Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Choice - and plenty of it! That's what everyone wants in the modern world. Or, at least, that's what they think they want. Thirty brands of tea. Fifty makes of car. Eighty different radio stations. Do we care whether these are any good? Hardly. We are happy enough just to know that there are so many. It might be far better if we had fewer to pick from on the smorgasbord and that the quality of it all were higher. You may not seem to have much to choose from in your emotional life now, but one of your options is perfect.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Imagine if you had no commitment. No promises to keep. No places to be or people to please. No expectations to honour. People with too much on their plate dream of times like this. Those, whose lives often match the above description, yearn for some of that activity. When we are looking at what we would like to experience next, a lot depends on what we are feeling right now. If you don't already have too much on your plate, you may get a little emotionally overloaded soon. But that's more a blessing than a curse.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: What does your intuition tell you? Or can you not hear it over the sound of a fear, an inhibition or a sense of fury? Some feelings are almost overwhelming. They may not be very justified or helpful but when we're experiencing them, they drown out everything else. Yet if we can only calm down and become quiet, we can hear a voice within that speaks with wisdom rather than emotion. Something deep inside you now knows what's appropriate to say, do and choose. Find that emotional understanding and trust it.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Think about those terms and conditions that we keep having to agree to whenever we use a computer. Some go on for pages. How are we supposed to understand them, unless we've got a degree in law? Why don't they make us tick another box confirming that we didn't just read them but that we took them to a solicitor to have them explain it to us? In one area of your emotional life now, you are wondering what on earth you have signed up for. You will find out soon. It will be less problematic than you fear.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If you want your kitchen to look tidy, just throw everything into the cupboards and wipe the surfaces. As long as you are the only person who ever has to use that room, nobody will see where you keep the mess. We are all like such kitchens. We know what we've got within us - what we've got too much of, what we need more of and what we can never seem to find. As long, though, as we keep up appearances, nobody else need ever know. Your personal, emotional, secrets are as safe as you want them to be.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Life isn't just about learning, it is about living and loving. It is about sharing joy and happiness, overcoming fear and finding inspiration. Most of these things are much easier to do when you are willing to accept a little education. Life's most truly important discoveries don't necessarily make us financially rich but they deepen and enhance the quality of our experience. The more we understand, the more we appreciate. You've learned a lot in your emotional life lately, and soon you will gain another valuable lesson.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. If, though, you really feel determined to keep those eggs in one piece, you can always cook something else instead. But now you are dealing with a trayful of eggs that are already broken. You may as well use them up. There's no point in wishing that a situation in your emotional life had never come about. It has done - and the only way to improve it is to accept something that can't alter and then do your best to see what you can make of it. It's more than you think!


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It's a good job that nature isn't a democracy. There are many creatures whose needs would have to be prioritised before humans got a look in. The world would have to be run according to the requirements of the rats. Or, possibly, the cockroaches. There are far more of them than there are of us. Then again, perhaps it is all happening for their benefit. They don't seem to be doing too badly out of the way things are. Now, who else in your emotional life is benefiting more than you are from a state of affairs?


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You want something big to change. You would like to see a significant shift. Naturally enough, you figure that this requires you to take action on a similar scale. You are weighing up various options. What if you don't have the strength or the staying power? Ah, but what if you don't need that? What if all you have to do is make a small move? What counts now, is not what you can do by making a dramatic gesture or a grand decision in your emotional life. It is what you may be able to do slowly, subtly but surely.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: 'Other people', it sometimes seems, fall into three categories: those we are trying to get closer to, those we are trying to get further away from and those we are just trying to ignore. These 'other people' have an annoying tendency to move from one category to another. Even more irritatingly, they have categories of their own - into which they are busily trying to place us. Given such a climate, it's miraculous that any of us ever attain meaningful communication. But every so often, it happens, as you'll see in your emotional life soon.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Some people are difficult to deal with - awkward, argumentative, belligerent or just plain old unco-operative. They don't always mean to be so harsh. Sometimes, they don't even realise that they are acting in such a fashion. Often, though we can easily see how others are behaving selfishly, we are all but oblivious to our own foibles and failings. Right now, you wish you could be treated with more respect by a particular person. Try showing them some of what it is that you would like them to show you.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: A friend of mine called Tim Gallwey, once wrote a very successful book called The Inner Game of Tennis. In it, he explains how, often, when you try too hard in sport - or indeed, in any other field of endeavour, you just don't get the results you want. The 'secret', the 'knack', the 'key' is to relax a little, trust a little - and then let something deep within you respond intuitively to the situation. We can say much the same about the inner game of relationships. It is time for you now, to trust your most positive, intuitive, feelings.