Your February Monthly Forecast: What do you really feel? If you aren't sure already, you will find out soon enough. Your instincts are strong. That is why your deepest, most intense emotions are being released and revealed. In the process, you are starting to question the organisations and institutions to which you 'belong' - and you are realising that you can no longer allow yourself to be trapped by traditions and expectations that you have outgrown. Just when you think it is all getting to be too much to cope with, in February, you will see a change.


Your February Monthly Forecast: There are always clues, even to the best-kept secrets. If people want to know the truth, there will always be hints. Often, though, people really don't want to see them. They simply want corroboration of their assumptions or confirmation of their belief. Even when the truth is staring them right in the face, they will tend to ignore it because it does not quite fit in with their idea of what the truth should be. Whether you are looking for something or hoping to keep up a cover... or both, keep that in mind this month.


Your February Monthly Forecast: Often, we experience a great sense of exhilaration and confidence as we hurtle towards the edge of a cliff. Often, too, we feel nothing but anxiety and apprehension whilst making some of the smartest moves of our life. Recent events have left you wondering where you really stand with someone or something. Too much in your world seems unsettled and precarious. But none of that can be seen as a sure sign that there is anything wrong. In February, just trust what inspires you, and question whatever worries you.


Your February Monthly Forecast: You have long understood the power of positive thought. That's why you always leave room in your heart for a little hope. There are more things in the universe than any of us understand but if we put up too many barriers, we may not see opportunities, even when they arise. February's positive change doesn't need to make total sense. It is enough that it exists. Let that encouragement awake fresh enthusiasm and you will soon see an old situation in a new light. Then you will see how to solve a problem.


Your February Monthly Forecast: 'Think of yourself as rich,' they say, 'and wealth will make its way to you.' It is not, of course, quite so simple. But there is an element of truth in this advice. Certainly, if you focus only on how poor you feel, you will become more conscious of your limitations than of your opportunities. We can say much the same about love and companionship. Those who feel that they have plenty to give are rarely short of someone to give it to. Jupiter remains in your sign. Whatever you lack, you can gain.


Your February Monthly Forecast: You are not wearing blinkers. You do not have a restricted view. Or might you have been looking out from within a helmet for so long that you have forgotten what it feels like to enjoy full peripheral vision? Recent events have left you feeling as if an aspiration can never be fulfilled or a dream cannot turn into a reality. What can truly justify this disappointing view? Nothing! You are merely interpreting a set of signals pessimistically. Seek a broader view in February, and you will yet become highly inspired.


Your February Monthly Forecast: Never apologise, never explain. This was once a favourite motto of many who held a position of power and authority. They felt that to acknowledge an error was to draw attention to it. They decided, 'least said, soonest mended'. This policy has now been broadly discredited but there are still times when we all talk too much, think too much and allow too much of the past to taint the present. Don't pick over the bones of some old, stressful, experience in February. Let it lie and move on to a happier future.


Your February Monthly Forecast: What's the difference between a sensible idea and a stupid idea? Often, it is the implementation. Some remarkably bad ideas have been carried out very successfully in the past. And some thoroughly brilliant notions have sunk without a trace. Enthusiasm counts for a great deal. So too does application. When these two qualities are simultaneously in evidence, it is easy to make tosh seem posh. Or to put a gloss on dross. But if, in February, you use your discrimination, you will make some triumphantly right and wise choices.


Your February Monthly Forecast: Is that a fairy, sitting on your shoulder? Or is it a guardian angel, hovering over your head? Maybe it's a wish-granting leprechaun, an ancient Tibetan or a spirit guide from the medicine wheel. In February something will look after you. You are being offered support, succour and sustenance, some of which may take a decidedly unambiguous physical form. I'm not promising miracles. There may be ups as well as downs. But the ups will be real. They will last much longer and prove far more important than any downs!


Your February Monthly Forecast: Much depends on how the ball is attached to the chain. With the right kind of metal harness, it can be made to rotate and that, in turn, reduces the stress of having to drag it along behind you. There are some who insist that by throwing the ball forward and allowing it to roll, they can effectively create a momentum by which they get from A to B much faster. Perhaps you like what's anchoring you now. Perhaps you will like what could anchor you in February. But if you want to be free of it - you definitely have that chance!


Your February Monthly Forecast: There is a reason why you seem to be reliving old dramas, rediscovering old memories, revisiting old experiences. It's partly because Mercury remains retrograde. It is also because you are reaching a turning point. You can soon make a choice that will lead you to one of several different futures. You need, as you approach these, to be fully informed by all that you have learned from life so far - and not to have your judgement clouded by a fear that stems from events long ago. You can go beyond these in February.


Your February Monthly Forecast: You are still recovering from a year in which life turned you one way round, then another. In 2014, you were full of pride one moment; doubt the next. You have gone up and down like a yo-yo or a roller-coaster. And it seems you still aren't yet back on a level. All that, though, is fair enough (you feel), as long as it has been getting you somewhere. What you would hate to feel is that it has all been a waste of time and effort. Don't even think that way. You are closer than you think, in February, to proof that you have made enlightened choices.