Is it Christmas yet? That rather depends on who you ask. It may be too early to hang out stockings or hold large family feasts but there is something in the air. And so there should be. This is the solstice. The twice-yearly turning point in the Sun's gradual journey along the horizon. As it seemingly stands still, so we all get a chance to stop and reflect on what has the potential to be most special in our lives. This week, several delightful developments are due to touch your heart. Feel free to declare the season open.


Solstice greetings! Whatever expectations we may have of the events that are due to take place later this week, there is now a chance to savour a celestial spectacle. When the sun rises or sets, those who have been keeping an eye on the horizon can see that there is something subtly special in the sky. The sun (which normally creeps further along the land each day) is effectively standing still. Follow its lead. Stop and celebrate what is most meaningful in your world. The week ahead has much to offer you.


Who should you talk to? And who should you listen to? Some conversations are inevitable. It can only be wise to enter into these with an expectation of harmless small talk based around the exchange of social pleasantries. But there is something about the strength of the Solstice that suggests a very rare, meaningful encounter is imminent. This may or may not be connected to a traditional celebration of Christmas, but it certainly holds forth a promise of a productive new sense of mutual understanding.


The Solstice today, coincides with the dark of the Moon and thus a sense of somewhat unseasonable sensitivity. You are hardly cognisant of your thoughts because you are so conscious of your feelings. Some of these are (as feelings often tend to be) hard to explain and even harder to justify. Be careful how you express them but don't strive to repress them. Some, at least, provide valuable insight into your true view of a situation. Pay heed to these and they might yet guide you away from future trouble.


The Solstice is an important time for every Leo. It is when the sun apparently stands still on its daily journey along the horizon before turning to go back in the direction from whence it came. There is a strong symbolic suggestion here of 'pausing for thought'. This is your chance to reflect upon how far you have come and to review your strategy for making the most of the changes and challenges that may soon lie ahead for you. Expect soon to be blessed with a new understanding, even a revelation.


Just as the sun now seemingly stands still on its journey along the horizon, many of our plans and dramas seemingly come to a standstill, too. You may begin to feel soon as if you are caught in an endless loop of overly familiar experiences and exchanges. The same things are being said and done, and all effort to move a conversation forward or spur a situation towards progress may appear to be doomed to failure. But this is not Groundhog Day, nor need you fear being frozen in time. A happy breakthrough is nigh.


Today is the Solstice. Many consider it to be the true heart of the holiday. Interestingly, when Christianity made its mark on the world, the religious leaders of that time deliberately chose to coincide their celebration of the nativity with the moment when the sun reaches the end of its magical three-day phase of seemingly standing still. It is as if the whole world is getting ready to celebrate the beginning of a fresh phase and the awakening of new hope. Such an experience of being 'graced by change' is on route to you now.


Those who seek the true spirit of the season need look no further than the events that are occurring in people's hearts today. This is the magical, powerful, Solstice. Untouched by conventional expectations and gloriously ignored by commercial interests only those who keep a close eye on natural phenomena are even aware of its existence. The sun today rises up from precisely the same point on the horizon that it emerged from yesterday. It has reached a turning point. And so, in a rather delightful way, have you.


The Solstice marks, among other things, the end of the Sun's sojourn in Sagittarius. Even those who were born at the very end of the sign of the centaur are now another year older. And are you another year wiser? Well, look at the metaphorical arrow that you are now holding in your psychological bow. What are you waiting for? Where are your thoughts, hopes and fantasies converging? Where once you may only have had points to prove and battles to fight, now you have wounds to heal and kind offerings to make.


Every year, on this day, the sun rises in your sign from the same position along the horizon that it rose the day before and from which it will rise the next day. That is the three-day solar standstill to which Christmas has been attached. But this year, it coincides with the annual New Moon in your sign. You can't see it because when the moon is so close to the sun, it is invisible. Nor can you see the other magical forces now secretly working in your favour. But you will see evidence of their existence soon enough.


If ever there were a time when magical coincidence could arise, it has to be the Solstice. And, by coincidence today, Uranus, the ruler of your sign, completes its recent retrograde phase and begins to go forward once more. This means that on Christmas Day itself, it will exactly align in a right angle with Mercury, which then just so happens to be forming a conjunction to Pluto. You've got a powerful week coming up. Yet it also looks set to be an immensely positive one. Prepare to understand something that used to baffle you.


The Solstice is a time to reflect and review. Yogis proclaim it an occasion for meditation. Philosophers insist it provides the ideal moment to contemplate life's many mysteries. But then, the more esoterically minded in our midst see any day as a day for doing weird and wonderful things. Yet is not every Piscean a poet at heart? Aren't you also adept at the kind of activity that many might see as strange? Your integral eccentricity and ingrained idiosyncrasy may yet prove your greatest asset this week.