Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Why limp through the door to the future, clutching a big bag of clothes that don't suit you, dragging behind you a cart of other people's problems that they have asked you to help carry? The door is only so wide. With all that baggage, you might not pass through. You might have to wander around in a kind of eternal version of yesterday... until or unless you put down what you no longer need. In your emotional life now, it is possible to move on happily away from a negative attitude or expectation. Embrace a better future.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: What counts for more? The ability to afford an expensive car? Or the knowledge that you are truly glad to be alive? Surely, we all inwardly understand this? In one way, of course we do, yet if that's so, why don't the folk who run the lottery give away the prize of happiness instead of wealth? Because they can't. It is beyond their power to create the former - but it is not beyond yours. You will, indeed, get a big step closer to emotional fulfilment soon, the moment you stop worrying quite so much about a material matter.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Many executives believe planning is the key to success. Policies must be implemented, periodically reviewed and religiously adhered to. All things, they seem to think, can be anticipated and dealt with. What planet are they on? Have they never heard of magic and spontaneity? In your emotional life now, you are encountering something that you have no particular strategy for handling. Need that be a problem? Only if you want to make it one. Go with what feels right on the spur of the moment and all will yet work out splendidly.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: We all feel good when things seem to work out perfectly. We always feel bad when our plans appear to be falling apart. Really, we ought to be more cautious about connecting our feelings to these unreliable indicators of success and failure. Often, things that look perfect on the surface are not really so ideal. Often, too, apparent problems are great blessings in disguise. Your emotional life now offers you the chance to make a move that may not seem obviously impressive. But it is due to bring you lasting benefit.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: 'It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.' So said the author William Inge. Yet, though you are not a wolf, you are not a helpless sheep either. You can keep an argument at bay or defend yourself against attack, by being firm yet fair. It is important, as you end one phase and begin another, that you recognise the full extent of your power. Never mind what you can't control. Focus on what you can influence in your emotional life and all will be well.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Strategists follow strict guidelines. They attempt to foresee every eventuality - and to have many contingency plans. They anticipate adversity but they hardly ever make sufficient allowance for serendipity. Thus, when good fortune arises, they become a little overwhelmed - even resentful. They were not expecting a stroke of luck. Now, all their carefully prepared schedules are in disarray. You don't need to adopt such a dull attitude in your emotional life. When luck reaches out to you, just seize your moment.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Julie Andrews, in The Sound Of Music, encouraged us all to 'climb every mountain'. Although she sang it with the Swiss Alps behind her, I'm not so sure that she expected to be taken literally. Some mountains take an awful lot of climbing and, unless you really know what you are doing, the ascent can be dangerous. Why go to all the trouble of climbing a mountain in your emotional life, if you can tunnel under it, fly over it or just sit still and wait while whatever is on the other side of that mountain makes its way towards you?


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You have many misgivings. You suspect that there may be far more to a particular situation than meets the eye. It seems as if each time you answer one question you come up with two more. Yet, for all that's vague and uncertain, one thing remains constant. One point of reference is fixed. Let that be your anchor in the ocean of confusion. Don't haul it up in a moment of false fear and then start drifting aimlessly. If you now cling to your most important emotional priority, everything will yet make perfect sense.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You may not feel that you have much to look forward to. You are recovering from a difficult experience that has left you feeling jaded. If one thing can go wrong, perhaps several can? Perhaps all your hopes are merely pipe dreams? Perhaps your most exciting visions are simply idle fantasies? Perhaps... Well, perhaps it's time we stopped using that word 'perhaps'. If you really must indulge in conjecture, pursue a more inspiring line of speculation. Maybe your emotional life, from this point on, is going to get a whole lot easier.


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: If something is really meant to be, it will happen regardless of how hard you try to prevent it from happening. And vice versa. But what if something is neither meant to be nor not meant to be? What if your feelings on a matter are ambivalent? In theory, you can let things go either way. Why bother making choices if you're truly not fussed how a situation turns out? All you need to know about your emotional life now is that you have more power and more choice than you realise. The real question is, 'what do I want?'


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Is there something you are hoping for? Be careful how you answer that. Be especially careful if you are inclined to say something like, 'No, not really. I'll feel fine no matter how things turn out.' You and I both know that's not, strictly speaking, true. You are bothered. You have a deep emotional desire - and whether or not you care to admit it or concede it to yourself, or consider it to be achievable, or imagine that you are not entitled to it, you cannot deny what you feel. Nor should you. And nor should you give up on it!


Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: 'What's the use in trying? All you get is pain...' So sang Neil Diamond years ago. But he soon cheered up. He fell in love. That solved everything! What are you now a believer in? What is it that you feel will fix everything in an instant? Your emotional life holds an intriguing possibility. Your great hope might not be true only in fairytales after all. No longer need disappointment haunt all your dreams. Seize your chance and make the most of your moment and you can set in motion a process that brings great success.