Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Will coming events in your emotional life bring you peace, comfort, security and love? Will they bring you tender reassurance? Will they awaken your enthusiasm for adventure and excitement? Will they heighten your appreciation of all that is wonderful in this world? Well, of course, if that's what you allow them to do. People don't really have the power to give such experiences to us or to take them from us. We have that power all for ourselves. If you are willing now to look for life's deeper magic, you will see plenty.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Let us imagine, for the sake of argument, that your life is a kitchen, the surfaces of which are smooth, clear and clean. Behind those fitted cupboards, though, are little inaccessible areas of dust and grime. Normally, out of sight is out of mind. In your emotional life now, though, it is as if you are changing a cooker. Or installing a fridge. In the process, you are revealing something superficially unattractive. Try to see what's happening in the right sense of perspective. It is for the best and will contribute to a long-term improvement.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You know that feeling when you come to the end of a good book. One moment you are immersed in another world, the next you are somewhere else entirely and you cannot even really return to the place you have just been. You may well experience something similar over the next few days. A saga, in which you have been deeply preoccupied, now becomes almost irrelevant. A new drama demands your attention instead. You will find that you far prefer this newly-emerging situation in your emotional life.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Are you, in your emotional life, rather too fond of 'what-ifs'? Should you be dealing with things as they are, not as they could be - or ought to be - or could have been? This would protect you from a lot of unnecessarily disturbing conjecture, even if it also, occasionally prevented you from seeing the full potential of an offer or opportunity. You now stand accused of counting unhatched chickens. On the one hand, you probably shouldn't build them a hen-house, just yet. But maybe you could at least invest in an incubator.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Imagine you yearn for a luxury home but what you actually have is a shed with a bed. So far, the picture is not inspiring but outside the door there is a plot of land and a pile of bricks. These all belong to you. By working hard, learning how to build, begging help from friends in the construction trade and following a plan, you can slowly create that dream residence. Events in your emotional life are giving you all you need now, apart from time and effort... all of which you can supply for yourself. So be glad.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: In your emotional life now, a discussion needs to be held. You may feel reluctant to enter a conversation because you feel you know how it will all turn out. But you don't know. You're making an assumption. You are working on the basis of information received so far. There is more information still to be attained. Crucial facts can be unearthed. Insights that alter everything await discovery. How are you going to find all these things out? There simply is no other way. Just trust and allow some talking to take place.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Whatever the purpose of life may be, it certainly can't be efficiency. We live in a world where everything takes longer than it needs to. Like sheep or horses we could start walking within hours of arrival. We could just get here in the morning, do whatever we need to do and be gone by teatime. Although, in one way... when you look back, it does all seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. Don't be too impatient for change in your emotional life now. The past is catching up with the future. Let it take its time.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: They say the road between the past and the future is a one-way street. That may be true, but it doesn't mean that these two very different places aren't in contact. Plenty of traffic travels from the future to the past. The future knows what it wants the past to supply it with and it issues regular requisitions. The past complies whenever it can. It's just that all this communication takes place in the invisible etheric realm. We aren't conscious of it. Your future emotional life is calling to you now. Trust what you are being led towards.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If you feel fed up, celebrate. If you seem to be at a dead end, raise a cheer. If nothing makes sense any more, hang out the flags! No sarcasm is intended. These symptoms are an indication that magical change is coming to your emotional life. You need to feel that you have gone about as far as you can go in one direction. Without such a mood, how can you summon the determination required to take your next big leap of faith? Nothing can change for the better till you stop settling for second best.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Though there is a lot that it is not yet wise to do in your emotional life, there's plenty to keep you busy while you wait. Instead of seeing these other tasks and involvements as a poor substitute for your desired activity, find some way to throw yourself into them wholeheartedly. This will help you to clear the decks so that, when your opportunity arrives, you are ready to take it. It will also help you resist the temptation to strike before the iron is properly hot. Form plans, develop ideas, clarify your intentions. Keep yourself busy and relax.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If you knew what your problem was, you wouldn't have a problem. You would simply have a situation to cope with. But you are not sure how the land lies. Each time you look over your shoulder, you compromise your ability to navigate a clear path. Yet if you don't cover your back, you may get an unwanted surprise. Get some perspective. Head for the top of a hill (or its psychological equivalent). Look all around. Then you'll know exactly what to aim for and to guard against. Exceptional opportunities arise in your emotional life now.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It's easy to reach an agreement in your emotional life now. All you have to do is suppress your strongly-held opinion and bite your lip each time a certain person says something. The trouble is, you don't much like giving way - especially when you know for a fact that you are right! You can now choose to spend some time engaging in an intense argument or you can decide to be big and humour whoever now sees life so differently. It is surely better to give a little ground than to fight and even win a battle that you later regret.