Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: What use is a car if there's no fuel in the engine? Yet how hard is it to find some more fuel? It doesn't take much to turn something pointless into something that is truly useful once more. But when we have felt frustrated for a long time by an inability to instigate change, we tend to forget that it is ever possible. A coming wave of change in your emotional life brings the power you have been missing. Expect the ability to finally overcome a fear and pursue one positive objective until everything starts to change for the better.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If Achilles had only managed to find himself a chiropractor, he might never have had all that trouble with his heel. Then again, he would have lost his opportunity to acquire eternal fame. Sometimes, our disadvantages have hidden blessings. Sometimes, we gain so much from these that we are glad we never found a cure. You sorely wish you could alter one key factor in your emotional life. Perhaps one day you will be able to. Perhaps too, by the time that day comes, you will not want to any more. Just relax.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When we have lost something we often go hunting from room to room looking in drawers or on shelves. If we still cannot find it, we repeat the exercise. We begin to look in unlikely, even, ridiculous places. Usually, when we have all but given up, we make a breakthrough. We sit down and calmly cast our mind back to what was happening at the moment we last saw it. As with objects, so with feelings. What seems to have 'gone missing' from your emotional life lately? Begin by looking in the last place you encountered it.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Recently some decisions seemed difficult and daunting. You felt tempted to take the easy option but experience tells you that when you make a brave leap of faith, you immediately know you are doing the right thing. So should you make a brave leap of faith? There is still time to weigh it up. Something exceptional is about to happen. It will occur whether you reach for it or whether you try to keep it at bay. So you may as well stop trying to lead an ordinary life and just psychologically prepare for a time of innovation.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: For love, we do all kinds of crazy things. And for money? The same applies. Is this because we need to? Is it because we want to? Or is it simply because, in our desperation to attain one or the other, we abandon or lower our intelligence. That would be most ironic - especially as we would be far more likely to attract those elusive qualities into our lives by manifesting confidence rather than acquiescence. You won't compromise your state of emotional or material well-being by being yourself now.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Don't give yourself a headache. Go for the easy option, the light choice, the peaceful preference. And if someone else is trying to give you the headache? Don't make it easy for them. Drop your desire to be overly helpful. Neither feel obliged to accept an awkward imposition - nor allow yourself to become mysteriously inspired to co-operate through some misplaced sense of sympathy. Just relax in your dealings with others and trust that they will understand. Above all else, don't be afraid to be yourself.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You have high hopes but you also have deep concerns. Are you doing the right thing? Are you making the right move? Are you boldly seizing an opportunity or stupidly grabbing hold of the wrong end of the stick? Doubt is amazing stuff. Like some sinister toxic waste, it pollutes all it comes into contact with. Even the smallest amount can do terrible damage. The current developments in your emotional life are offering you the opportunity to rid yourself of yours. Go beyond fear, blame and judgement. Have the faith you deserve to have.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: There are fairies at the bottom of your garden and angels dance on the head of every pin in your brooch box. Leprechauns look after you, pixies protect you, an elf sits on your shelf and a gnome guards your home. Well, kind of. You are more looked after now than you know. Your situation may seem stressful but it is magical too. Trust your helpers. They may be invisible but they are not imaginary. And trust yourself too. You're not just capturing the hearts of the faery folk. You're winning more earthly admirers too.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Do you remember, back at school, when the teacher would come into the class and say, 'Someone in this room has been very naughty!' Would you blush and feel bad, even though you knew it wasn't you? We have that kind of reaction when we suspect we are being accused of something. We begin to wonder if we have done something bad and then forgotten all about it. I only mention all this because, well, I wonder if you are suffering from a guilty conscience. Remember, you don't have anything to apologise for!


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Where do we go when we leave this world? Some people feel sure that they know. Others are adamant that we cannot know. Or that we go nowhere. Once we leave here, they think, that's it. The debate will keep on raging long after we've all left here! It was going on before we got here. So, er, what are we here for? The answer? We are here to argue the toss about what we are here for! Somewhere in the middle of all this, though, we have to learn to love and live with each other. That may soon prove easier than you expect.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: There's always an 'if'. There's always a 'but'. More often than not, there's almost always a 'what'. On their own, these words are all harmless but in combination they can be devastating. The most powerful alignment of all is probably, 'But what if?' A question like that is a kind of a virus. You only have to make contact with it for a moment and it can rob you of sleep for a week. Yet sometimes, you have to ask it. You have to ask it until you are satisfied that you have a reasonable answer. You have that answer now.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It is not always a good idea to speak your mind. Your observations may be accurate. Your opinions may be appropriate. Still, though, there is a time and a place for candour. You may be in the right place for it, but is this the right time? No matter how much something may need to be said, there is no point in saying it till it is ready to be heard. Eventually, you will get your opportunity if you still need it. Meanwhile, don't be fooled or riled by appearances. Deal with what's real and try not to embroider facts with feelings.