Would the person who fully understands this universe and all it contains please step forward? Er.. yes, thank you, Professors Cox and Dawkins. We will all be happy to hear your explanations again, a little later. And we are most reassured that you totally understand each other, even if the rest of us have no idea what you're saying. But otherwise... something mysteriously baffling seems to be happening in your life right now. It may seem beyond explanation but it is not beyond appreciation. Enjoy it and trust!


Everyone, it sometimes seems, wants an excuse. "I wasn't intending to do this," we say, "Only this happened and it left me with no choice." The 'this' in question can be one of several reasons. "I was provoked." is one. "I was made an offer I couldn't refuse." is another. "I was drunk." is a third. Others might be "I saw a sign in the sky," "I read meaning into a coincidence." or "A pixie whispered in my ear." Be suspicious, today, of apparently fateful indications. If they're really to be trusted, they'll come up more than once.


When we take ourselves out of our comfort zones, we achieve amazing things. But does this mean we will only ever fulfill our life's purpose by staying in tricky territory? Even heroes and heroines are allowed to spend lazy days drinking tea and reading novels. There's nothing wrong with a certain initial reluctance to don mask, cape and Lycra onesie and go flying to the rescue, each time a crisis looms. Give others a fair chance, now, to save the day. And maybe ask yourself, 'does this challenge really need rising to?'


It is easy to pick holes in an argument. Unless, that is, the argument in question is not some philosophical treatise but an old fashioned heated row. Then, the more holes you try to pick and the harder you try to question the other person's position, the more you'll fuel the flame of conflict. Some arguments allow us to express, in moments of passion, what we might otherwise suppress far too politely. Regardless of what kind of dispute you're caught up in now, look to see how it could yet have a positive outcome.


Conventional wisdom tell us to learn how to 'Quit while we are ahead.' The idea behind this, presumably, is that even if we gain an advantage, it may not last. Should we attempt to maximise it, exploit it or push our guiding angels too far, we may live to regret this. Better to humbly accept the gift of the moment than to assume that the next moment will be similarly generous. But doesn't that fly in the face of the idea that sometimes, a person can get a run of luck? Your situation is improving. It looks strongly as if it can get better yet.


Once, an 'expert' was someone who knew two percent more about a certain subject than the rest of the world. These days, the definition is even more narrow. It's probably just a person who can type an inquiry into a search engine more swiftly than their neighbour. Although there are, it's true, times when the internet doesn't have all the answers. Even the great Wikipedia can be biased or misleading on some subjects. Your own knowledge on a particular subject makes you wiser than you realise today. Trust your experience.


If all we ever had to do was listen to our hearts, why would any of us ever get into trouble? Aren't we all just gentle souls who only want to do what's right, fair, kind and natural? How do any of us ever become so complicated, arrogant or angry that we can no longer hear the voice of our most pure and innocent essence? And even if that can happen, aren't we all only ever one revelation away from a glorious return to sweet simplicity? See in others today, the best that you might hope they would see in you. And all will be well.


When we feel we are sitting on top of the world, it seems every choice we have ever made has been a good one. What does it matter if the odd mistake got made? Haven't we arrived at a great place? We only question the past when we're trudging up some psychological mountain, worried about unknown, unreliable terrain. But how do we ever fall from those heights? The same way in which we sometimes attain them with surprising speed. By trusting ourselves. Do that today and see how swiftly you ascend.


Remember the chapter of Alice In Wonderland, where the Queen's servants paint the roses red. The wrong bulbs were planted. But if the blossoms are now quickly coloured, who will know? With that, let us turn to some attempt in your life to make cosmetic change where root and branch review might be more appropriate. Isn't some show of compliance better than no show and a long wait? Perhaps. But you actually do have enough time to change a situation so that instead of nearly right, it is really right!


If the roots are buried deep in yesterday and the fruits are due to appear one of these tomorrows, what is there to see today but leaf and stem? Harvest time cannot come till a natural process is complete. But any good farmer can look at a field and tell how far the crop has come. To those with an eye for the future, an investment made prior to the reaping may be worth more than one made when progress is easy to assess. You may still have to wait for something now. But there can still be some trade in promises.


We get used to situations that we probably ought never to take in our stride. Noisy traffic. Crowded trains. Rude individuals. Bossy bosses. When it seems there's nothing we can do to alter a situation, we either find some way to accept and adapt or we drive ourselves into a frenzy of frustrated fury. The latter is bad for the blood pressure. But people born under your sign are naturally rebellious. Can it be wise to advise acquiescence to an Aquarian? It can if it comes with a message, as it does today, to bide your time!


They say 'There's no such thing as a free lunch.' Members of the Hare Krishna movement may beg to differ. They delight in feeding the poor - as do many representatives of other religious movements. Whilst they'd be pleased if the needy, once given a full stomach, then converted to their cause, they don't consider their generous gestures to have an evangelical agenda. Sometimes, doing something for nothing - or turning a nothing into a something - is a thrill in itself. Not every miracle requires an explanation today.