Are adventurous people more error prone? Or are they just more prone to being unfairly accused? Folk who tend to keep their heads down can't, after all, be accused - other than, I suppose, of keeping their heads down too much! And the only folk who are going to blame them for that, are adventurous people! You are exploring some interesting options now. Inevitably, the more of these you pursue, the more controversy you will create. But that doesn't automatically mean you will be making a mistake.


At no point today will you find yourself obliged to leap from the open door of an aeroplane wearing only a parachute of questionable quality. Nor will you be marched at gunpoint into a government building and used as a human shield. Nor need you anticipate getting involved in a furious sword fight being held on a high wire that lies stretched across an enormous ravine. So, a pretty dull outlook really. Try not to get unnecessarily excited or anxious about matters which have to be seen as far less challenging than that.


'Sorry to interrupt you when you are just settling down to read your zodiac forecast, but I wonder if you would mind answering a few questions. I've got this form to fill in, because my employers are keen for me to help them find someone who can benefit from the exceptionally good offer we are currently making to people who may want to buy an insurance policy. Now please, don't fall asleep. This is all terribly exciting... isn't it?' Be wary, today, of an unwanted diversion that takes too long and costs too much.


It isn't necessarily true to say that what you do best others do too, but perhaps not as well. Others hardly do it at all. It is not so much a case of saying 'there's you... and then there's some substitute.' Quite possibly, there's you... or there's no one. Today's powerful Solar Eclipse somehow helps others to grasp that essential point. Don't let it elude you, either. Whilst we should never take our special talents and abilities for granted, don't we effectively disrespect them just as much if we hide them beneath a veil of false modesty?


People who live in busy cities and must frequently travel by bus, tube or train, tend to be particularly protective of their personal space. They may not have very much of this at times. So it becomes all the more important for them to defend it. Hence why visitors from out of town sometimes perceive their urban cousins as somewhat stand-offish. But none of us like it very much when we feel that someone is treading in our territory or bouncing off our boundaries. The Eclipse is currently making you understandably sensitive.


People don't always wear their hearts on their sleeves or their intentions on their faces, otherwise we could more easily assess guilt vs innocence or affinity vs ambivalence. Court cases could be conducted on the basis of mug shots. Job interviewers could dispense with the CV and read only the applicant's dress sense. As things stand, we have to talk to each other and then slowly evaluate those conversations. The Eclipse soon reveals a new chapter in a casebook you had long since thought closed.


The M5 will take you via Adra. Highway 1 passes through Anjar. But whichever road you take towards Damascus these days, there is no certainty of a conversion. Nor was there ever. Why, even in the days of Paul the Apostle, it was possible to go down that road without getting so much as a single revelation or a life changing insight. We should be glad that such moments are not location dependent, lest we might have to worry about the best place for you to be today. The Eclipse insists, wherever you are, light will come to you.


I wonder if there was ever an episode of the original Star Trek in which Scotty had to leave the engine room and take charge of the bridge. If there was, let us hope he did well, for the thesis of your forecast today centres on transferable skills and abilities - even in areas of life where you might think such swaps were unlikely. But before this forecast gives rise to a deluge of mail from Trekkies, I must remind you of my point. Current circumstances call for something other than your usual skill set. But you can rise well to this challenge.


Some people make plans and then stick to them. Others find themselves stuck to the plans that their companions have already made. They prefer to be fluid. They keep their arrangements open-ended and reduce the number of commitments that they make or invitations they issue or accept. Theoretically, this keeps them free. In reality, they just get swept along by whoever is marching through their life on a particular day with the strongest agenda. Perhaps you need more plans of your own now.


If you could only sprout wings and fly wherever the mood took you to, wouldn't it be a bit of a nuisance? You would need to rearrange your social life to begin with. What's the point in only having friends who live nearby, when you have the potential to cover so many more miles? Then, even if you identify some remote location to visit, you realise that you can't take much there or bring much back. Bags and cases will be too heavy and backpacks are impossible, due to the position of those wings! Be glad of what's good today.


It was once believed that those who sincerely sought an answer to life's most meaningful questions, could eventually satisfy their curiosity. But this would require turning mere curiosity into a heartfelt hunger for knowledge and developing a steely determination to embark on a quest for enlightenment - even if this led to a cave in the Himalayas. These days, we just tap our questions into Yahoo or some other search engine. Or, perhaps, we just ask questions that are less profound. Do you really need every answer today?


I am often suspicious when I hear it said that something only happens because someone was drunk. How did they get drunk in the first place? From whence came the decision to lift cup to lip? I offer this only as an example of the way in which we humans sometimes try to defer responsibility to our unconscious. We let it take the blame for choices and actions which, in truth, have been carefully picked over and thought through. Rather than end up surprising yourself, why not properly heed an inner-voice?