Cinemas, in the olden days, would show a supporting film before the main attraction. It was not unheard of for someone to walk in halfway through one film, watch the end of this, plus the following film and then stay to watch the first half of the movie they had partly missed. Are you now trying to piece together a lot of information that doesn't seem to make much sense? Are you missing some contextual background? While you ideally ought not to guess, you are experienced enough to trust an impulse now.


In many a detective movie, there is a scene where the security truck pulls up in front of the bank. As the guards transfer the cash, the robbers strike. If we happen to be watching such a film and we see what could be a setting for a scene like this, we are entitled to imagine that we know what is coming. But if we are simply strolling down our own high street and we come upon a bank and a truck, our adrenaline need not rise. Don't mistake, today, some factors that could look a bit like trouble... for trouble itself.


They say 'there is no smoke without fire'. But steam can look a lot like smoke. It can billow up in great clouds and then hover over the horizon, giving the casual observer the distinct impression that a great blaze must be causing all this somehow. Only if you are close enough to be able to use your nose will you necessarily be able to distinguish between the two. You may now be looking at a fog but it isn't being caused by a flame. Be willing to consider an innocent explanation for what could too easily be mistaken for a menace.


You didn't get to where you are now by accident. A series of regrettable mistakes have not been made. Wherever you now hold power, it is because someone considers it safe to entrust you with this. Their decision is not dubious. You have got skill and experience. You have art, acumen and ability. You really ought to trust the tricks and techniques that you have so slowly and painstakingly acquired. Your natural instinctive response to a challenge or an opportunity today deserves to be trusted and supported.


Is this an impossible world because it seems to be full of people who keep asking impossible questions? Or is it impossible because, despite the fact that so many people are asking impossible questions, sometimes at least they come across impossible answers, which strangely seem to satisfy them? You may or may not be within your rights to want what you now want but it is not beyond the grounds of probability that you will yet end up having your wish granted anyway. Don't wonder what's wrong, be glad of what's right.


We all know the story about twigs. When separated and placed under pressure, they can each easily snap. When tightly tied into a bundle, they can resist and withstand almost any force. We all understand the allegory. There is some safety in numbers and some protection in working as part of a close-knit team. But it isn't always possible to achieve all that, when one twig can hardly stand the sight of another and individual differences are being exacerbated. Yet now, it seems, there is real potential for mutual support.


None of us find it easy to summon enthusiasm for a plan or a project if we can't really see the point of it. At best we may muster a little energy to show support for someone who is clearly more enamoured with the idea than we are. But ultimately, if we are not persuaded, how can we hope to get engaged? What has been missing from a sensitive situation in your life lately, has been commitment and motivation. Thankfully now, those two elusive and important qualities can finally begin to come rushing back in.


Are you The Head Honcho? The Top Banana? The Big Cheese? And even if you feel that you are (or you ought to be) who else accepts this? Someone, it seems, is determined to question your authority and cast doubt on your ability to lead the way. But you don't have to convince them. They can continue to raise their sceptical eyebrow or even to gather support for a counter mission of their own. You have still got enough people who are naturally on your side and willing to trust you to make a big positive contribution.


Might you be overly concerned about the outcome of a process? Is it even beginning to seem to you as if, should there be no progress here, there may be no point in progress anywhere else? And doesn't such an attitude rather demean the importance of all else in your world? The current cosmic climate offers an exceptional opportunity to re-evaluate your involvement with a situation that surely deserves greater appreciation. It may also be time to start doing less of something that you have possibly been doing too much of.


Perhaps you do not think of yourself as a magician. Perhaps nowhere in your wardrobe is there so much as a single dark blue velvet cloak with embroidered golden stars. When you introduce yourself to strangers and questions arise about your abilities and qualifications, perhaps you never so much as think of describing yourself as a worker of miracles. Yet have there not been some notable past occasions when that might indeed have served as an apt title? It would seem you are soon due to be considered worthy of it again.


When things don't work out as we expect them to, we are not entitled to assume that we must be doing something fundamentally wrong. It may even be that we are completely and utterly correct in the course that we have chosen, and the policy that we are pursuing, and that the only failing is in our inability to fully anticipate every eventual repercussion of a decision we have made. Had we only known what would happen, we might have been deterred. This might have led to a worse outcome. Keep that in mind today.


It isn't always wise to leave things to chance. Some moralists consider this an abrogation of responsibility. They say that we are derelict in our duty when we treat destiny with too much deference. Don't we have an obligation to evaluate our choices and to take what action we can to ensure the best possible outcome? Perhaps we do, if we can feel sure that we know what that outcome would be and sure too, that we actually have some ability to attain it. Things seem to be going in one particular way at the moment. How bad is that?