It is no coincidence that the festival of Christmas has been timed to coincide with the end of the December solstice. This is, by long tradition, a most magical event, famously associated with revival and renewal, with the dawn of fresh hope and the recognition of a powerful yet mysterious force that has the potential to touch every human heart in a highly positive way. This is where we can make a break with the past and move forward to the future with new confidence. And it's what you can do today, too.


How far into the future do you wish you could see? Many of us feel that it might be enough if we could only see past Christmas. This festival tends to become all-encompassing. There are so many arrangements to make, traditions to honour and expectations to wrangle with. And when we do try to envisage what may lie further ahead, we can so easily feel daunted by the many uncertainties. Yet some reassuring news, regarding your personal prospects, would now finally appear to be making its way towards you.


Often, on the cusp of the festive season, we find ourselves saying things that might just as easily have been said the year before. We get caught up in the 'nice to see you' and the 'how are you doing?' but we don't really expect to feel that it is genuinely nice to see someone, any more than we anticipate making a meaningful discovery about how they are actually doing. Yet as you now go through the social motions that are surely necessary, you may yet find that one conversation brings an equally positive revelation.


Christmas isn't everyone's favourite festival. For some, it can bring frustration, exasperation, even a sense of desperation. Effort may need to be made to avoid an overly wistful emotion or a temptation to dream of how things might have been, if only some situations in the past had worked out differently. The Solstice has recently rendered you exceptionally sensitive, but there may yet be much happiness in your heart before too long. Remember, not all great gifts from the cosmos come in boxes wrapped in ribbons.


You are starting to look at a familiar situation in a rather different way. The world may be getting itself ready for Christmas and you may be similarly preoccupied with festive arrangements, yet the solstice is inviting you to think further than the holiday season. Where will you be when it is over? Where would you like to be? You may yet discover that you have more choice and power over the future than you have previously understood. You are fully entitled to see this as justification for a sense of inspiration.


If the only Christmas repeats were the shows and movies on TV, we might count ourselves lucky. All around now, people seem to be going through the same old processes and dramas that they have been through a million times before. This is a side effect of the solstice and it is constructive, at least in so far as it has the potential to be cathartic. Just when it begins to seem as if nothing is ever going to change, you will encounter a new willingness to move on and a delightfully different experience will prove possible.


Christmas is when we all make generous gestures towards the ones we love. Yet for many, this can be awkward or challenging. What if we love someone we are not supposed to love? What if where we really want to be is not where everyone else expects us to be? We may also love the people we are supposed to love but we may find it hard to love them quite as much if we suspect they will look disapprovingly on our feelings for the ones we are not supposed to love. Today may yet bring you a triumph of tact.


The solstice has taken you to a turning point. You have reached a decision. You have made a private, personal, emotional commitment. There need be no great declaration. You need not hire a chariot pulled by flying reindeer to carry you aloft while you blow a trumpet and unfurl a banner, declaring your intention, from the back of the sleigh. You know now, in your heart, what Christmas this year, needs to be all about. Imminent, powerful influences will yet somehow help you make the impossible possible.


What does Richard Dawkins do at Christmas? How can this festival be fun for those who stand poised with the sensible swords of their rational minds to slay the double-headed demon of mumbo and jumbo? Isn't this what every self-respecting sceptic rails against? Not one but two characters of mythical, unprovable origins being celebrated against the backdrop of a story of astrologers following a star. You have your own, personal doubts, about the season too. Yet it will still bring much magic.


The New Moon has given you new energy, insight and hope. You can't see much evidence of this yet? Give it time. The moon itself has yet to separate far enough from the sun to become visible in the sky. Plus, it is Christmas when many of us feel a little out of touch with our deepest inner inclines, due to the distractions of the season. But just as a tiny sliver of light will soon become a bright banana and eventually, even a glowing globe, so what is starting to change for the better in your life now, will keep on getting stronger.


We are not supposed to think about Christmas, we are just supposed to celebrate it. These days, it seems the most enthusiastic advocates are the folk who make the adverts. It used to be the priesthood. Though each come at the festival from a rather different angle, they both seemingly agree that this is not a time to stop and ask questions. We should just get on with playing the game. But there are some points now, that you don't feel able to take for granted. Happily, you will soon resolve many nagging dichotomies.


Even at an ordinary time, you are not very ordinary. Many of your friends and fans would agree that there is something about you that is a little otherworldly. You couldn't alter this, even if you wanted to. And why would you want to, especially now? Who cares what the rest of the world is doing and saying? You are just going to get on with preparing for Easter. Or Valentine's Day. Or whatever it is that the rest of the world seems to think is due to happen later this week. And that may yet prove to be exactly the right thing!