There is a shortage these days, of knights in white, shining armour. The hero factory isn't churning them out in the way it used to do - and actually, even when it did, we have to ask whether that armour was ever actually white. Wouldn't all that dried paint have prevented crucial movement? Anyway, it is a moot point. So too, is the question of whether anyone is likely to ride to your rescue this weekend. But you can yet resolve to save yourself from stress by claiming the freedom to embrace a more positive view.


Imagine that one person knows that there is a hole in the roof and they wish to tell the other occupants of the building. A meeting is due to take place in which the painting of the ceiling will be discussed. How frustrating to be forced to first engage in a debate about whether it should be white or cream, before the need for more substantial building work has been addressed. But someone, this weekend, may only prove able to hear what needs to be said, if they first go through a previously agreed process.


Pity the government employees whose job involves calculating the population of a particular city - or country. There are so many humans to keep track of. Every one of them has a mind, full of endless beliefs and opinions. And then there are the taxi drivers, who seemingly know far more than even the politicians. Surely, this weekend, you don't need to hear yet another person's view about a contentious matter? You do, though, need to try to be sure that what you personally think is not being unduly influenced by others.


We must be careful about the words we use when making promises or suggestions. There is a risk that what means one thing to one person, will spark off a very different set of implications and ideas in the mind of another. This is what lawyers might claim to be their very raison d'etre - although the contracts they draw up in an attempt to precisely nail down the meaning of a deal, only serve to render the distinction even more obscure. There are two different ways to hear what is being said this weekend. Trust what sense it makes to you.


If prayers are going unanswered and hopes are unfulfilled, what should we do? Some might say hope and pray harder? Others might suggest that we review the specific nature of the hope that we are nurturing and the prayer we are articulating. Perhaps the situation can't change - or at least not just yet. Perhaps we should be requesting (and aspiring to) an ability to accept a situation and to trust that it is serving some positive purpose. Try resisting the pressure to take action this weekend. It may be that you need to do nothing.


She said, 'Don't I know you from the cinematographer's party?' I said, 'Who am I to blow against the wind?' So sang Paul Simon in I Know What I Know. But the point of the song was that she didn't know him... not even from Adam. A further implication in these lyrics would be the suggestion that it was much easier for him to agree with her (whoever she was) than to disabuse her of this misconception. Even so, it might be wiser for you this weekend, to blow against the wind than to accept what someone else thinks that they know.


How did a change happen? What lay behind such a rapid transformation? If you can't fully understand the mechanism by which the process is accomplished, can you feel safe to relax and adjust to the new situation? Interestingly, the only thing that's wrong with where you seem to have ended up, is that you can't quite understand how you ended up there. You can spend this weekend asking questions that will prove well nigh impossible to answer. Or you can start counting your blessings and celebrating your gains.


When your back is against the wall, you are capable of impressive achievements. When push comes to shove and when all that's left is to follow a sudden, profound, instinct and hope for the best, you are a good person to have around. You recognise this resourcefulness within yourself. It makes you feel courageous just to know the inner power that you have access to. But that doesn't mean you should invariably exploit it. When Superman needs to cross the road, does he walk or does he fly? Begin by walking this weekend.


When fleeing fugitives jump from high windows and luckily land on the top of passing trains, who organises all this in advance with the station master? When action and adventure heroes dive beneath descending doors, just in time to cut themselves off from their evil pursuers, how do they manage to get that timing just right? You may long care to wonder what invisible hand has come to your rescue this weekend. And why. But if all else fails and you give the cosmos a chance to assist you, you may yet be most pleasantly surprised.


Can you change the world? Will you single-handedly challenge the expectations and beliefs of millions? And if that's beyond your power, shouldn't you just knuckle down and play your part in a drama that is responding to the directive of the collective? Humanity, en masse, may have some fairly silly aspirations, but isn't it undemocratic to go against that flow? This weekend, just by thinking one smart thought and holding fast to it, you may yet exert more subtle, yet powerful influence than you ever imagined possible.


When children squabble and adults are required to intervene, much focus may turn to the question, 'who started this argument?' Inevitably, invariably, each side will blame the other. That is why wise mediators soon learn not to pursue this line of enquiry. A relevant question is not, 'who started it?' but, 'who is most willing to finish it?' Peace is not just the absence of war. It must also be the absence of resentment, discomfort and disparity. Yet, as you will see this weekend, once that is accepted, it can be surprisingly easy to attain.


How fortunate that Van Gogh didn't try to create his paintings of sunflowers in the winter. By convenient coincidence those blooms came out around the same time as his paintbrush. But then, the art of success in life often involves an inner willingness to respond to serendipity - or even, to invite it. Much energy, this weekend, can be diverted into a discussion about what's not possible or what can only happen at some other time. But great triumph can arise from making the most of what's available in the moment.