It is time to move on. Time to let go. Time to draw a line. Time to begin a new chapter. Time to start afresh. Time to welcome in the new. Time to bid farewell to the old. Time, too, to stop thinking about what kind of a time this is and to just get on with doing what needs to be done. No great conscious effort need be made. No giant gesture is required. If you focus, this equinox week, on what's positive and inspiring, you'll end up being where you need to be, on the right side of whatever it is that you now need to leave behind.


Once, there were tried and tested ways to distinguish children from adults. Boys wore shorts, men wore long pants. Ladies used make-up; not girls. With those rules of appearance came particular expectations. The youngsters would probably say or do silly things. The grown-ups would be sensible and restrained. No longer do we have such obvious social clues. Nor can we even rely on our own beliefs about ourselves. Someone, now, is of an age at which surely, they ought to know better. But what ARE they doing this week?


Those who seek spiritual enlightenment speak of the need for 'detachment'. They say, 'If we relate to closely to the physical world, our own human forms, the situations we face and the emotions we feel, how can we grow aware of higher, cosmic truths?' We cannot see beyond the veil if we are focusing only on the cinema show that's being projected on to it from this world! To care too much is to risk the loss of perspective and wisdom. Even so, sometimes, we have to be deeply determined. Allow yourself to care this week.


Investments don't always pay off. Whether we pour money into a project, effort into a situation, love into a person, creativity into a design, we sometimes find that we have given all we could possibly spare, and reaped little by way of reward. That's why it's wise to be a little reticent about what - or who - we choose to nurture, support, develop or refine. Yet not all honest endeavours fail! You half expect to be able to get 'so far yet no further' along an important road this week. You may yet find it takes you all the way!


We think we know so much. We feel so sure of ourselves. We take a few years of trial and error here, or there and allow it to form, in our minds, first a set of strong opinions and then an irrefutable encyclopedia of apparent facts. Yet so much of our certainty is actually just guesswork. What we call 'experience' is just 'experience gained so far'. There's a potentially crucial difference. Beware, this equinox week, the temptation to dismiss a plan or reject an idea just because you suspect it won't work. It just might!


They say (or they used to say) that something as light as the beating of a butterfly's wing on one continent could trigger a hurricane on another. Nobody ever proved or disproved this. Some hypotheses are too lofty for petty empirical testing. They exist to help us think more imaginative thoughts, not to force a frenzy of testing. The challenge, for you this week, is not 'to get the definitive answer to some wildly over-specific question' but 'to take a meaningful, personal step'. It may seem small. It could yet be enormous.


History is being rewritten all day, every day. We all think that somehow, we are entitled to look back at various events and read, into them, more than anyone saw at the time. 'If it hadn't been for this...,' we say. Or 'things might have been different if only...' Who can argue with such assertions? Only other historians! Surely, the future of history will only bring yet more debate and reinterpretation. There's no definitive answer to this week's biggest question. Just an answer that seemingly makes most sense for now!


We all seek clarity. We all aspire to wise and focused thought. Yet we all also know what it is like to cling to dinghies of assumption while being tossed on raging, stormy seas of doubt. We sometimes forget how valuable such experiences can be. At the time, they just seem like processes we yearn to escape. But if nothing else, they eventually bless us with some appreciation of what we don't want! If all you're clear about now is that you don't want to be unclear... that's a good start to what may yet be a great week!


'The more things change, the more they stay the same.' The French reached this conclusion long ago, and they are a wise nation. They were once terribly excited by change. They held revolutions just to bring it about. Now, instead, they sustain institutions intended to keep change (at least to the language) at bay. So if the French no longer embrace change, perhaps Sagittarians should abandon it too? You're starting to wonder, this week, if you can really ever escape a source of stress. Yet success is not impossible!


Life is too short for anxiety. It is too short, too, for mistrust. And life is surely too short for investing hours in making long lists of all the things that it is too short for! Sometimes, if we are not careful, we create the very problems we declare ourselves to be most determined to avoid. We value intelligence, for example, so highly that we end up being too clever for our own good. Or we seek reassurance so avidly that, even when we are given it, we want to be reassured about the reassurance! Relax this week!


We are fascinated by the idea of winners and losers. That's why we have such a competitive culture. It's why we watch sport, why we can't resist soap operas - even why we keep turning to our zodiac forecasts. 'Am I,' we want to know, 'going to be a winner or a loser today/this month/this year... this lifetime?' Do we really think some whole lives are loser's lives? Life's battles are 'won' and 'lost' moment by moment. We lose when we give way to fear. We win when we embrace hope. Now go forth to victory this week!


If you pedal as fast as you can and keep going for as long as you are physically able... will you end up any closer to your destination? The answer largely depends on whether you are sitting on the saddle of an exercise bike! But in that case, your 'destination' is muscle strength or weight loss. So you'll still get closer if you push yourself than if you don't. When we expend effort we don't always get exactly the result we want. But we do always get some result! This week, what you put in, you'll get back out. Plus more!