We learn from an early age that it isn't always good to say what we feel. We must be polite and discreet. We must review all comments with our internal public relations department before we release them. Yet you now face a situation where optimism itself is seemingly taboo. Each time you express hope about a subject, it meets a bad reaction. Before you can phrase your own expression of enthusiasm more carefully, you may need to understand someone else's pessimism. But you are right to feel positive this week.


I'm tempted to say prepare for the worst. But I won't succumb to that temptation, even though Venus soon forms a right angle to Saturn. This is not an omen of bad news; it merely portends a bad mood. And from a bad mood, bad news always looks more likely. Arguably, if you indulge such an expectation, then when only a small disappointment occurs, it will seem trivial by comparison. But if you really want to trick yourself this week, trick yourself into believing that the best may yet happen. This could well be true.


'Geminis,' so the textbooks tell us,' love to feel that they have the answers to life's questions.' I sometimes wonder whether that is fair comment. It seems to me as if the truly typical trait of those who share your sign, is a tendency to question every answer that anyone else ever proposes. Or, to put it another way, you don't just want to have the answers, you want to have better answers! But, if that is so, how can there be a better answer to this week's biggest question than the one that's now on offer?


Where do you keep the kettle? Where is the teaspoon? How about the mug? If we are talking here about your own home, such questions are easy to answer. You picked out the places for these utensils so long ago, that you may not now even recall the process by which you made the choice. But you certainly do remember the answers that you came to. Were they right? Is there, perhaps, a better way to arrange your kitchen? Your way, is the right way - at least for you. That applies to many other levels this week.


Where are the members of your fan club? At what address do they abide? When and where do they meet, in order to sing your praises? And what about your enemies, critics and detractors? Do they have an HQ? Who is currently acting president of their association? When they send out the reports of their conversations, how many copies are you being sent for your consideration? You may be hearing too much, this week, from the wrong folk and not enough from the right ones. Take greater care about who you heed.


To some extent, we all dress to impress. We are keen to convey a message about ourselves. We want others who make even a passing glance in our direction, to get an instant idea. We want to be taken seriously and shown respect. Is someone else now being more effective in their attempt to exude an air of authority than you are? Are you so worried about earning their approval that you have forgotten that it is they who should be deferring to you? This week, you can redress that imbalance.


Not every house is a home and not every home is a house. We all understand the second point, especially if we dwell in an apartment. Sometimes, though, the importance of that first statement, is inadvertently forgotten. If a house looks like a home, we imagine it must be one. If someone looks as if they know what they are talking about, we assume that we should heed their words. In your life now, too much attention is being paid to a superficial appearance. This week, you need to see beyond that.


They say, 'You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.' Some vegans might disagree with this. Either, they would argue that, 'there are egg substitutes available' or that, 'eggs are high in cholesterol.' Nutritionists might proffer a counter-argument: 'Ah, but eating eggs doesn't raise human cholesterol.' It is all a distraction from this week's key question. Must eggs be broken at all? Is there a way to get a result that involves doing less damage somewhere to something? It turns out that there is.


If you do this, will they do that? And if they do that, what will you have to do next? Life is not a game of chess and logic is not the only appropriate tool to apply to a sensitive situation. This week, you should draw less on your impressively high IQ and allow yourself to be guided instead by your emotional judgement. If you do what is fair, kind, reasonable, even generous, how would you be putting yourself at a disadvantage? Don't see yourself as being in an adversarial situation. What you need (and can have) is cooperation.


No compass can function reliably in close proximity to a magnet. Instead of responding to the natural pull of the earth's pole, it becomes attracted to something much smaller, yet much nearer. Many believe that we are each of us born with a moral compass that can naturally guide us through life. But for this to operate accurately, we must be wary of temptations. An intense need or desire may be highly transient and local but it will soon draw all our attention. Events this week, put you back in touch with the bigger picture.


If you intend to walk across a high wire, stretched, perhaps, over some yawning chasm, should you permit yourself to feel fearful? That depends on how careful you intend to be. If you are planning not so much to walk, as to hop, skip and jump, you might be far better advised to dive deep into your inner-well of terror and drink freely from the reservoir of icy anxiety, until it sobers you up a little. If, on the other hand, you are already nervous, you need do no more. Be respectful (but not in awe) of the risk this week.


Imagine Mozart waking up one morning and feeling blue because he can't think of a nice tune to hum. Or Leonardo da Vinci worrying because he can't decide what to put on his wall. Or Stella McCartney having a wardrobe crisis. Whether your own natural talents are quite as obvious and synonymous, you have them - and where you have them, you have them in abundance. Something about your challenge this week, may make it hard for you to see how well blessed you are with the ability to rise to it. But you are!