Your November Monthly Forecast: In a strange way, our oldest, longest-established friends can be the biggest obstacle to our progress. If we start doing things differently, they don't just notice, they raise eyebrows. They criticise and they may even try to dissuade us. Yet if we have the support of our colleagues, companions and loved ones there is almost no limit to what we can accomplish. Life is inviting you to move on this month. You'll be pleasantly surprised in November, by how people move on with you if you invite them to.


Your November Monthly Forecast: It is not that you feel some unbearably strong urge to be seen as a great expert. You really don't have a problem with making mistakes. You are always willing to learn and willing, too, to concede that we are none of us perfect. But what you really don't like is to be told that you are wrong about something when you know perfectly well, that you are right! Now, having said all that, shall we discuss your outlook for November? Try to go easy, this month, on someone who cannot yet manage to see the obvious.


Your November Monthly Forecast: Can we be sure, when we entertain an idea, that it is not somehow, causing a subtle shift in the energy of the cosmos? Simply by holding a notion in our mind we may be influencing the outcome of an event. What a responsibility. So, er... are we supposed to police our own thoughts lest we inadvertently contemplate something inappropriate? There are some things you are better off ignoring, if you can, in November. What naturally comes to your mind and won't let you forget about it may well be what you need to heed!


Your November Monthly Forecast: If you had known that things were going to be like this, perhaps you would not have done things quite like that. On balance, then, it is good that you did not know. You made a move. It had a result. In retrospect, you clearly got the right outcome, even if you went through all the wrong processes! Powerful passions are now arising within you. Your heart is undoubtedly ruling your head. Should you try to plan more and feel less? In November, you must trust that what's moving you is what you have always needed to be moved by.


Your November Monthly Forecast: Sometimes you don't know what you want till you get it. We all learn to make the most of what we have. We also learn to reconcile ourselves to our disappointments. We suspect that in doing this we are 'coping'. Actually, though, we may be thriving when we do this. For, though this world may seem like a giant sweet store, the candies all taste much the same and the ones that really matter are those that contain hidden nutrition. In November, life shows you how blessed you have been by a situation you are half inclined to resent.


Your November Monthly Forecast: So there you were, thinking you knew your limits. And now, here you are, having recently gone beyond several of those. If that can alter, what else can change? Where are you tending to see yourself as held back, hemmed in, beaten or bound? Why should you buy into that very ill-informed and biased idea? If someone else were being as negative towards you now, as you are tending to be towards yourself, you'd soon ignore them. Listen to your voice of greatest hope. Do what it wants you to do this month.


Your November Monthly Forecast: They say, 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.' But you may well need to know the true state of whatever it is that you've been given, and it may not turn out to be quite as generous a gesture as it initially seemed. Then again, they also say that, 'There's no such thing as a free lunch.' But there is. Neither be too suspicious nor too trusting in November. Be wary but don't be paranoid. Something good is coming your way, and though there may be drawbacks attached, these are far outweighed by the potential benefits.


Your November Monthly Forecast: You have only just begun. In November, you can get a lot further. You can achieve a lot more. You have set an important process in motion. Already, it has begun to gain momentum. Soon, you will see a snowball effect. One thing will lead to another. Before you know it, it will be time to celebrate the arrival of a new era. Even the objective which now seems so deeply desirable, yet which appears to be so unattainable, will begin to look feasible. Don't let yesterday's disappointments spoil tomorrow's hopes.


Your November Monthly Forecast: Sometimes you can sit on the same sofa, in the same room for weeks - or even years on end. Then one day, you just walk in and realise that if you move the furniture around, you can make the place totally different and a whole lot better. You don't have to throw everything out and start all over again; you just have to give a creative shuffle to the existing components. Something like that is now happening in your broader 'living space'. This month, you will see a new and easy solution to an old problem.


Your November Monthly Forecast: Some days when we wake up we feel that we just can't do anything, that we are not very good, that we don't have what it takes, that we can't be bothered and it is all too much. There are other days when we feel ready for anything. 'OK world, bring on your biggest challenge. I'll rise to it!' My question for you is not, 'Which of these moods are you in now?' But, 'Which will you be in as the month goes by?' Coming events may help you to notice a flaw in someone's grand plan. Pull yourself together and you can set it right.


Your November Monthly Forecast: What's too expensive? There is such a thing as a false economy. If you try to save too much, you could cut corners that cost more to repair. There is also the matter of what you deserve. Aren't you entitled to the best? I'm not trying to encourage you to get into trouble. There is a point past which you must not go. But there is also, a risk that you will underestimate your own worth to others. November heralds a time to invest in your greatest and most potentially profitable asset: yourself! You have what you now need!


Your November Monthly Forecast: Remember the dances we used to do? We went to those parties and made our cool moves. But if we were to do that now, we would look daft (unless, I suppose, we knew for sure there were no young people there).. Are you looking at a situation now, through the eyes of someone you were long ago? November enables you to find a fresh perspective based on an understanding of who you are now, not who you used to be. All will improve as you find greater acceptance of yourself... and of all you now have to be proud of.