Your Week Ahead: The Moon is new in your opposite sign, and Mars is forming a right angle to Neptune. This all points to a moment of exhalation. An outpouring. A giving away. A letting go. A leaving be. If you feel exhausted, drained or even a little lost, don't worry. This is no more than a sure sign that soon you will feel re-energised! Nothing can stay just the way it has always been for ever, whether that seems good or bad. No matter what you wish you could hold on to now, look instead at what you're about to become able to embrace.


Your Week Ahead: Are you quite sure that you are a genuine bona fide adult? Can you produce a certificate to confirm that you have fully grown up? Who has signed it? How strange that in a world that puts so much trust in tests and exams, the status of maturity is automatically conferred upon anyone above a certain age. Right now, you feel obliged to behave in a very restrained and responsible fashion. Or, at least, a part of you does. Another part is ready to rip up the rulebook and be most mischievous. That may not be so unwise.


Your Week Ahead: Do you care too much about a particular matter? Ought you to be more detached? Actually, no. You're very good at standing back. Lofty perspective is your forte. Rational, dispassionate argument is your stock-in-trade. Someone just has to tell you a story, any story, and you can immediately see two sides to it. Right now, as we edge towards an alignment of Mercury and Jupiter, it's appropriate for you to feel deeply determined. As long as you're willing to match that with the patience it takes to make it all happen, it will happen.


Your Week Ahead: You probably won't notice a difference today or tomorrow. But slowly, soon, you should start to detect the astrological equivalent of a following wind. It may take a while before it really starts blowing into your sails, but at least it is no longer continually trying to push you off course. If you are nervous about making a commitment, don't be. If you feel inclined to doubt your judgement, save yourself the unnecessary effort. You are about to be blessed with an impressive ability to fulfil some very important promises.


Your Week Ahead: Yesterday's enemy is today's friend. Yesterday's obstacle is today's opportunity. The old downside is the new upside. The liability has become an asset. You are yet to see evidence of such a startling, change. Perhaps that's because none of it is obvious. You can't tell by looking. You have to try a few things. You have to experiment. If you are somewhat of the opinion that there's no point - because experience has taught you that a plan won't work - you might not make the effort. Then you will never know. Try again.


Your Week Ahead: Why do something, when you can do nothing? Why say anything, when you can just keep quiet? Why try to seize control, when you can just sit back and see what happens? There are, of course, times when we have to leap into action. We feel too strongly moved even to consider holding back. But some situations are finely balanced. A passing breeze can tip the balance. Then we have to be careful. What influence do we really wish to exert? You can have power this week, but do you want the responsibility that comes with it?


Your Week Ahead: Historians don't always agree about the past. Even when there is an academic consensus, it rarely lasts. After a few decades, a new generation will start to interpret the same set of events in a different way. And we all have an inner historian who regularly rewrites aspects of our own past. We can look back in sorrow, in anger and, eventually, even in gratitude on precisely the same sequence of events. There can be no debate under this New Moon now, though, about what's going to happen next. That's just plain good.


Your Week Ahead: When we are mystified, we find it hard to make decisions. We can't feel sure of the forces that are operating around us and upon us. And, of course, when we have been truly bamboozled, we do not even realise that mystification has taken place. We consider ourselves to be perfectly clear. You are now discovering just how intimidating and how mind-boggling a recent experience has really been. But if you are also starting to understand what has caused it and why it has happened, it need never pose a problem again.


Your Week Ahead: The trouble with change is that it is rarely reversible. Once it has taken place, it is as if things have always been the way they have become. That's why talk of change is exciting but the actual implementation of change is unnerving. For some while now, someone in your world has been 'saying all the right things.' But what have they actually been doing? And what are they doing now? And if actions speak louder than words, what are you truly being told? You may have to reply, this week, with some actions of your own.


Your Week Ahead: When you walk out of a room and close the door behind you, how do you know that the room is still there? Perhaps it just stops existing until you need to go back into it. Aren't you tempted to catch it unawares by suddenly, spontaneously throwing the door back open? Hopefully not. Though we all go through a phase of entertaining such doubts, we gradually learn to trust reality. Why then, are you so keen to keep checking on something or someone? Have a little more faith. A sharp suspicion is spoiling a sweet reality.


Your Week Ahead: You know those frogs? The little plastic ones you see at amusement arcades? The ones you have to hit on the head with a hammer as soon as they pop out of their holes? You have played that game before now, haven't you? The trouble now is, the frogs aren't frogs. They are people, situations, sudden challenges, demanding difficulties and unexpected developments. And you haven't got a hammer; you've just got a limited amount of time and effort. So let them pop up. They will pop back down again if you ignore them.


Your Week Ahead: You are having to work very hard at the moment. You feel you are being asked for a lot. It seems as if the more you give, the more is being demanded of you. I can't promise that the pressure will ease up significantly in the next few days, but I can at least predict that you will be successful in your endeavour. You are doing something that sorely needs to be done. There is no simple, easy way to do it. But a sharp alignment of Mars and Neptune suggests that your efforts will not be in vain as long as they are made with sincerity.