You weren't planning on your week turning out quite like this. You had other ideas and expectations. You have had to adjust to new realities and to accept that old burdens may not be quite as quick and easy to free yourself from as you might have hoped. Life, once more, presents you with the kind of choice that it fairly often raises for us all. You can either sit and fume about what seems to be unfair or you can adapt as gracefully as possible to the unavoidable and find within it whatever small compensation it may hide!


Even top business executives sometimes have trouble when they get together for an important meeting. They start to draw up an agenda of what needs to be discussed - and in what order. Yet the topics for debate are so contentious, and they have such strong opinions about them, that they can hardly contain themselves from launching into an immediate expression of their view. A strict process must be adhered to today, if a sensible conversation about a sensitive matter is to actually be given a chance to happen.


You really have come here again to read your forecast, haven't you? I'm flattered. Wait till I tell all my colleagues in the astrological society about this. They won't believe me. 'What? You really got a visit from a Gemini when Mercury was conjunct Saturn? Did they come to hear your advice or to give you theirs?' You've got a lot to sort out and take command of now. Your willingness to seek counsel is commendable and can only ensure (as long as you ask the right people) that you reach the right decisions today.


When governments need to wage wars, national efforts are made to ensure a consensus of belief about the wickedness of the enemy and the sad unavoidability of drastic but necessary action. The longer the campaign continues, the more any argument to the contrary is perceived as a heresy. Yet don't the enemy also believe, just as profoundly and passionately, that they too are fighting for a just cause? There are two very different ways to see a situation now. Aren't you entitled just to believe what suits you best?


Did Karl Marx say that 'religion is the opium of the masses' or did he describe it as the 'opium of the people?' We may never know, because he said it in German. Either way, he had a point. Deep faith can be a powerful anaesthetic. Sincere belief can render the most unpleasant experience at least briefly palatable. It can also be a justification for inaction. 'I can't fix this but I won't worry because I trust my deity to sort it out.' Yet there are times when, if we truly can do nothing, we had best believe that nothing is the right thing to do!


Miguel de Cervantes wrote a wonderful book called Don Quixote in which the eponymous hero caught sight of 'thirty or forty windmills' in the distance. He described them to his friend Sancho as 'hulking giants' and announced his plan to 'do battle with them and slay them' saying 'with their spoils we should begin to be rich because this is a righteous war.' But they weren't giants; they were windmills. He really should have taken a bit more care before deciding that he had correctly identified his enemy. Do be careful today.


Young children like to watch familiar films and to read well-thumbed storybooks. They gain a sense of reassurance from repetition. There is comfort in that. But imagine how their lives would unfold if they were never encouraged to explore fresh territory. We all need, from time to time, to step out of our comfort zones and walk gingerly along the rickety footbridge that hangs between the clifftop of the known and the promontory of the new. Don't fear the apparent vast canyon that lies below. Don't even look at it. Just keep going.


When people go fishing, they lower their lines into the water and bait their hooks as best they can. But even those who have the most experience in this activity never set out to find just one particular, specific fish. They know that they must work with whatever the river sends their way. The prize they actually reel in then becomes the catch they had been hoping for all along. Be wary, today, of too many preconceived ideas about what 'ought' to be happening. What is occurring most naturally may well be perfect.


You have cleverly and carefully prepared for one eventuality. Now, you are being beset by a very different set of intense and immediate challenges. How annoying. If only you had known what you were going to be up against, you might have made arrangements accordingly. Why didn't your astrologer warn you, if he's so clever? Because he knew what you are about to remember. That you were born blessed with such an ability to think on your feet and fly by the seat of your pants, that you will easily adapt and succeed.


None of us like to feel that the world we thought we knew and understood so well is somehow different. Even if a surprise is pleasant and positive, we can feel a little cheated or perhaps, ashamed, as if we cannot believe that we have been so silly in making an assumption. Such reactions are entirely understandable, and there is not much point in indulging in them, especially when we have the opportunity to appreciate, even revel in, the new perspective. Don't resist the realisation that you are being blessed with now.


Not all dialogue is verbal - as many students of body language will confirm. Indeed, even when two people are not in a physical position from which they can observe each other, they may still take actions in response to the actions that they know - or suspect - or have heard that the another person has taken. Generally, the greater psychological distance over which process of communication takes place, the more polarised each previous response becomes. Could an intermediary facilitate a more constructive exchange today?


Once we make an association, it becomes difficult to effect a separation. We can't stop linking an event or an experience to the other circumstances that were prevalent at the moment when a dramatic impression was made on our mind. No matter how we try to persuade ourselves that there is no connection, how can we hope to retrain our brains? Yet if we don't, might we spend the whole of the rest of our lives wrestling with unfair prejudices or unreasonable expectations? A clearer view opens up for you today.