Every so often, moments arise in which it seems as if all we can do is try our best and hope for the best. And if our best isn't good enough? Well, that's possibly the wrong question. What else are we supposed to do? Our worst? We are all taught, from an early age, to respect caution. We are urged by our parents and teachers to think before the act. But some opportunities are fleeting. We must either act before we think or risk missing the moment entirely. Trust your sense of adventure and your courage today.


The world is full of cars that are not being stolen, jewellery shops that are not being burgled and disputes that are in no real danger of spilling over into a punch up. We can scan the horizon for signs of potential trouble and stand guard against acts of malfeasance. We can then go on to give ourselves credit for having prevented a possible problem through our vigilance. But if business as normal carries on, this may simply be because this was all it was ever going to do. Don't be overly apprehensive or unnecessarily nervous today.


When we look out onto the surface of a lake, how are we to know what lies below? And if the wind is blowing ripples across the water, our eyes will tell us very little about the level of depth. Wherever information is absolute, assumption reigns supreme. It is always so much more tempting to expect the worst than to conduct a few sensible experiments that might eventually give rise to reassurance. Something, somewhere in your world, looks worse than it actually is. Try, today, to give it the benefit of the doubt.


We all like to feel that if we should ever encounter a problem, we will be able to put it in the hands of an expert. We may not know what to do, others may scratch their heads too, but somewhere there will be someone who can read all the signs, reach a conclusion and implement a plan. If you would naturally extend such trust towards someone who could help you, why question another person's certainty that you are the ideal source of help and support for them? Do what you are good at today, and be glad of your gift.


Are you looking at a situation through a telescope or a microscope? Are you persuading yourself that a series of events are nearer to you (in space or perhaps in time) than they actually are and thus that they matter more than they actually do? Both kinds of magnification have the power to distort a sense of reality. Perhaps the only way you can hope to become clear about what you are really looking at, is to try to stop looking at it through lenses and filters of any type at all. Reach for objectivity and neutrality today.


In principle, people can achieve far more through teamwork than they can when left to their own devises. But they have to want to. If the various potential members of any group are only interested in finding fault with one another or in scoring petty points, their combined efforts will be clumsy and ineffective, to say the least. Though recent events have caused you to lose faith in the idea that there might ever be an ability to unite around a common cause, coming events somehow suggest that such a development is likely.


The problem is not what you've got. Nor does it lie in what seems to have gone awry. To all intents and purposes, the resources you require to fulfil a particular goal are all attainable. Or at least, the material, physical resources are. It is the emotional and psychological support mechanisms that have lately been worryingly thin on the ground. You haven't felt able to put your heart and soul into a situation yet now, you are seeing a good reason to believe in it. And the world will soon see a reason to believe in you.


What gives you the right to twirl the baton and stroll to the front of the parade wearing the big top hat? Shouldn't such extroverted activity be left to those with more ebullience and swagger? Aren't you better off down in the engine room somewhere, applying your critical faculties to matters of nuance and detail? It would seem that in one key area of life now, you are not only the ideal person to take centre stage and rally the troops but, quite possibly, the only credible candidate for the role. Overcome your reticence. Stand up tall.


How much is too much? It may be that this tipping point is reached roughly around the same time as enough begins to seem insufficient! We rarely tend to think very carefully about precisely how we divide our time and attention. We keep having to run around the wagon, oiling the squeakiest wheels and we rarely get the chance to stop and wonder whether there may be smarter places in which to invest our energy and concentration. Life is now inviting you to contemplate a lifestyle change that may be long overdue.


Be careful where you put the broom today. Otherwise, the cat will leap on it and the two will go flying off together out in the open countryside before you have had so much as a chance to hop aboard yourself. Do you suspect, by the colourful nature of this opening statement, that I am suggesting that you may have magical abilities, perhaps of legendary proportions? Whatever gives you that idea? Why would you think that when all around you now examples of surprising serendipity keep cropping up? Own your power today.


It is not just the best laid plans of mice and men that, in the words of the Scottish bard, 'gang aft agley'. Even beings far superior to men (like women, for example) can occasionally find themselves looking at a situation that has led to an unexpected result. They may wonder 'why have things turned out like this?' Somewhere in your world now, a process of reverse accountancy is taking place. You have got an answer but you can't quite fathom the question that must have led up to this. Perhaps it needs to remain a mystery.


When people feel obliged to make a tough decision, and especially when they feel ashamed to concede that they have a preference, they may simply opt not to think about what they are doing - or not doing. They just follow what appears to be the path of least resistance until such point as it leads them to a decisive and perhaps irrevocable outcome. Then, they can act surprised. Is that how a boat in your world has recently been steered? And is there anything so very wrong with the harbour that it has reached?