn't always entirely harsh. The passing years can be kind to us. They can even show us why it is all for the good that we didn't sail on certain tides. Sometimes too, time brings back the chance that once slipped through our fingers. Before you bemoan a loss today, be sure that something actually is lost.


Life, sooner or later, challenges us all. It puts us in a position that we were not expecting to be in. It finds us facing some fact - or being required to accept some truth that shakes at the very foundation of all we believe. When such moments naturally arise, we must be brave and, if we are, we won't just survive, we will thrive. It is all a little different when such circumstances are artificially engineered. Are you putting yourself now, through an ordeal that you really don't need to go through? Don't create such a test today.


What time is it? Are you sure? Is your watch aligned with the international atomic clock? And even if it is, aren't you giving me your answer in local time, rather than universal time? These distinctions can be important. And isn't there quite a difference too, between 'five minutes' as in 'I've nearly finished reading this book,' and 'five minutes' as in 'that's when your favourite TV show comes on'? Some careful allowance must now be made for a pair of varying viewpoints that may yet bring misunderstanding.


There are risks attached to any enterprise. Potential problems arise wherever we start looking for them. Some feel that it is wisest to anticipate every possibility and have a strategy in place. Others argue that to do this, is to 'invite the worst'. It is a great philosophical debate with no easy answers but you have been born with a particular talent for identifying trouble. You can rest assured that you have extended yourself far enough in this direction. It might be wiser now to look instead for reasons to be hopeful.


While some of us may be more artistic than others, we all tend to think like cartoonists or caricaturists. Unwittingly, we exaggerate traits and tendencies. If someone is a little grumpy, we perceive them as being in a very bad mood. If a situation is slightly tense, we experience it as electrifying. Then we wonder why our lives seem to be full of such drama. There may be aspects of your current situation that you have no power to change. But you can yet adjust your own perception and that may yet make all the difference.