Life, today, need not be stressful, hectic, hurried, woeful or worried. But life, it seems, is sometimes like one of those awkward, upmarket social functions where overly eager waiters hover over the attendees. They constantly hold out trays full of drinks and snacks which turn out, after even a single sip or nibble, to intoxicate the mind with fearful thoughts. They may be free but we pay too high a price for taking in what we ought to be turning down. Today you really can afford to say no to something you really don't want.


Civilised societies agree that it is wrong for children to drink alcohol. Yet some seem to approve of intoxicated adults. Certainly, they permit the consumption of mind-altering liquids to those over a certain age. What's the logic behind that? Do we think booze will make children too childish? Do we imagine that the same stuff will prevent adults from being too dull and grown up? Alcohol is not the answer to any question today. But a degree of deliberate silliness may be the only appropriate response to a stifling situation.


If we allow something or someone to matter to us, we make ourselves vulnerable. We lose our ability to feel safe within a non-committal bubble. We must go up and down along with the fortunes of whatever (or whoever) we have cast in our lot with. All well and good when things are going as we might wish. Trickier when we care so much, it hurts. That's one reason why you're often so careful about who or what you extend sympathy to. But today, the positive energy you put in to a situation will make a big difference to it!


What if I were to say that you stood on the threshold of a great success? Might you feel more inclined to reply that it looks, from where you are, just like any other doorway or portal? Do you suspect that you have seen, many times before, scenarios and situations very much like the one you face now. Has experience taught you to reserve enthusiasm and keep the flame of faith down to a very gentle simmer? Don't damp it down too far. You need to light a torch that burns brightly as you wave it high aloft!


Think about mistakes you have made. Wrong conclusions you have jumped to. Errors you have later needed to correct for. Consider these, not to make yourself feel small or to foster a sense of self-doubt but to provide yourself with some potentially wonderful reassurance. Don't you have 'form' for looking at situations and saying, 'This is never going to bring me what I need from it', only to later discover it is all you ever wanted? Well then, how can you be so sure that you are now right to say that something is wrong?


It's not necessary, today, to be rational. Be vague and woolly, mystical and cosmic, poetic and dreamy instead. Or at least, be so regarding the potentially big decisions coming up in your life. When we tell ourselves that we are being logical to the point of surgical precision, who are we trying to fool? None of us have brains quite that big! There will always be missing facts or flaws in our theories. Trust what now seems to be your deepest, wisest most intuitive feeling. Don't waste time trying to back it up with pretend cleverness.


Yesterday! What a time it was! You had to be there really. It doesn't all sound so amazing when you tell the tale out of context. But those who were present... well... they know. And you were there, weren't you? Just think how big and important all that stuff was. It changed everything didn't it? Now. Here's a question. What's the big difference between that time of transformation and the time you're living through now? This is a similar phase. Forget the last big breakthrough. Just get ready for the next!


What's the use of a dart without a board? What's the point of a cooker without any pans? You can write the most carefully worded letter of complaint but if there's no address to despatch it to, how will anyone know how badly you've been let down? You've got about half of what you need to help bring about a big change. It's not necessarily the wrong half either. It may well be the more elusive part. But still, without what's missing, it's of little use. And that's why your priorities need to be as clear as they currently, actually are!


'The people to fear are not those who disagree with you, but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know.' So said Napoleon Bonaparte. Now why might we be quoting him today? Are you leading a campaign? Rallying troops? Preparing for battle? Planning perhaps, (my hands tremble as I type at the sheer excitement of this suggestion) a long overdue revolution? You may not need the support of all and sundry. But you should, at least, be clear about who is least likely to see things your way.


What if, when the police are finally called, they are simply the burglars in disguise. Having run off with the silverware in their sacks, they have now torn off their balaclavas and hastily donned false uniforms from hangers in the back of the getaway car. Now, they return to the crime scene and, scribbling in notebooks, ask, 'Is there anything else the thieves failed to take?' The victims produce jewellery, which the villains 'take for safekeeping'. Er.... do be careful, today, lest an unfounded fear makes you too careful!


Sporting calendars, national talent shows, even astrologers on Japanese TV all seek to exploit a dreadful obsession with 'rankings'. Who is up? Who is down? Who is in with a chance? Who is out on a limb? What happened to the old idea that it's 'the taking part that counts.' That's not some empty phrase. It's the truth. Much trouble comes when we perceive some minor setback as a major loss. Or when we misinterpret a small advantage as a big victory. Never mind success or failure. Just do your best today.


Where are you trying to get to? How fast must you run in order to arrive at that destination? This largely depends on whether you are rushing up an escalator that is travelling downhill... or whether, indeed, you are already exactly where you need to be. What if you need go nowhere and do nothing. The strong astrological likelihood now, is that you're so close to what you require, you're practically holding it in your hand. Look again at what you expect to be difficult. Acknowledge that there's no shame in attaining an easy success!