We all like surprises, as long as they are pleasant. Yet we all prefer not to be surprised by events that we could have anticipated, if only we had applied a little more forethought. It is possible now for you to avoid a series of unexpected developments when you set out, in a few days time, to fulfil your New Year's resolutions for 2015. All you have to do is identify the setbacks and drawbacks that you are likely to encounter and have a supportive strategy in place. At least some of the future is under your control.


Quite how far do you intend to pursue a process of change in the coming weeks and months? Christmas is barely over. The lights are still glowing and the decorations are still hanging. Yet, in your mind, a leap is already taking place - away from a celebration of all that is traditional and towards a future full of dramatic innovation. Is this feasible? And, even if it is, are you envisaging a realistic timetable? You can expect to be granted many powers and opportunities soon. Trust in this and be in no hurry.


Isn't it time to put away all that festive frippery? Feasts have been devoured, games have been played, movies have been watched and families have been gathered. Now, surely, there is business to get back to. Why waste more time indulging a holiday mood when you can steel a march on all the slowcoaches and get a real advantage in preparing for the changes that need to happen in 2015? Yet if you forget, this week, how to relax and enjoy the magic of the moment, you may lose more than you gain.


Who washed the dishes? Who cooked the food? Who struggled so nobly to keep the Christmas peace? Who put their own needs aside for the sake of others? Who became the living embodiment of the spirit of Santa in the way that they so generously indulged the people around them during the height of the recent festivities? Stand up. Take a bow. You may as well collect your appreciation here, for elsewhere it remains in scant supply. But later this week, others may yet find that they can't take you so easily for granted.


When is the world going to get back to normal? Can't we have some time off from all this time off? This is supposedly a holiday but some folk are finding it very hard work. Things and people are not in their usual places or spaces. Are you now obliged to spend more time than you are used to passing in company that you are not entirely comfortable with? Yet this week, what seems at first like a tenuous connection will prove itself to have the makings of a real, strong, positive, permanent relationship.


May I suggest a few interesting and unusual ways with which you can fill in time over the holiday season? Why not throw a feast to which you can invite friends and relatives? You could give them all presents too, and they do the same in return. Put up some lights and decorations, too. Oh, they are already up, aren't they? Don't you think, in the interest of efficiency and value for money, we should make more of the season by celebrating extra hard? Actually, enough is enough. Let that be your theme this New Year week.


What were you doing this time last year? There may be many superficial similarities but there are some crucial distinctions and these surely deserve some close attention and careful reflection. Would you really have known, back then, quite how different some aspects of your situation were due to become? How then, can you justify any consternation about the road that lies ahead of you now? All you can be sure of is that it will not take you on quite the journey that you currently expect. Let that inspire you.


What kind of a Christmas has it been? Will you treasure the memory forever? Or can you hardly wait until your ability to forget it entirely has been aided and abetted by fresh developments that somehow enable you to blot out the past? Either way, it was what it was. And it is now all but over. Perhaps it does not need - or deserve - to be judged. We often do ourselves a disservice when we rate or evaluate experiences. This week brings you a rare celestial opportunity to let some things be, and to move on from others.


Why are some people so much more decisive than others? It may be because they fail to value the importance and significance of indecision. They don't know how to relish a delectable moment of uncertainty. They don't appreciate the subtly tantalising, exquisite experience of trying to choose between two similar, yet different, propositions. You can make your mind up in an instant this week, if you wish to. But you may be wisest to make up your mind not to make up your mind for as long as you dare.


Are you nearly ready for Christmas? Many feel that the universe is unfair and that time ought to be rearranged, so as to provide us all with an additional week or so to make our preparations for this sometimes stressful season. But at least now you know what someone really wanted - and what might, in retrospect, have been a smarter holiday plan. And that knowledge is really neither too little nor too late. Here is your chance to create a week in which magic becomes an expression of the heart and not just of the calendar.


'Should auld acquaintance be forgot?' It is a little early for the traditional anthem which millions around the world will soon sing. But then, aren't there an awful lot of old acquaintances to be forgot? Would it not be wise to set about the business of forgetting so that they are all properly forgotten in time for December 31? And what if you decide they should be not forgot? The song, after all, only raises the question. But it seems you have more than enough to remember already today. Don't add to your burden unnecessarily.


'There's many a slip twixt cup and lip.' So the old adage goes. Yet do we not all stand poised to hold aloft our 'cup of kindness' in the expectation of drinking a deep first draught of the heady brew that we anticipate 2015 will provide us all with? What if the government decides to cancel next year? That would make a pretty audacious austerity measure, wouldn't it? They might save a lot of money. They would certainly save a lot of time! Yet you are right to have high hopes of the future. And you will arrive there safely.