'Don't keep all your eggs in one basket.' The rationale behind this old saying is somewhat more complex than one might initially imagine. It is not just because, if there is an accident, you won't lose all your eggs. It may also be because, if you keep them in several different places, they may be subject to different levels of temperature and humidity that can affect how long they stay fresh. And from this, much of value can be learned. Divided loyalties this week, may yet lead you to precious discoveries.


'The world doesn't owe you a living.' Do you remember being told as much by teachers and parents, long ago? They were rightly keen to encourage an industrious attitude. But giving such advice to a Taurean, is a little like encouraging a recluse to go on a retreat. You have already got a natural predilection towards hard work. The last thing you want this week, is encouragement to work even harder. The world may not owe you success but it is granting you it anyhow, whether it owes you or not.


If only more things worked out like this and fewer worked out like that. If only more folk thought this way and fewer thought that way. If only... Well, if only the world contained fewer people who started fewer sentences with the phrase, 'if only'. Is there too much wistful wondering going on in your life now? A tad too much regret? A small degree of superfluous criticism? If only there were a little less of that and a little more willingness, instead, to seize the magic of the moment, you might yet find that this week is full of joyous gains.


Are you listening to what someone else is saying? And is there a process of dialogue going on? Are your words being heard? Conversations that need to be deep and profound can often end up taking place at a shallow, superficial, level. People may appear to be in agreement, yet on closer investigation, they may turn out to be poles apart. Events this week, will expose a pretence and thus oblige a more constructive exchange through which real progress towards proper understanding can be made at last.


This week's Full Moon will fall in the part of your chart that governs security. Or insecurity. Both topics fall, naturally enough, under the same astrological subheading. They are, after all, two sides of one coin. Which way up do you feel that coin has landed in your life lately? Or does it seem to be still spinning? If the wrong face is showing, it can yet be turned. And if you are already seeing the signs and suggestions that you would most like to witness, there is no reason for this to change. You are safer than you fear.


We are now just a few days away from the annual Full Moon in your sign. That is why you feel wobbly. That is why you feel torn. On the one hand, you have got a sense of certainty. You recognise your entitlement to success and respect in an area of life where it is all too easy to become under-confident or self-critical. On the other hand, there is a sense of almost unprecedented vulnerability. Might a small problem become much bigger at a moment's notice? It might. But it is far more likely that it might not!


Artists, poets and writers soon learn to develop respect for the still small voice in the back of their mind that whispers ideas and suggestions. They trust their creativity and the guidance that it gives them. Psychics, sensitives and clairvoyants are equally alert to mysterious inner messages. The rest of us tend to be somewhat more circumspect. What if we are merely hearing the echoes of our own hopes and fears? Are you entitled to trust the inspiring vision you are starting to see this week? You are!


We all like to feel that other people like us. And, if others are going to dislike us, we would like it far better if they turned out to be the people we didn't like anyway! There is little more frustrating than the realisation that one has made an enemy of someone that we hoped was our friend. Which wires have been crossed and what channels of communication have become complicated in your life lately? There may be room for reconciliation where there once was conflict. Trust can be renewed and restored.


You are hoping that one thing will happen and another thing won't. Yet you have reason to suspect that the more undesirable development could yet transpire. If that proves to be the case, what are you going to do? You don't know! You will deal with it when it happens. If, indeed, it happens at all. It hasn't happened yet, and it may never happen. Don't waste time planning an escape route when you are not even sure that you have anything to escape from. You may yet be pleasantly surprised by how things turn out.


The Canadian author Laurence Peter, once defined an expert as 'someone who makes three correct guesses consecutively.' That is a shrewd observation. If you had achieved such a result, wouldn't you consider yourself entitled to claim some expertise? Yet we should all be very careful about trusting the advice of people who claim to know how things work. What if their fourth guess turns out to be wrong? As another great philosopher once observed, 'if an expert says it can't be done, get another expert.'


Is there such a thing as luck? Philosophers and scientists love to debate this. To some extent, it is a matter of perception. A lottery winner will happily testify to the existence of this rare, random, force. But the untold millions each week who enter without winning, may take a different view. Though not so different - else why do they buy their ticket? Don't expect some miraculous development this week, but do look out for a genuine opportunity that can be constructively exploited with a little hard work.


Will this be a good week? That's a simple question. Why should it be difficult to answer? The terms are clear enough. We both know what we mean by week, are we sure that we understand the meaning of 'good'? Is that 'good', as in a week that is full of events that cause you to feel 'good'? Or are we talking instead, about developments that are likely to be good for you, even if you react badly to them when they first occur? How much inconvenience are you prepared to put up with for the sake of some greater 'good'?