It doesn't always take much to get something started. Where there's a will, there will be a way. And if that will is strong enough, if it is fed by a deep desire or is sensitive to pressure from some powerful need, we will sooner or later make a break with our routine and instigate some unprecedented process. Once a door has been opened or even an exploratory gesture has been made, who knows what can come rushing anew into your life? All that you really need to remember, today, is that you have to start somewhere.


'Little things count for a lot.' That's what they tell us. And most of us can see the sense in that. They make a very big difference. We should not underestimate them. But nor should we get ourselves so caught up in comparatively minor details that when something big comes along we can't formulate an appropriate response. Little things look big through a microscope and big things can seem pretty small, even when we view them through a telescope. But you should remember today, that a sense of perspective is precious.


When people are motivated by fear, they can be surprisingly successful. They will get out of bed early, work as hard as they can, leave no stone unturned in their quest for the kind of progress that will put more distance between them and an unwanted experience. So, is that a good reason to keep telling scary stories? Don't folk do even better and get even further when they are acting out of inspiration? Isn't it both kinder and wiser to feed faith than to aggravate angst? All you need, today, is to follow a positive thought.


Who else is going to fix the problem if you don't? Where will the buck stop, if not right here with the reader of this very page? Between your willingness to accept the blame for things that are not really your fault and your desire to protect others from responsibilities that you fear may be too much for them to cope with, there is very little that you won't bravely volunteer to take upon your own shoulders. But who is going to come riding to your rescue? Let yourself off a hook you don't need to dangle from today.


Too many of yesterday's heroes, turn out to be today's villains. Few and far between are the instances of history rewriting itself the other way round. Folk don't seem to look back and say 'everyone thought that so-and-so was bad but actually, they were misunderstood and did a lot of good stuff.' Yet it seems we never stop hearing about legendary figures whose reputations are now compromised and besmirched. You are not getting full credit for your contribution to a sensitive situation. That may yet prove a blessing.


People don't always agree with one another for the best reasons. Some of us may, for example, offer support and encouragement to our peers in the hope that they, in turn, will stand behind the assertions and opinions that mean the most to us. Politicians sometimes encounter problems along these lines. They may feel that they can't criticise their colleague, when their colleague has helped them pass a piece of important legislation. Yet a little honest dissent may turn out to be very healthy in your world now.


Good looking people don't automatically get everything their own way. If their dispositions are sour or their attitudes are aggressive, many may be reluctant to co-operate with them. Then, there are other folk who may not appear to be automatically aligned to winning beauty contests but who nonetheless exude a smooth silvery tongue charm that proves hard to resist. If you currently feel you need to persuade someone to see something from your point of view, it will simply prove a matter of patience and sweetness.


Most experts seemingly think that the total number of living humans today, is a little more than seven billion. They don't agree about how much that number will rise in coming years. Nor do they actually agree about what it was a few years earlier. Indeed, they aren't entirely sure that they agree about exactly what the number is now. But they are experts, they are all agreed upon one thing. They don't like to say 'I don't know'. Experts never do. If someone disagrees with you today, seek a second, or a third, or a seven-billionth opinion!


When toddlers first go to school, their initial lessons centre on 'sharing'. We have to get them used to the idea that, though they may be cute little kids and the apples of their parent's eyes, they are not the only cute little kids with the only parents. There is no doubt that this is our first lesson in life but do any of us actually manage to learn this properly! And if not, how can any of us truly turn into adults, charged with the duty of communicating that same concept? It may be time to think again, today, about what's fair.


'Now you see it, now you don't.' These are impressive words when uttered by stage illusionists. They receive a less enthusiastic welcome when we hear them coming from market analysts with reference to company profit forecasts. The world we live in is full of surprises and we must surely learn to take these in our stride. We must be good-humoured even when we are also experiencing appropriate outrage. Something in your life now is not the way you wish it was. But that doesn't make everything else bad.


There is much debate about the world's population. How can we know it exactly? But we can be sure of one thing. Of those (roughly) 7.2 billion individuals, there is hardly a single one who does not (at least secretly) imagine him (or her) self to be better than someone else. What an arrogant lot we humans are. If you took all the hot air of our self-importance, you might have enough to warm the Antarctic. Wait! Doesn't that explain global warming! If only for the sake of the environment, try not to contribute to that today.


Cars need brakes as well as accelerators. People need aspirations as well as anxieties. And, when we are driving a vehicle or propelling ourselves along a psychological road that leads (hopefully) to success, we must recognise that while both mechanisms are essential, it is never a good idea to employ the two at once. Today, you have to decide whether you are going to be led by your enthusiasm for an important matter, or your concern to avoid a daunting possibility. Remember, though, it has to be one or the other.