Does it matter whether the Earth revolves around the Sun? Or the Sun orbits the Earth? That depends on who you ask. To a scientist, it is a big deal. Astrologers too had better understand the difference or they will look very stupid. But the Earth will keep on spinning in space and the Sun will continue to blaze out light and heat, regardless of what we may think about the reasons why any of this is happening. Don't waste too much time, this weekend, looking for the right explanation. Just be glad that something is happening.


Trees produce fruit and they are surely happy enough for people to harvest. They really don't have an opinion, one way or another, about whether we eat it straight from the tree or send it to supermarkets to be sold, just as long as we help to spread the seeds. Never once, in the whole of history, has a tree grown an apple marked with a sign saying 'not to be eaten by person X or Y because they don't deserve it.' Nature doesn't judge. But it can still produce abundance - as you will see this weekend.


Confidence creates confidence. Doubt gives rise to doubt. That's why successful salespeople psych themselves up before they interact with potential customers. They're keen to convey a sense of certainty even if this is somewhat at odds with the reality of their proposition when viewed by an objective observer. Similarly, the most logical, rational propositions can sound dubious when described by someone who feels shy or apologetic. Be strong this weekend and you'll naturally strengthen anything that seems weak!


'Make up your mind to be happy, Life is a merry-go-round. If you miss out this time, Don't let it fret your mind, Love will come round in the end...' So sang the Sixties' songwriting legend, Donovan. All these years later, his good advice still applies. And it's not just love that can come back into our lives even once it has seemingly slipped into the distant past forever. Hope too, can return. And success. And power. Don't dwell, this weekend, on what you wish you hadn't left behind. Walk forward bravely. It's in your future!


This week, I've been quoting songs about puppets. Now here's a quote from Kermit the Frog who sang, It Ain't Easy Being Green. Admittedly, Kermit is a muppet, not a puppet... but his words still ring true. If, by 'green' we mean a little naive or credulous, well... it's no wonder that cynics seem to have many advantages. But Kermit's keen to remind us that appearances are not everything. 'Green can be big like an ocean, or important like a mountain, or tall like a tree!' Allow yourself to trust that this weekend.


You'll hear many persuasive arguments this weekend. You won't be able to find fault with many of the explanations you get or the promises that are made. But are you sympathising with sincerity or responding to rhetoric? Don't dismiss a suggestion, just because it's being presented in a suspiciously articulate fashion. Don't automatically give extra favour, either, to guttural grunts. But maybe try listening less and looking more. Look right into someone's eyes if you want to know what they are actually saying.


Think about how best to dress this weekend. Remember that, while appearances can be deceptive, they can also convey a message that its hard to refute. The clothes you wear, the stance you take, the attitude you express can either intimidate someone, or put them at their ease. And before you conclude that you'll be strongest and safest creating a superficial impression of strength, be aware that some folk react badly to figures of apparent authority. You may accomplish more by adopting a more humble facade.


This weekend, you should find out what you need to know. But what do you need to know? If you really don't know, how will you know it when you hear it? Unless, that is, the truth of the discovery resonates so deeply within you that it bypasses every 'logic circuit' in your brain and just brings an undeniable, if inexplicable sense of certainty. Better by far to be open to what may be possible than to be closed minded, overly opinionated and unwilling to accept explanations that run contrary to your expectations.


Enough is enough this weekend. More than enough is too much. And too much is going to prove more than you can cope with, even if your own natural Sagittarian exuberance tries to persuade you otherwise. You don't have to settle for less than you need but you ought to be properly aware of what you actually do need - and refrain from going further than you have to into territory that's full of hidden implications and additional complications. A small degree of self-restraint could keep you from eventually being held back!


In front of me now, there's a table. Can you tell what's on it, other than the keyboard I'm using to type on? Well no, you can't! You can guess. You may well be correct. But as I'm not going to say any more about what that table contains you'll never know if you hit the psychic jackpot or barked up entirely the wrong tree! I'm being unhelpful here for a reason. What's important, this weekend, is that you respect the different between an unnerving assumption and a reassuring assertion that can be backed up with proof!


Are you in danger of going too far this weekend. And, if you are, is that better or worse than not going far enough? The challenges and issues arising in your life now are all to do with lines, and where they need to be drawn. And with other definitions, boundaries and points of distinction. You don't need much assistance in recognising what these may be or where they may apply. It's more that you may need some support in acting on your understanding. Invite others to encourage you to trust your own judgement.


You can't just cut someone out of your life because they often seem to bring conflict or controversy with them, wherever they go. But you can make a decision not to encourage them or to become overly embroiled in the dramas that they seem to be creating. Politely but firmly, lovingly but clearly, you can keep a respectful and respectable distance from situations that could too easily escalate into disagreements, even stand-offs. Better to let neutrality be misinterpreted as bias than to join a campaign that's probably destined to fail.