Who would try to sell ice to Inuits? Or deliver coal to one of the few cities left on the planet where there is still a mining industry? Or advise someone born under your sign to have more confidence? Doesn't it come with the territory? Isn't it taken as read? Yet there are moments when even super heroes suddenly start to wonder if they might just be mere mortals, after all. But you know you can do the seemingly impossible. You have done it before and you will yet manage to do it again today, if you stick at it.


Most people tend to tell each other what they want to hear. And even when we are being clearly told what we don't want to hear, some of us tend to twist this while we are listening so that we can give it a meaning that more closely resembles the information we wish we were getting. It is no wonder then, that so many of us say so much to each other yet understand so very little about what the other person is really saying. But a much deeper and more valuable process of communication can be successfully embarked upon now.


Might Santa Claus actually be an alien from another world? Nobody has ever found his home at the North Pole. Perhaps he occupies the pole of a different planet entirely and his flying reindeer are animatronic robots. Yet there is something very human about the annual charade that gets played out in millions of homes. We all want to believe that the world can be a kinder, happier, place full of spontaneous good will and gestures of generosity. You can play a big part today, in helping to make that a reality.


If there really were a Superman - or a Wonder Woman - the world might be a different place. Wouldn't many of us mere mortals simply give up in despair at being trumped and triumphed over by the existence of some character with personal resources? Psychologists suspect that we can only cope with the notion of Santa Claus because most of us doubt that he is real. A part of you wants to be a hero in a precarious situation now. The way to do this may involve encouraging someone else to find their own superpowers.


If life is a gift, where is the wrapper? And where is the complaints department to which we can address any concerns about the quality of the experience that we have been given? Not every gift is welcomed with open arms. Yet the universe is making no obligatory seasonal gesture when it imbues each one of us with the precious power to participate in earthly existence. There is a reason why you are being given all you've got and why you could make an extra effort to let doubt give way to gratitude. You'll see that soon.


Many seasonal festivals are optional. Those who do not wish to participate can simply declare their disinterest and feel free to escape all expectation. But Charles Dickens made it a whole lot harder avoid the late December Solstice celebration when he wrote A Christmas Carol and invented Ebenezer Scrooge. Nobody wants to be characterised as a skinflint or a curmudgeon. Your life now brings a situation in which it seems that you must either beat them or join them. If you join them, you may yet outdo them all.


As if it were not enough to keep a constant wary eye on a checklist of festive preparations that must be made, some people are striving now to lose weight in time for Christmas or to ensure that they look as good as possible, if they happen to be caught under the mistletoe. Whatever else the festive season is supposed to be all about, it would seem that it is not a time to take it easy. Yet why shouldn't you breathe out and go gently now? You may yet find that what you don't force yourself to take care of, somehow takes care of itself.


If only that hadn't happened, this wouldn't be happening now. Aren't you now coping with the consequences of a questionable choice? Wouldn't the simplest solution to a current concern involve the invention of a time machine? Can't a council be convened or reconvened? Shouldn't a decision be revisited? Or isn't all that an overreaction that may not be as discouraging as some folk seem inclined to imagine. Stay on a steady course today and you may yet steer safely to success.


Doesn't everyone think that they know exactly what's wrong with the world? Or perhaps, what's wrong with the world is that not enough people know what's wrong with it? Maybe it would all be fine if only more people had more opinions to promote and points to push. But aren't we now entering the season of good will? Perhaps the real key to success today, involves allowing certain assertions to remain unchallenged for the sake of upholding a wider peace and a more comfortable consensus.


Everyone likes to feel that they are being looked after. We take comfort in gestures of support and understanding, even if they don't amount to much by way of practical assistance. Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is taking an interest can provide sufficient moral support to encourage us to set about envisaging solutions of our own. Even if, today, you feel you are being asked to help a helpless cause, it may be that the most constructive seasonal gesture you could make might involve the suspension of your disbelief.


Concern and consternation make a crucial contribution. We need these feelings. If we don't, we risk making foolish mistakes. Yet we also require the ability to override misgivings once we have explored the extent to which we should take them seriously. It can often be quite sufficient to identify a potential problem and then take steps to avoid it - or to recognise that there is a risk but to realise that this is just something that we are going to have to watch for and then hope for the best. You may need to be brave today.


When we look down at the world from a high vantage point, we gain a tremendous sense of perspective. We can see where things are in relation to each other and we can also see how structures that might appear to tower over us when we are down on the ground are actually, surprisingly, small. The cosmos now grants you an opportunity to take a more enlightened view at a situation that once seemed daunting. Seize today's opportunity to consider a matter from angles other than the obvious and relax.