When people are urging caution on one another, they often say ' learn to walk before you start to run.' But parents (and grand parents) of toddlers know that this is not how it works. Small children only master the art of walking by running. One moment, they are hanging on to the edge of a coffee table, the next they are launching themselves towards a nearby sofa at an unfeasibly fast speed. Only slowly do they develop enough confidence to slow down. Your sense of haste, this week, is not unseemly, it's appropriate.


Many ailments produce similar symptoms. It takes the trained eye of a knowledgeable doctor to distinguish between the more subtle signs that the body produces when it first falls under the weather. Now, I'm not telling you this to alert you to some physical or medical challenge. I'm simply trying to draw a parallel with the way in which problems often arise in our lives. We think 'Ah, I know what's wrong. I have suffered from this before.' But we can't always be so sure. This week's difficulty will be easier to fix than you think.


Naturally, you want to understand what's going on. You seek an explanation that will enable you to categorise the particular challenge that you face, so that you can then decide how much (or how little) energy you should dedicate to the issue. Yet the more you think about all that seems to be happening, the more confused you become about what it is - and what may be causing it. Work on the assumption this week, that all is due to be well and that there is a magical, positive, message inherent in the story that's unfolding.


If you or I pick up an oboe and begin to blow, the world had probably best steel itself for cacophony. Well, I have certainly never trained in the art of playing this instrument, have you? Even if you have, we might still expect a dubious performance if we were to hand you a chisel or a paint brush instead. Some skills take a lot of learning. Few and far between are those who can claim mastery of such delicate arts. Yet with regard to the challenge which arises for you this week, you are in your element. Trust that and others will trust it too.


It sometimes seems as though, if there is one thing that people crave more than continuity, it's change! So, if there is some provision, somewhere in this benevolent cosmos, for the meeting of needs and the granting of wishes, how is the great universal supplier supposed to know whether its offerings are likely to be received with gratitude or horror? What is it that you most want now? To keep everything as it is? Or to magically alter some fundamental factor? Actually, strangely, it is possible to have both things at once this week.


'Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.' So goes the old saying and we all suspect that it must be true. But do some of us, sometimes, feel so isolated and estranged that even our happier moments don't seem to be reflected back to us by anyone? Has such a sense of separation recently begun to creep into a corner of your heart, creating a melancholy mood? This week's events clearly demonstrate how well connected you are - and how much positive support others are willing to give you.


Some personality traits are supposed to be more prevalent in some signs than they are in others. Libran's, it is often said, are moody. I have long been inclined to question this, not least because I don't believe I have ever met a single human being, born at any time of the year, to whom that description does not apply! Your tendency to move from one mood to another, is no more or less pronounced than anyone else's. But you will, nonetheless, much enjoy the great lightening of spirit that you experience this week.


What if all of earth's inhabitants are musicians, waiting for some great conductor to arrive and tell them what tune they should be playing? What if all the dissonant sounds we hear and the noises of conflict, are really no more menacing than the echoes in the auditorium of an orchestra tuning up? All that, perhaps, is a fantasy on a grander scale than it may be appropriate for us to indulge in here. But one thing is for sure, this week, you will become able to inspire many others to act in surprisingly sweet harmony.


For many, it seems as if there aren't enough hours in every day. We have so much to do and to take care of. Yet nearer to those very busy people than they may ever know, are those for whom the minutes feel like hours - and the hours seem to last for an eternity. The cure for such listlessness, involves finding fresh enthusiasm for some activity that gives rise to a sense of engagement. Conversely, the solution to stress invariably involves caring just a little less! This week's events allow you to adjust your inner-dial.


Alchemists, according to myth and legend, can turn lead into gold. Magicians can shift their shape and cause others to believe that the unreal is real. But we live now in cynical, sceptical, times where all who lay claim, even to some faith in the possible existence of such powers, are shouted down in the name of science, reason and empirical proof. So, does that mean that amazing transformations are no longer feasible? Indeed, it does not - for as you are about to prove this week, impressive transformation can still occur.


You don't know all there is to know. But then, you already knew that! You may be smart but you are not so foolish as to see yourself as infallible. Nonetheless, your track record is impressive. You are right more often than you are wrong. And that is one reason why it is particularly difficult for you to ascertain whether you actually are wrong! You can't take someone else's implied approval of an attitude or a plan, as confirmation that you are on the perfect path this week. But you can at least treat it as a hint worth heeding.


We can always find a reason to stop doing what we are doing. We just have to find a few faults, raise a few doubts and entertain a few misgivings. We can also always find a reason to carry on. We can summon a little more faith, determination and stoicism. And before we know it, we will be back out on the same old road, plodding steadfastly along. So how are you going to make this week's big decision? Are you drawing a line or just drawing breath? Actually, the choice is about to be made for you, in the sweetest possible way.