Once a kite has been successfully launched into the air, it may remain aloft for a surprisingly long time. Even if the sky grows still and the air becomes calm around the hand holding the string, there may be currents and breezes up above that are more than sufficient to fill those sails. That's a good thing to keep in mind whenever we are trying to decide whether we have come to the right moment to set something new in motion. We may only need the smallest opportunity. The merest passing possibility is all it takes, as you will see today.


They say, 'if you look after the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves.' But who are the people who say that? And why do they say it? Are they perhaps, the people who actually do look after the pounds and who don't want too many other people muscling in on their territory? Do they propagate this maxim by way of a distraction. 'Come along now, all you penny people, and keep your focus on the small stuff. Then you won't notice us making vast fortunes all around you.' If you want big results today, you need to think big.


You are not a donkey. Sorry to be so blunt but I feel that it is important to make sure that we both clearly understand this before I launch into a prediction that involves a time-honoured metaphor about carrots and sticks. And actually, even if you were a donkey, it would be inappropriate to discuss your need to achieve motivated progress in such crass, cruel, terms. Donkeys have rights too! Gone are the days when it was socially acceptable to threaten and cajole them. Forget the stick today, just look at that carrot.


While some folk find it hard to be humble, others apparently excel in the rare art of manifesting modesty and self-effacement. They seemingly hold themselves in such low-esteem that they would feel genuinely surprised if someone were to offer them praise or encouragement. No matter how hard they worked, how long they toiled or how high the standards they maintained, they would simply consider this their duty. Er... you don't know anyone like that, do you? Try to ensure they get a better deal today.


Some people attain name and fame. They soon discover that with this comes annoying notoriety and the invasion of privacy. The world has a love/hate relationship with its celebrities. We all love to meet, greet and be associated with them. Yet we hate to feel that we are missing out on any tiny shred of gossip about their personal lives. You deserve more attention and praise for an important role you have been playing lately. Inappropriate though your comparative anonymity may be, it is at least keeping you out of a firing line.


We don't, as I explained yesterday, want to feel that we have made anything other than wise choices for good reasons. Any suggestion to the contrary is unwelcome and contentious. That's why we tend to avoid the company of folk who we suspect will cast aspersions on our judgement. If we don't give them the chance to ask questions, they won't get an opportunity to fault our logic! But surely you are not so insecure that you have to surround yourself with 'yes' men' (or women). A little debate may prove healthy today.


Some folk, it seems, only have to ask. The merest raise of an eyebrow or hint of a request is sufficient to send others scrambling and scurrying in an effort to help meet their needs. Others meet resistance wherever they go. Something about their attitude or their disposition provokes a bad reaction. They speak in the wrong tone of voice and the wrong response ensues. How controllable are such factors? The planets are now helping you find a sweeter, nicer, way to help ensure that you get exactly what you want.


When our defences are down or our ambitions are up, we may deliberately make life difficult for ourselves. We may, for example, identify and acknowledge some easy way to attain an objective and then decide that it might be more rewarding to undertake the exercise with a handicap. Can it be done blindfolded? With one hand tied behind the back? Whilst collaborating with an individual we find disagreeable? Either try to enjoy the challenge you appear to have set yourself today, or pick a less challenging alternative.


I wonder where our documents are? We must have them somewhere? I mean, here we all are, acting as if we own the place, feeling as if the whole cosmos is ours alone and all the other people have just got walk-on parts in our soap opera. You would think we'd have some proof of this. Perhaps the lack of such paperwork explains why sometimes, when we strive to make the cosmos do our bidding, we fail. Or then again - well, perhaps you really are the beneficiary of such an arrangement for the sky seems largely to be on your side today.


The latest versions of the leading brand smartphones are out. Again. Now, we can all try to figure out what it is that they can do that they didn't do before. Although, as few of us ever really properly knew what that was, we are simply expected to trust that they are status symbols of the highest order. And, if all else fails, we can prove this to others by demonstrating how they bend! Perhaps not all of the things that we desire in life, are really worth having. Might it be time for you now to let go of a questionable gain?


How can you be sure of getting what you are aiming for? By aiming for something that you cannot fail to get! The further we lower our standards, the easier it becomes for us to live up to these. The more we reduce our expectations, the greater the chance we stand of surpassing them. But what would happen today, if you were to resist all temptation to compromise and steadfastly pursue, instead, the very best? If you are really willing to make a serious effort, you are really likely to get a satisfying result.


They say that if you want to lose weight, you should exercise. But if you exercise, you will get hungry. If you get hungry, you will want to eat. But then, won't you put on weight? I recognise that, by way of example today, we are using a particularly annoying, circular argument, with which many readers will be only too familiar. Yet somewhere in this realm of confounding contradictions, there is a satisfactory balancing act that can be achieved. And today, despite your concerns, you will yet achieve yours.