For some, the word 'freedom' conjures up an image of a prison door that is being unlocked from the outside by a brave rescuer leading a great escape. Yet there is another, admittedly more subtle, freedom that every inmate can always claim. He (or she) can choose whether to froth, foam and fester with frustration or to see nothing but good, even in the less desirable aspect of a situation. Don't let a negative attitude imprison you today. Seek hope and inspiration and you will yet be surprised by how much of it you find.


No matter how excited or angry a person may feel about an opportunity or a threat, there are times when it can be highly counterproductive to launch into a discussion without first observing some rights and rituals of communication. It can help to exchange a few pleasantries and then to agree upon the order in which the issues need to be considered. Extend the same patience that you wish someone else would extend to you, and you may yet end up having a reasonable, rational, exchange.


If there are approximately seven billion people on the earth today, there must be (roughly) 14 billion eyes and ears. And heaven knows how many fingers and toes. But at least those numbers can be estimated. Who can say how many countless, different opinions are to be found between all those minds? You think you've heard them all? You haven't heard the half of it! And tiresome though the following suggestion may sound, I find myself obliged to suggest that today, you might benefit greatly by listening to just a few more.


Manufacturers know from market research that products sell better when they are described as 'natural'. This has led to some more unscrupulous companies making some unnatural efforts to imply that somehow their synthetic products are 'just as nature intended'. But then, even amongst the most dedicated naturalists, there is often great debate about precisely what it is that nature does - or doesn't - intend. If a phrase is wide open to subjective interpretation, aren't you entitled now to read into it whatever meaning you like?


Mahatma Gandhi said, 'be the change you wish to see in the world.' But what if there is a change that you don't wish to see? What if you want something to stay the same? Can we prevent change simply by ignoring it and carrying on just as normal? What if there is something we feel we can't change - either in the world or in ourselves? We may have to wait until we see things differently or until what we are looking at changes to the point where we can see a new side of it? Sometimes, the best thing to pray for is patience.


'I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all obstacles in my way.' So sang Johnny Nash in 1972. But wasn't this also the year in which he announced, 'There are more questions than answers, and the more I find out, the less I know?' We must hope that the second song preceded the first. If not, he wouldn't have enjoyed much by way of a sense of progress. In your life now, as Mercury and Saturn begin to form a conjunction, it would be better if confusion were to be followed by certainty, rather than the other way around.


Imagine a canyon, spanned by a length of taut wire. How will you get across? As you scour the ground around you, looking for the balancing rod that some circus performers use to make such journeys, all you can see is a unicycle. That's hardly reassuring! Now imagine that you have been picked up by a helicopter, flown safely to the other side and deposited at that distant destination. It may contain much that you are still unsure of but at least the impossible, scary part of the journey is over. Be grateful for the speed of change today.


If you have to cross a river with neither a boat nor a bridge, what options are open to you? Perhaps you can swim. Maybe you can wade in and hope to find stepping stones. Or you may decide that the wisest way involves walking a long way up (or down) the bank until you eventually find a safe crossing. There is an element of risk in being overly brave or dramatic. And risks should only ever be taken in a situation where the last resort is an option which should only ever be taken when all other resorts have been resorted to!


All good jazz musicians know how to improvise. So too, do great chefs, artists, actors and entrepreneurs. But it is one thing to play out a variation on a familiar theme that you have perhaps, experimented with in the past. It is another, to take a leap from the top of a psychological diving board and turn somersaults as you head into what could turn out to be an enormous abyss. Everything depends, as you hurtle into empty space, upon a lucky landing. Happily, an open cart containing a mattress is due to pass by at the crucial moment.


Sadly, these days, cities are starting to look ever more like each other. The same brand names blaze out from similar shop fronts wherever we travel. Corporate globalisation may be highly profitable but it does very little for the spirit of adventure and discovery. Perhaps subtly too, it causes us all to feel as if there will never be any escape from the outstretched fingers of 'convention' and 'normality'. Yet for all that some astrologers like to suggest that people born under your sign, have a conformist tendency, you can be a real rebel when you choose. And today, you've got big questions.


Some legal professionals provide arbitration sessions for people who have become so estranged that they are now on the verge of mutual litigation. Where the overlap of vested interests is more emotional than material, counsellors can provide a similar service. But as all professional mediators will confirm, this can only work if somewhere, deep down, both parties genuinely seek an agreement. Remember today, a simple, sincere willingness to work things out can be all that is needed to start a positive process.


Even taxi drivers are sometimes surprised by which roads lead to which other roads. The most intimate knowledge of local geography may still mask hidden treasures and potential problems. We could even argue that there is a point past which an effort to attain total expertise becomes futile and we are better off training ourselves to adapt to unexpected eventualities as they arise. For you, today's route to success, involves a journey down Spontaneity Street and away from Booking Boulevard or Prearrangement Place.