Children get subjected to all sorts of tests. How smart are they? How much can they remember? Can they read and write? Are they good at sport? Are their minds more suited to science or art? Yet nobody sets exams in the most important subjects of all to adults and youngsters alike? How kind are you? Do you have a light, easy demeanour? Do you skip lightly through life or trudge around in the heavy boots of responsibility? Today, if you try, you can pass the happiness test! You'll find it's the only one that counts!


If you believe you can fly, why not give it a try? Stand on the edge of a cliff. Stretch out your arms as if they were wings. Jump. And flap! Well, OK, then, don't! It won't work. We both know that. There are some things that simply won't become possible, no matter how much faith we invest into them. But does that make all faith false, all belief useless, all imagination irrelevant? While you must respect and recognise some realities today, you'd be wrong to assume that no magic can happen. A little... actually can!


While some people jump to regrettable conclusions because they aren't so smart, others become entrenched in unfounded opinions because they are a little too clever! They do some serious thinking, perform some careful calculations and then, having come up with a plan that seems to make some sense, they refuse to put it down. They make it their guiding light, even if it is a light that splutters unreliably due to lack of suitable fuel! If you really want to be right today, don't worry quite so much about being wrong!


If you're not willing to think about some aspect of your past, there's a risk you may forget some other event or development that it might be far wiser to remember. Your reluctance to talk about a particular topic is quite understandable. You don't want to go 'back there', even briefly, even theoretically, even in your imagination. Yet today offers you a valuable new insight into how a situation arose in the first place. Be brave enough to follow that thought through and you'll see how to ensure your future is truly far safer.


Things used to be one way. Now, they are different. Aren't they? Or are you starting to suspect that your life is a ride upon some giant merry-go-round. Aren't you seeing the same old scenery flash past? Isn't today's situation just a repeat of some similar scenario from long ago? It's an uncomfortable echo in one way; but in another, it's important to see how an entirely different tale is being told. You're not being pushed back towards anything you'd hate to return to. You're heading past, beyond, over and above it.


Maybe a frown isn't fully furrowing a bothered brow? What if a glint of glee is spoiling a gloomy glare? All commitments, surely, should be made wholeheartedly. So if you're going to give yourself now, to negativity, let your rejection be emphatic and your resentment be irrevocable. Any sorrow must be inconsolable. If there has to be fury, it has to be explosive. Er... Or does it? What you really want, today, is to move on, let go and be happy. One tiny ray of light, today, is enough to illuminate a whole dark tunnel!


The difference between intelligence and intuition is perhaps best seen as the difference between a map and a compass. Intuition can tell you that something is more likely to be over here than over there. Intelligence can narrow all this down with pinpoint precision, but only if you happen to be sure of your starting point. You've got a general feeling, a vague sense, a slight inclination today. Don't doubt it. But don't trust it to take you all the way home either. For that, you may also need to think a few more things through.


When two people have deeply opposing views, why bother to engineer a conversation? The best we can probably hope for is that they will 'agree to differ'. But there are also, sometimes, people who share a surprisingly similar view of the world. Yet they dislike one another. Or they are keen to maintain their own individuality and to differentiate between their respective personalities. Sometimes, they feel obliged to 'differ to agree.' They'll argue over some minor point to disguise surprising consensus. Watch for that today!


The world is full of problem-solvers. It is also full of problems. So, er... aren't we lucky. All we have to do is apply the former to the latter! Unfortunately, one big problem the world faces is that it is full of situations that appear problematic yet which aren't truly as dire or difficult as they seem. When problem-solvers dedicate themselves to problems that are unworthy of or even or irrelevant to them, bigger problems can ensue. Before diving in at any deep end today, stick a tentative toe in more shallow water.


The cart needs a horse. The horse needs a shoe. The shoe needs a nail. The nail need a blacksmith. The blacksmith needs a forge. The forge needs fuel. The fuel needs fetching. That requires a horse. Do you suspect that you are moving in unsatisfactory circles today? Does it seem as if, no matter how hard you try to sort out a messy situation, it only gets messier? Let's go back to the very example we began with. If the cart is only needed to fetch the fuel, nobody has to go anywhere and get anything!


Nobody likes flatpack furniture. Well, I say nobody. That's not fair. Most of us are fine with it once it has been opened up and built. Well-made, well-designed flatpacks can fool all but the most critical furniture fans. And some of us actually enjoy opening the packs, following the instructions and completing the task. There is, today, a comparatively easy solution on offer. A little intelligence and resourcefulness will soon help you overcome hurdles to success. But it may still be wise to check first, whether a job actually needs doing in the first place!


Let us suppose that today turns out to be a surprisingly good day! Let us imagine that what looks as if it could go worryingly wrong turns out reassuringly well. Then what are you going to do with all those nagging misgivings, anxious doubts and troubling anxieties? Where will you send them for safekeeping? Shouldn't you think twice before letting them have the rest of the week off? You might regret that, if tomorrow you found yourself needing them again. But actually, you won't! Your outlook is good... and getting better.