What do you know about feeling good? Aren't there special tricks and techniques that can be employed to promote well-being and banish malaise? Over many years, haven't you cleverly collected several of these? Aren't you, indeed, a bit of an expert when it comes to turning a mood around and sharing a little sunshine? You are. Of course you are! But that doesn't necessarily mean you know it all now and there are no further secrets. This weekend brings a delightful discovery. You'll be one of several beneficiaries!


It is possible to stretch faith too far. When we give a little whistle, Jiminy Cricket doesn't appear from nowhere, offering us moral guidance. But then, neither do our noses grow when we tell untruths; nor are we made of wood. And while philosophers argue whether or not any of us are puppets, you must consider yourself to have some free choice... and some need to exercise that within the bounds of pragmatism this weekend. But being sensible doesn't mean ruling out all chance of a serendipitous development!


When we're not really sure if we're doing the right thing, we seek affirmation from others. If they seem to be nodding in approval, we figure we can't be going too far wrong. And if they're looking at us aghast and amazed, we either back down... or defiantly insist that they are the fools and we are the ones with the true wisdom. But, actually, we are never really on safe ground when we're measuring our status or success by the opinions that others have of us. This weekend, be guided by your own faith... in yourself!


Lie down on this imaginary couch. Close your eyes, relax. Let's talk about your childhood. Wait! Where are you going? This isn't even a real, actual psychotherapy session. Surely, if it is not even actually happening... you don't have to storm out at the first suggestion that we may dig out a painful hidden memory! Actually, we're not going to do that. Nor, this weekend, need you worry about an intense encounter stirring up tricky memories. You're about to go beyond what used to upset you... not deeper into it!


When people feel that they aren't getting anywhere, they talk about 'going round in circles'. But rarely do our lives actually do that. At worst, we move in spirals not circles. And unless we give up all hope and self-control, we usually spiral up rather than down. You're now coming back round to a seemingly familiar scenario. You've got a chance to make the same sort of choice you made last time... or to make a different one. Trust your very real ability, this weekend, to improve on a previous decision!


Must you throw your heart and soul into everything you do? Can't you be just a little bit half-hearted this weekend? Is there truly a ban on being blase? Who will you offend if you are too casual or non-committal? It might, actually, be wise to stand a little further back, keep a few options open and roll gently along with a plan or a movement until you see how you feel about it. Either passion will make a decision for you... or lack of passion will become apparent and that will thus become a decisive force in its own right!


Why, if our heads rarely seem to agree with our hearts, do we have both facilities? Wouldn't we be better off deciding to just follow one or the other and cut out all the soul-searching? Asking such a question is like asking why vehicles come equipped with brakes and accelerator pedals. If you're ever going to get anywhere, you're going to need both! You were born under the sign of the balance and this weekend, life invites you to undertake the ultimate inner-balancing challenge! Both inner voices deserve to be listened to!


People who have similar views on many subjects are often deemed to be 'compatible'. Yet once two individuals have discovered how strongly their tastes, preferences and ideas agree, what else is there left to discuss? Don't the points in common just become overly obvious and thus rather tedious? Isn't there a natural tendency to generate excitement by gravitating towards the few minor differences remaining? Don't mistake a comparatively trivial argument this weekend, for a difficult dispute!


People who go looking for trouble usually find it. So what about people who don't go looking for it? What do they find? And what finds its way to them? Aren't trouble-free lives also interest-free lives? Aren't interest-free lives like interest-free loans; superficially appealing yet generally attached to propositions for which there aren't so many natural takers? Regardless of all that, where others are 'risk averse' you can be 'risk perverse'. You like to push your luck. This weekend, your luck is going to push you. Out of trouble!!


The mobile phone needs charging. The cable is lost or broken. Someone needs to go online and order a new one. Or phone the store to see if they are open. But the mobile phone needs charging. So how can that inquiry be made ? Okay. Enough. Let us not distract ourselves with possible solutions involving borrowed phones and spare batteries. The issue, in principle, this weekend, is that somehow, in some area of your life, to be of help to others, you need help from others! And the good news is, help is on its way!


Some people have a natural problem-solver's mentality. People, for example, like... er, dare I say this? You! We, the remaining citizens, the mere mortals who create or stumble into problems with no idea of how to fix them, are eternally grateful for your existence and your perpetual willingness to come to our aid. We give you respect. You give us intelligent suggestions. All works well... unless, that is... the problem-solving mentality perceives a problem where none actually exists! Be wary of that this weekend!


At weddings, festivals and family gatherings, we often see more than the usual number of people whose genetic inheritance is similar to our own. In a reflective moment, we may ponder how they have adapted to various challenges. We are particularly impressed by the relatives who have overcome fears that still inhibit us... and disapproving of those who, we feel, have yet to learn how to repress anti-social traits that we grew out of long ago. Events, this weekend, show you something of 'who you could have been' and 'who you could yet become.' Let them both be inspiring visions.