I have recently been advising you to pursue a courageous, innovative, path. Not that people born under your sign generally need much persuasion but recent events have been somewhat sobering. You are aware that once a foot has been put wrong - or even if someone simply suspects that a poor choice has been made - it can be tricky to get back balance. But your very sensitivity to risk is the reason why I am having to encourage you! Don't throw caution to the wind this weekend, just apply it to the handle of your kite.


Think of some famous fugitive. Have you ever been in the same room as this notorious name? You haven't? Well then, that's suspicious. If nobody has ever seen you both together, then perhaps you are one and the same! Your current officially declared identity could simply be an elaborate cover story. Although, if that were so, you perhaps wouldn't need to be quite so worried as you are about various unpaid bills and unresolved emotional disputes. But then, this weekend, you really need not worry about those anyhow!


Polite people can often end up paying a high premium for their good manners and amenable dispositions. Nobody stops a curmudgeon on the street and asks them for money. Malcontents rarely end up being talked into giving up their time for the benefit of some noble cause. But the moment the world sees a friendly face, people seemingly start scrambling for ways to take advantage of it. For that reason (and that reason only) you may need to be just a little guarded this weekend. But then, you do have so much to give!


Events in the run up to this Solar Eclipse have given us all cause to wonder what others truly think of us and whether we are getting the appreciation we deserve. Yet, for some strange reason, many Cancerians have not been contemplating the justification for an upgrade in their social status. They have been more inclined to find psychological sympathy with those whose opinions of them are not so high. You deserve better than that, from others and from yourself! Events, this weekend, will restore lost confidence.


It is one thing to protect your territory and guard the ground you are standing on. It is another to construct a gun turret and sit atop it day and night, firing warning shots in the direction of all or any who even so much as look as if they may be casually contemplating an exploratory foray in your direction. Events surrounding the Eclipse are effectively calling for a review of a recent personal policy which may, on reflection, be a little more draconian than it was originally intended to be. A better balance can be attained this weekend.


'You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.' If this was true back in the days of yore, it must be even more apposite in a world of Kindles and other types of e-reader. We can't even make a judgement about a person we see reading a book because such modern publications don't have covers! Gone, too, are the days when you could tell something about a man (or a woman) just by glancing at their bookshelves. Events this weekend, in the aftermath of the Eclipse, put paid to a lot of old and unfair assumptions.


Radio sitcoms used to employ a dramatic device to raise a laugh. They would get the chief protagonist to make a declaration something along the lines of 'you won't ever find me doing that...' Then, after a brief musical interlude to denote the passage of time, the next scene would open with that very same person doing the very thing that they had just been heard taking such an emphatic stance against. Funny? Sometimes. Tragic? Never! This weekend, take good-humoured pride in a recent change of heart.


Once, when the circus came to town, a band would parade through the streets. Performers would march with instruments in one hand, whilst clutching items or objects relating to their role within the ring. The clown, for example, might ride a unicycle whilst playing a mouth organ. The lady in charge of the performing poodles might have them walk closely to her heel, while she pounded on a bass drum. Versatility then, was something to be proud of. You can be proud of yours this weekend. It may yet bring you much benefit.


'Who knows where the time goes?' The question remains as hauntingly unanswered today, as it was when Sandy Denny was in her heyday. None of us know where it goes. All of us are only too keenly aware that it goes somewhere and that once it has gone, we can't get it back. Perhaps this is why some of us try so very hard to control the time that we have available to us and to fill it full of determined plans. You can do that this weekend, if you wish. But time spent relaxing is surely as valuable as time spent proving points.


We were discussing yesterday, the problems that you might have to put up with if you were to sprout wings. How would you ever carry anything? A backpack would no longer fit. Unless, perhaps, someone was to invent a backpack with room for all shopping and luggage from which artificial wings could then be made to protrude. We seem to be having quite a conversation about mooted solutions to difficulties that are neither real nor relevant. Let's hope your whole weekend isn't full of such arguably pointless discussions!


Those mythical monks who allegedly retire to Himalayan caves; what do they do there, other than grow beards, gather berries and perfect the art of sitting cross-legged for hours? I'm told there is no night life, they don't even have televisions or room heaters. The inner spiritual journey of reflection and meditation must be most rewarding to make all that bearable. Happily, this weekend, you need not go to such extreme, ascetic, lengths to answer a key question. You can just decide to leave the question unanswered!


Films and books once sensationalised the idea that some people could have a psychological condition that gave rise to a multiple personality. It seems to have taken a whole half-century for the world to wake-up to the truth. It is not just 'some people' but 'all people'. If there is a differentiation, it is only in the degree to which we adopt particular personas. One part of you now, is less than happy about a situation. Another part of you is trying to keep this in check. Sit down and have a conversation with yourself this weekend!