Your December Monthly Forecast: Mars arrives this month in the part of your chart that governs all you hope for, believe in, aspire to and relate to. It makes you keenly aware of what you need more of - and less of. It helps you see that everything is going to be all right after all. You were not so sure of this for a while. You began to suspect that your drama had no end. But the light you can see at the end of your tunnel is not just the distant glow of a dragon's fire. I am not promising perfection in every way or an end to all your troubles but you will enjoy December!


Your December Monthly Forecast: 'Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude.' So said Zig Ziglar, the motivation guru. Attitude isn't everything but it counts for a lot. In December, you may well have strong feelings about a particular matter. These are causing you to see problems where none need exist. Adjust your perspective. Try not to care quite as much. Though passion can sometimes be a sword that hacks you a path through a jungle, it can also be the spade that digs you a hole. Just be calm and confident this month.


Your December Monthly Forecast: They say that, 'If you want something doing, you should ask a busy person.' Busy people are already in an efficient frame of mind. They are focused on ticking items on their 'to do' lists. If you slip a couple more points on to that agenda, they will hardly notice the difference. Has anyone applied that principle to you lately? Might you be running around, this month, dealing with issues that someone else ought to be taking responsibility for? Do as much as you like, as long as you do it wholeheartedly - but let enough be enough.


Your December Monthly Forecast: If you want your life to be full of fortuitous coincidence, see yourself as an angler dangling a baited hook in the stream of serendipity. In this river every catch is a prize catch. Even an old boot is a treasure to be gratefully reeled in. It will turn out to belong to someone who needs it back badly. Or it will prove to be a magic boot. Or somehow, it will turn out to have diamonds hidden in the soles. How do you distinguish the stream of serendipity from the ordinary river of life this month? Just project into it your most positive expectation!


Your December Monthly Forecast: If there's something you need to know, ask. If there's something you don't need to know, don't ask! And if you're not sure whether you need to know something or not... ask whether you need to know! Don't, this December, ask someone who may have a vested interest in giving you an answer that suits their purpose more than yours. Ask the universe. Ask your highest 'inner self'. Ask your intuition. If, this month, you direct your energy towards a goal that's truly worth pursuing, you will yet get a result that's really worth having!


Your December Monthly Forecast: Much though we all strive to understand each other, we must accept that, ultimately, people are difficult to understand. We may be able to make sense of what others are saying but our efforts at comprehension would be helped if we remember that human motives and emotions are invariably illogical. Feelings can't be easily explained. We just don't know why we've got them and when we think we know, we are almost always wrong. As you seek deeper insight in December, look for it with your heart, not your head.


Your December Monthly Forecast: You are more popular than you realise. Also, more fortunate. Movie stars are not about to start throwing themselves at your feet just because your prospects are so positive. Nor will random bank managers start running towards you waving wads of cash. If you start taking a lot of stupid risks, there is no guarantee that a guardian angel will race to your rescue each time. But if you now hold, in your mind's eye, a reasonable picture of what you would like to achieve this month, it is not so unreasonable to expect to attain this!


Your December Monthly Forecast: You are feeling more inclined to think things through and to acknowledge the existence of different points of view. You are also becoming increasingly aware of hidden opportunities; chances to make your life brighter and better that you have previously failed to spot. Explore these as fully as you can. You may need to talk yourself into a plan or proposition, but you will find, once you do fully believe in it, that others support and accept it quite naturally. The power you seek this month, is the power you already have.


Your December Monthly Forecast: If things are supposed to be getting better, how come you are still dealing with the same old dramas and difficulties? Haven't you done everything within your power to resolve these? If you can think of another tack to take, try it. If you can't, work on the assumption that your results are 'in the pipeline'. They are going to make their way into your life as fast as they possibly can and, without being overly presumptuous, you should make preparations for their arrival. December may yet be full of delightful surprises.


Your December Monthly Forecast: It is one thing to look into the future and feel confused. This is natural. The veil of time is hard to see through. Even astrologers find it hard to be sure of what lies ahead. It is another thing to feel uncertain about the past. If, when you look behind you, you see something murky and mysterious, you need to become clear about it. Events in December will help you gain a fresh perspective. Soon, you will understand much more about what has happened so far. And you will feel far happier as you approach the year-end.


Your December Monthly Forecast: What if one morning, the Sun just didn't feel like rising? What if it stayed in bed saying, 'I can't be bothered today. I shone too late, too bright, yesterday.' What if it just put its head back under the cover of night and sank into a pillow of cloud? It wouldn't. It couldn't. Some things in this world are always there for us. They never let us down. In your heart now, regardless of all that's crazy, you've got a sun that just can't stop shining. Events this December, will yet enable you to revel in the light of genuine, justified, hope.


Your December Monthly Forecast: We all love a good drama series on TV. We get right into it. We identify with the characters and imagine that their problems are our problems - even to the point where we can't quite relax until we know what is happening to them next. We are never quite so pleased to be starring in a soap opera of our own. Someone you are close to, though, is going through a difficult experience. You don't have to help but you want to. That involves getting caught up in a drama. But it is one that will yet have a very fine outcome this December.