Are we human beings really quite as individual as we think? Aren't we all just passengers on some giant circular vessel that hurtles and spins through space? We are all travelling together. And regardless of where we may think we have come from, don't we all share the same ultimate destiny? Much fuss is being made about a distinction or a difference that is surely, relatively trivial. In allowing yourself, this weekend, to see the bigger picture, you may yet also open your mind to a series of further inspiring (and practical) visions.


Most innovations in the world of breakfast cereal tend to be aimed at children. The older we get, the more set in our ways we tend to become - and even if we manage to retain a taste for adventure and exploration, it is rarely the thing we most eagerly seek first thing in the morning. There is a time and a place for suggesting that people might want to make a change in their lives. And the more successful amongst us soon learn the importance of being delicate and sensitive to potential resistance. Bide your time this weekend.


Wheat, rice, platinum and palladium. These are the traditional commodities that investors hope to buy and sell at timely moments. Is there, do we think, some kind of International Happiness Exchange? That's not the kind of thing that one person can take from another and add to their own collection. It is not just beyond money, it is beyond any price that any human can ever pay. We don't trade it. We create it. If we ever run short of it, we just create some more! And for you this weekend, it is about as simple as that.


When you really set your mind to it, there is a lot you can do. You have impressive skills and abilities, natural talents and resources. But none of us can hope to be at our best all the time. And, when we are not feeling so bright, we tend to forget that we have ever been capable of more. As you now attempt to assess whether you have what it takes to achieve a key objective this weekend, you should try to remember that on a good day, there are few to rival you. Such a good day (or, indeed, good weekend) is coming up now.


Children soon learn that the winner of an argument is not the person who can shout about their point of view in the loudest voice. Or at least, that is what they are supposed to learn. Some of us, it would seem, missed that life lesson. Or perhaps we were both noisy and right, and thus we failed to notice that the former does not automatically ensure the latter. Is there someone, somewhere in your world now, who might benefit from a reminder of this basic principle? Subtlety is the smartest route to accuracy this weekend.


We all know what we get when we put two and two together. It may be many years since we last attended a maths class but our teachers left a lasting impression on us. It doesn't matter whether you have two oranges and two apples or, indeed, two elephants, in terms of number of items being counted, there are four. Unless, that is, the other two are elephants and not apples. What if the elephants eat the oranges? There may come a point, this weekend, where imagination serves you better than a strict adherence to practicality.


Some people love to make jokes. No matter how grave a situation may seem to be or how seriously others are inclined to take it, they yearn to lighten the mood. But not all comedic interjections are equally amusing and some tend to reveal just a little too much about the jester. The question for you this weekend, is not what is mildly funny or ironic about a situation. But what is truly, sidesplittingly stupid. Identify that and you will be well on the way to righting a ridiculous wrong and freeing yourself from an unnecessary fear.


We had all better be ready for tomorrow because it is undoubtedly coming. Or so many philosophers feel. But what if it is already here? What if it turned up yesterday and sneaked sideways into our lives while we were looking in another direction? What if we are now scanning the horizon, looking for signs of an advancing armada that has actually already quietly joined our fleet? You have been waiting for some while for a coming change. You may discover, this weekend, that a great part of this has already begun to occur.


Why do we sometimes feel so strongly attracted to ideas and propositions that can't possibly be good for us? Why don't wiser and healthier alternatives appear to be a little more appealing in our mind's eye? Events this week have shown you the downside of your own impulsiveness and have perhaps put you in a situation that you wish you had not arrived at. It is not too late to learn a great lesson from reviewing and reflecting on your circumstances with the idea of doing things rather differently next time.


As we approach the weekend, I am a little nervous lest the encouraging tone that I have lately taken has now caused you to build up your expectations to the point where you are anticipating an experience that could qualify for the description 'wonderful'. Not that I'm saying that this is impossible or even that it is inappropriate to associate it with current celestial circumstances. But sometimes, if we set our hopes too high, we fail to see the genuine wonder of the slightly less spectacular. Remember to be receptive.


One reason why we don't always do our best is because sometimes, we begin to suspect that, in the great cosmic game of cards, the universe has not dealt us a particularly good hand. 'How am I supposed to gain any great benefit from playing this?' we ask. And thus, demoralised, our very participation becomes half-hearted. Yet as every poker player will confirm, it is sometimes possible to win big with surprisingly poor cards. A bit of bluff and bluster may yet help you cover a pleasing distance this weekend.


Some vehicles are fitted with special reversing mirrors that give a distorted perception of distance. When looking into these (or when peering through glasses designed to compensate for long or short-sightedness) we can soon jump to mistaken conclusions about how near or far we are from a target. You have lately been inclined to see potential trouble as too near and the safe haven as too far. This weekend's events may yet bring a refreshing revision of some old, overly pessimistic perspective.