Who needs a horoscope this close to Christmas? Aren't we all in such a festive mood? Isn't the spirit of the season so deeply ingrained within us that we need no further advice? Yet it would appear that, all glitter and jollity notwithstanding, something rather serious is preoccupying you this weekend. You must believe in your own natural ability to clear up a mess and solve a problem. As long as you have that faith, every potential drawback or difficulty that you can now identify will prove surprisingly easy to overcome.


We all want to feel as if we are in control. None of us like to put ourselves in positions where we can be assailed by the unexpected or find that our agenda has been hijacked by someone else's idea about what's important. Yet every time we interact with another human being, there is a risk that they may tell us something or require us to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone. Surely, though, that's a worthwhile risk to take in pursuit of a valuable reward? Open your ears (and your heart) this weekend.


All week, in your forecast, we have been discussing whether Santa might be a being from another galaxy, an alien with a sleigh-shaped spaceship. But then, aren't we all visitors from another world? Don't we mysteriously arrive here from a place that we can't remember? Won't we all eventually return to that same unknown place? And don't we all have the potential to bring forth a kind of otherworldly magic from our hearts? This weekend, you may yet positively expand the definition of what it means to be human.


Children love superheroes. But their parents don't feel obliged to encourage them to believe that such characters are actually real. Yet in many parts of the world, there is a strong social taboo about questioning the veracity of Santa Claus. Most infants spend the first few years of their lives, completely convinced of his existence. How does this shape their psychology? Don't they just come to define maturity as a refusal to believe in that mythology? This weekend, for you at least, cynicism is nothing to be proud of.


If life is a gift, where is the wrapper? We have asked this every day this week and we are still no closer to an all-encompassing, satisfactory answer. There is no wrapper, no bow and no box. Yet every moment of our existence on Planet Earth is surely an indisputable demonstration of how kind the cosmos is being in allowing us the special prize of simple existence. A further gift makes its way into your world this weekend. A sense of thankfulness. This too, has no wrapper. You may yet also notice that it need have no end.


An entire industry is dedicated to Christmas. People work all year round, just to ensure that they are in a position to capitalise on this particular seasonal celebration. It is a shame that similar effort and dedication isn't applied to a permanent campaign to generate more goodwill and spread it around the world, regardless of the time of year. Is someone being nice, this weekend, just because that's what's expected in late December? Even if they are, a small, generous, gesture can be turned to permanent advantage.


Should we declare an emergency? Should you get a blue light fitted to the roof of your car so that you can cut through the traffic? Or attach a siren to the top of your head so that folk get out of the way when you walk down a crowded street? Haven't you got so much to do, so many places to be? So much to worry about this weekend? You may imagine that this is so, but there is a strong cosmic consensus in favour of you being safe to relax now. Many arrangements will yet fall naturally, pleasingly, into place.


Where should you go this weekend? What should you do? Is there some activity you are supposed to be taking part in? Will the universe collapse and crumble into chaos if you fail to keep your eye on the ball and your mind set firmly on a fixed objective? There is really no need to be tense. You can even allow yourself to gently freewheel into the future. Venus promises that you will soon encounter a surprising source of supportive serendipity. Expect most of what you need to find its way to you with ease and grace.


Teachers take pains to instruct children on the principles of mathematics. Two plus two can only make four. It is true that if you put one number two directly in front of another two, you get twenty-two, but that's not addition, it is overstatement and we all know what happens when people repeatedly argue in favour of questionable connections. Your contribution to a spirit of seasonal goodwill, this weekend, needs to involve trying to take the heat away from a brewing dispute, rather than bringing it back to the boil.


What gift is so great that even a pauper can offer it to a millionaire and feel sure that it will be appreciated? A symbolic gesture! Even a simple hand-written note expressing confidence in a person's ability or support for their struggle, can have a profound psychological impact. It is priceless in every sense. It costs nothing but means everything. In your world now, is there someone who you suspect you are powerless to assist? Offering them an expression of your own faith and trust might be a most effective Christmas present.


There is nothing wrong with worry. It is healthy, in small doses, once in a while. Humans are hardwired to feel it for their own protection and survival. But, just as vehicles must have accelerators as well as brakes if they are ever to get anywhere, people have to find their own facility for overcoming anxieties when they become unreasonable. For some while now, you have had a big misgiving about a sensitive situation. This weekend, even if you can't fully resolve the issue that has given rise to this, you need to move on from it.


A recent Internet viral video featured 'Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows'. The phrase is repeated over again, accompanied by cartoon images. One version is ten hours long! I haven't watched it in its entirety. 90 seconds was enough for me. But it is not just popular with two-year-olds. Many adults say it has calmed them. You might not need to resort to measures quite so drastic in order to attain a sense of escape this weekend. But you can expect to get blissfully carried away by something almost as odd.